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Being trans isn't a ""trend"" for me. I'm genderfluid. My Dysphoria is fluid. Most of the time I want to cut off my own genitals because theyre not supposed to be that way and the other time I hate myself for feeling cisgendered. Please don't call me a ""trender"" because I'm genuinely trans

Oh sorry i guess i didn’t make myself clear. i absolutely agree with that statement: if you want a sex change (m->f, f->m, anything/nothing->nothing/anything) that counts as dysphoria and, i feel at least, as a legit gender. 

What i call transtrenders are the people who claim that “void” is their gender or some shit. as long as you can base your gender on the sexes i think it’s fine.

another thing would be if someone claimed to be genderfluid between “frozen fox in outer space” and “soft boiled egg”.

man and woman is fine, anything inbetween is fine, neither of them is fine, but once you completely leave the realm of gender and claim your gender is some unrelated shit i’m out.

-Mod Gemini 

All my Victuuri wedding headcanons

Because season 2 is gonna come out and ruin this anyway:

-They get married in Hasetsu the spring after Victor retires, it’s a pretty small, friends and family type event

-Phichit officiates/is Yuuri’s best man/acts as unofficial wedding photographer (”Yuuri, I switched to the 7s because it has the best camera and I have 32 gigs of space I am PREPARED”)

-The fic “One night to blow” is literally how the night before the wedding goes and you straight up can’t tell me differently.

-Everyone coming from out of town stays at Yu-topia

-They get married outside in the late morning as the cherry blossoms are falling

-Phichit leads the parties out separately (with the help of the triplets via cellphone, walkie-talkie style) and has Victor turn away and covers Yuuri’s eyes while they’re approaching so the grooms can do First Looks

-They’re both stunned silent when they see each other and just stand there smiling for a long second, before Phichit pops up behind them as says “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of our two good friends, Yuuri and Victor. But first, the selfie that will break the internet!” *snaps a selfie with the grooms and the wedding party in the background.*

-Yurio tears up

-Yakov REALLY tears up (”Vitya, somehow that boy still wants to marry you and I’m just so happy”)

-Makkachin is the ring bearer

-First pair skate instead of first dance

-At the reception back at the inn, Yurio tells Mama Katsuki about his Grandpa’s Katsudon Piroshki. She asks for the recipe and later adds it to the inn’s menu, thinking it’s a wonderful symbolic meeting of Russian and Japanese cultures. It becomes a local favorite.


The smart girl in my lit class I always sit with (who’s also pretty dang cool) told me today she wants to be study buddies (I wanted to but I was scared to ask lol) so yay for that and she loves cooking but she told me she doesn’t have people to cook for and I volunteered and she’s with it like YAS boo be my best friend! I’ll eat all the foods

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lmao i've talked to u b4 and i rly wanna b ur friend but i'm like,,,,,,,, scared idk ur Too Cool and i think u will be #annoyed by me bc i spam text a lot ahhhhhhh

first of all: i send like seven texts at a time because i can’t formulate my thoughts fast enough so i press enter and i’m like shoot wait what about this

example a

example b

and second of all i loathe all text abbreviations unless you are using lol sarcastically, idk, or like kms

because like i gotta write actual works or i die on the inside





If you tweak and do hard drugs and shit and decide to blog about it, that’s your own damn life.

But I don’t want y'all following me, and I don’t want to see yall and your tweaker urls in my notes.

That shit is too close to the stuff I have to see in my personal life, I’ve watched my childhood best friend struggle not to let his life slip down a drain, and I’ve seen a good friend of mine from high school die of an overdose within the last two months. I don’t want reminders and I don’t want someone who thinks it’s cool to do this stuff interacting with me or my blog.

I’m not saying y'all are bad people, cause I don’t know your lives or who you are. But that’s a trigger I don’t want in my face all the time. So please respect that and stay away from my blog. I’m tired of blocking people.

Thank you for the kind words in relation to the last text post.

I decided to do a quick request to help settle myself down before I go to sleep. Working on Doremy is a good stress relief for me.

It’s always been a tremendous honor to create these pictures for all of you and I appreciate every single follower and ask I receive. 

Working on DoremySweetHoldingThings has seriously improved my life and has brought me many great friends and such. 

Thank you. 

For some reason, this video of russians fighting is going sort of viral here in Spain. Like, all my whatsapp chats are commenting it, and it comes with the following text:

Wife: “Why are you home late? Were you in the bar again?”

