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  • Draco: Nice robe, Granger
  • Hermione: Even if I got it at 50% off? Isn't that too cheap for you?
  • Draco: Well, I'd like them better if they were 100% off
  • Hermione: Stores can't just give away clothes for free, Draco
  • Draco: ... That's not what I meant
  • Hermione: *not listening* That would be an awful way to run a business
  • Draco: ... *gives up*
Kpop Masterlist <3


Reaction: Falling for their phycologist

Reaction: Being protective over their girlfriend/wife

Reaction: When your dad upsets you again

Reaction: Their crush coming out as bisexual

Reaction: Being paired with an American on International WGM

Reaction: Realizing they’ve fallen for you

Reaction: When you almost faint/get dizzy

Reaction: You cry over racist comments

Text (reaction): (Namjoon) when you’re sick

Text (reaction): Jimin gives you hickeys

Text (reaction): Yoongi worries when you’re in the hospital

Text (reaction): Teasing the hyung line

Scenario: Jungkook cuts his hand during their Blood, Sweat and Tears performance

Scenario: Teahyung x (male) Reader have a cute study session

Scenario: Namjoon x Reader

Scenario: Sugakookie/Yoonkook sick Jungkook

Scenario: Jungkook is sick

Scenario: Jungkook runs into you at the airport


Reaction: You bite their shoulder so you don’t moan

Reaction: Love at first sight

Reaction: You ignore his cuddles because you’re tired

Reaction: You have a bad migraine

Reaction: He feels your nipples piercings

Reaction: You hugging him and saying how much he means to you

Reaction: He accidentally makes you moan

Reaction: Dancing Troublemaker with you

Reaction: You play the piano

Reaction: You’re two years older than him

Reaction: Finding out Ken and the maknae (you) are dating

Aesthetic: How they’d seen the day with you

Monsta X:

Reaction: You don’t like skinship because you have Keratosis Pilaris

Reaction: You sing a powerhouse song amazingly

Reaction: You sing to them to make them feel better

Scenario: Minhyuk x Reader when he has to take you to the ER


Reaction: When you’re a vampire

Reaction: Liking a girl who has a child

Reaction: They find out you’re Greek


Reaction: You’re an idol and you return from tour

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Please pray for me. I'm losing my faith, my will to pray, my will to live. Everything seems so meaningless.

I’m praying for you, friend. Please reach out for help. You are not meant to fight this alone.

There is so much that awaits you. Our world is so much brighter with your soul in it.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Crisis Text Line:  Text HOME TO 741741

Here’s a story

I had a bunch of friends over tonight, and my ex-preacher friend learns that his friend is on tinder and starts texting her making fun of her (good-naturedly) for having “Christian” very prominently in her bio

which naturally turns into “hey Ross, did you hear that, she’s single and a Christian ;)”

She responds to my friend saying something along the lines of “yeah idk, I feel like I’m too Christian to date a non-Christian but too much of a heretic to date a super Christian dude, ya know”

Someone jokes “see, it’s a match made in heaven” and I respond “or in purgatory”

And my friend, being drunk, texts her the purgatory line, and then has to explain the context

And long story short I’m pretty sure I have a blind date


Proof to back up my previous “Best Dialogue In FFXV” Post


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