Husband: No honey, I was coming home and then I saw Batman punching Spiderman on the streets. Then, you won’t believe it, Santa Claus came to defend him! I didn’t know they were friends.

Wife: So you have definitely been drinking.

Husband: No, look:

PERSONAL RANT: Had recent break up; I turn to esports and my friends to help me get over it.

Yeah, the title says it all tbh. LITERALLY A WEEK, before Valentine’s Day, I broke up with the guy I was seeing.. he broke up with me over the worst possible way: OVER THE PHONE. It was an unhealthy relationship 3 months over the whole 6 months we’ve dated. Before he broke up with me, he told me “he couldn’t see me for a while because he was busy with his art portfolio for college he was applying to.” With that, he did not text me for 3 weeks. The thing is, I was used to that kind of miscommunication, with the same excuse he gave me: “HE WAS BUSY WITH HIS PORTFOLIO”. I tried my hardest to be patient, text him everyday saying “good morning” or asking how his day was – NO RESPONSE. The day he broke up with me, he told me the truth: He finished everything a WEEK BEFORE that, and went to Las Vegas with his friends to celebrate without telling me. He did not miss me at ALL during the time he was working with his portfolio. He lived 10 min away from me, and didn’t bother visiting or checking up on me. On the inside for the 3 weeks, I’ve tried to be patient and keep my mind busy with league, work, and endless hours of Skype with my own duo partner//best friend through it all, Jihoon. Many times, it hit me when my OWN best friend has to tell you to leave his sorry ass before he breaks up with me (it was bound to happen eventually and he knew it). My own irl AND twitter//fb//snapchat friends asked me how the fuck I stood my ground with no communication.. it was outright ballsy. It was only then when my ex broke up with me, my mentalilty just BROKE all on its own. It was like my efforts were all for naught. Its now been 3 weeks since the break up.. I’m holding up pretty good, but its hard when the small things remind you of the one you gave your all to.

February 11, 2017 – NA LCS WEEK 4

Just a few days after the break, I went to the NA LCS studio with my twin sister and a couple of my friends. It was the only thing I looked forward to and trying to forget my sadness and negative thoughts. It was the company of friends who are there for you, who kept me completely SANE. I had a great time and wished the day was never ending.

Overall, I turned to esports and my friends for support. It was the best thing that held me down. I even talked to MOON (yes, the jungler from FLY QUEST) about my feelings, and I was lucky to know that I can vent to him if I ever feel down. Like WOW. I had to realize that I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND HOW MUCH THEY ARE THERE FOR ME. My depression//anxiety was the one that got the best of me and ruined me for 6 months. I’m fucking happy that the relationship is over. My friend that I commissioned, was great enough to draw over my ex and draw in my own duo partner instead. Couldn’t be happier honestly. I’m slowly recovering…and will get back to twitch streaming and drawing by end of this week or when March comes~

**Watching Faker stream calms me down for some reason. My friend texted me “the god is online” – it didn’t take me a minute to instantly turn my twitch app on my tv and watch him through the end of his stream. HE REALLY IS A GODSEND.**

ABC’s of Meee!!!

Allrighty guys and dolls, I was tagged by @stranger-ghoul @spice-ghoul @diascordium @ghulehtela @tothepit and if I forgot anyone I do apologize. You all are lovely beings and I am touched that y’all thought of me =)

A- age: Soo..Funny story…I had to text my ex (who is also a good friend of mine) to see how old he is (he’s a year younger than I) because I forgot how old I was. Haha I know, I know. Well as it turns out I am 35. Crazy, I know. I am younger than I previously thought. I’ll have to tell my body that.

B- Biggest Fear: Spiders. Fuck them bitches. Especially the little jumping ones. Yea fuck those little shits. 

C- Current Time: 2:36 a.m. 

D- Drink you last Had; Tea. I have waaaayyy too much tea. Honestly, it’s kinda a problem. Like I have a whole cabinet full of the stuff. I’m like the Willy Wonka of Tea. 

E- Every Day Starts With: Me peeling open one eye to curse at the sun

F- Favorite Song: Gods damn it. Ok. Right this very second, I am loving The Patient By Dead Soul. In 20 minutes it could change, but that song fucks me up. 

G- Ghosts, are they real?: In Sweden and in our hearts, yes they are.Seriously though, I feel like we are all just energies bouncing off other energies in this world so perhaps if something retains that energy longer than it should than its lingering force is held here and sometimes, those of us sensitive enough can perceive that energy. But what the fuck do I know…

H- Hometown: San Diego, CA 

I-In love with: I have a HUUUUGE crush on Papa Emeritus past, present and future. And Special Ghoul.. and basically swedish men in general, seriously I need to get me one of them.

J- Jealous of: People that have more motivation than I do, Seriously. I have to drag my ass around to get anything done. If I only had some motivation, I’d be one fabulous bitch. Maybe there’s a wizard I can see about that…

K- Killed someone: Hahaha that’s a strange question. Was like K the question where someone was like, K..k…K..ummm..Killed someone?? That’ll work! Ahh noo. But I did have a dream once where I was wearing a mechanics suit, and I stabbed someone. Maybe I was tapping into my inner Jason Voorhees. Who knows. 

L- Last time you cried: I don’t. I have no soul, I know.

M- Middle Name: Lynn

N- Number of Siblings: Just one, I have a younger brother who is 6 years years younger than me

O- ahh there is no O…OOOOHHHH BOOOY

P- Person you last called/Texted..hahaha don’t give me shit..my ex, to bug him

Q- Questions you’re always asked: IS YOUR HAIR GREEN TO MATCH CHRISTMAS/ST. PATRICKS/WHATEVER THE FUCK??? No. No it’s not. It’s teal and it’s because teal is my favorite color..if one other customer asks me this question I seriously might develop a tick.

R- Reasons to smile: MUSIC. ART, NATURE, PETS, SLEEPING IN, A GOOD BOOK, WARM SOCKS (don’t laugh they are lovely)

S- Song Last Sang: If You Have Ghosts by Ghost

T- Time you woke up: 09:00, after 4 hours of sleep, that’s pretty good

U- Underwear color: Red and black plaid boy shorts so yea.. now you’re imagining me in my underwear haha. Great. Well I guess it’s not any worse than imagining me as Jason Vorhees. Now, imagine Jason Vorhees in his underwear. Yea. Stew on that for awhile.

V- Vacation Destination: Anywhere. But I really want to go to New Orleans, Ireland, Sweden, London, Italy, Rome, Greece.. just the world baby. I want to see the world.

W- Worst Habit: It used to be smoking, I used to smoke for a looong time, but I quit because it’s expensive. Now I have to say biting my nails and cursing, I mean I don’t really think cursing is a bad habit, more like accentuating my vocabulary with exciting exclamations. Like, Today I ate an apple, I liked it. Or, Today I ate a fucking apple and that shit was fucking awesome. Sounds more exciting huh?? That apple sounds good now don’t it??

X- X-rays you’ve had: Welll.. teeth like everyone. But I have also been in a car accident when I was 16 so that happened. Also my arm, I cant remember which one (don’t laugh I can’t even remember how old I am)

Y- You’re Favorite food: It’s a toss up between pasta and like steak and potatoes. You know, the healthy stuff.

Z- Zodiac Sign: if you’ve been paying attention to my other posts you will know the answer to this but in case you’re mind wonders like mine does, I’ll tell you again. I am a Leo and we are FABULOUS

Thank you again lovelies for tagging me. It’s always fun to do these

I am not sure who has been tagged or not so if you actually read this and say to yourself, hey I want to talk about myself too!! Please feel free to do so and tag me because I love to read about you guys too. 

something that still haunts me every time i remember it: roughly three years ago I went to a homestuck meetup (which was at a park) with a friend in full cosplay..while we were crossing a bridge to get to the park, a family with like. their kids stopped us and asked us what was going on since (you guessed it) they saw other people in costume. uh..long story short, I posed with them and their kids for a couple pictures and the fact remains that the family has a photo of themselves and myself all greyed up like some sort of fool

I was tagged by @label-mentally-deranged and @thrashnheavy (Why thank you!)

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Nicknames: Sherry, Shez

Height: 5′5″ or 169cm

Time right now: 11:51 am

Last thing I googled: University Stuff

Fave music artist: Metallica

Song stuck in my head: (We Are) The Roadcrew - Motorhead

Last movie I watched: Dracula Untold

Last TV show I watched: Uhh probably Friends

What I’m wearing now: Grey jumper and Cream shorts

When I created this blog: June, 2016

The kind of stuff I post: Metallica, all day, every day

Do I have other blogs?: I do actually @slymustard is my side music blog where everything but Metallica goes and @scorpiiono which is just where I blog whatever the hell I feel like.

Do I get asks regularly?: Hell yeah I do

Why did I choose my URL?: Well James use to play a Electra Flying V guitar, So I took the flying part and his Last night and ding ding winner!

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon team: Valor

Fave colors: Blue, Black, Purple (Deep purple *hahah cough*)

Average hours of sleep:  I aim for 8 hours

Lucky number: 10, 2, 5

Favorite characters: Butters from Southpark

Dream job: To be in a job that doesn’t feel like Job

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Following: 116

And I tag: @aldaarnafjall, @maybe-sabaton-things, @ride-the-storm, @psych0cupcak3s, @allweheardesperatecry, @iamnightbreed, @loveittodeath, @guitargoat,

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i love your advice so do you think you can be or should be friends with your ex?

Haha thank you!

And honestly, er well I can be friends with my ex… but do I really want to? Nah. Even though my last ex and I are on civil terms after having such a bad breakup, our lives has nothing to do with each other anymore. It took years just for us to stop arguing with each other. There’s no point in being friends or reconnecting because… that was all in the past. Like he would text me sometimes and asked if I wanted to catch up since I moved back home, but er I’d rather not. I just think it’s better if both of us continue with our lives separately.

Bot story time

Ok, so once in 5th grade, at the end of the year we had to do a speech on hunger in places and all the shiz, so I spend barely any time on speech, like a week, and every time my class went to work on it, I pretended to work and just messed with my friends, the girl who sat next to me had like, 4 pages worth of text, I had a total of 1 piece of paper, double sided, there was also a competition but I quit it when we we’re doing it, so I’m waiting my turn, nervously because all the criteria (Not grade, thank god) we’re horrible, basically everyone had a longer speech than me, and the girl who went before me started crying mid-speech, so I was told to not worry about it, I go up, say my 2 minute speech, and go back to my seat. When we finish, all my friends crowd around me and tell me I should’ve gone to the competition because they we’re saying my speech was amazing, so every time I fail in something, I just think back to the time I made the best speech in class and could’ve won an award. Ok the end, go back to scrolling through you’re dash.

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Do you listen to girl groups?

yeahhh ofc man !!!!!!! i love mostly all kpop groups i ever heard a song from tbh,,,, i dont wanna fo in the “u only like popular girlgroup” but i rly love blackpink redvelvet n twice…. idk if mamamoo enter that category too ??? anyway i was a 4minute fan (got rly sad when they disbanded :-(( ) i rly like cl, i love exid, girl’s generation’s cool too ! i have sme a pink, tiny-g (i think they disbanded too ?), girl’s day n t-ara music,, oo i lov g-friend too

get to know the blogger !

things that make me happy

-fresh fruit
-me gf
-looking down n seeing me hairy legs!!!
-tea: making it drinking it buying it slurping it inhaling it u name it
-when my friends randomly text me asking how I am!!!
-watching my friends perform slam poetry
-seeing my friends be happy n in a good place
-when me gf gets really stoked because the sun is out
-when my mom laughs at my jokes. or when she laughs in general. or smiles.
-when my brother and I are on a roll and our humour syncs
-when i move things around in my room and it just….feels better
-waking up after drinking and not feeling sick, not feeling hungover, just a lil bubbly
-pastel pinks + purples
-tea….but this time ICED. that’s my shit y’all!!!
-did i mention my gf? not 2 gay but like….shes great
-my friendship w.joy. !!!!! all 10 years of it!!!
-comics! but esp the ones w/ good representation/diversity. esp esp the ones w/ muscular women (insert sunglasses emoji right here pals)
-knowing that as a social worker, I will be making a difference in peoples lives while doing something so satisfying..so right and integral 2 who i am, ya know?

post things that make u happy and tag me in it plss,,,if u wanna

gah i was talking to this guy on bumble who i had a hardcore crush on when i was 14 (he’s my older sister’s friend) and it was all going well and he seemed legit interested in me and my life and interests. And so when he asked for my number i was thrilled. But it’s been 2 days since he asked and he hasn’t texted me? like? i am not surprised by guys ghosting on me because that is just…what they do…but I am sad about this one.