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If they don’t hit $200,000 during this livestream, I’m gonna be upset.

Even if they don’t make it, it’s still a great cause!! …and maybe Mark may dye the stache anyways. 

Either way, please go help out!! :D 

New blog for system kids!

Hello! I am Shiba! I am the host of a traumagenic DID system. This blog is a safe space for child alters in DID/OSDD systems. If you are a minor in a system, this is the place for you! We will post nice stuff. Like puppies, video games, soft blankets…and self care too! NSFW blogs will be blocked and reported for interacting with nonconsenting minors! Please promo us?

The @lets-read-about-feminism book club read for November will be:

 I Am Woman: A Native Perspective on Sociology and Feminism, by Lee Maracle!


I Am Woman represents my personal struggle with womanhood, culture, traditional spiritual beliefs and political sovereignty, written during a time when that struggle was not over. My original intention was to empower Native women to take to heart their own personal struggle for Native feminist being. The changes made in this second edition of the text do not alter my original intention. It remains my attempt to present a Native woman’s sociological perspective on the impacts of colonialism on us, as women, and on my self personally.

Our theme this month is Indigenous Feminism, and I’m really looking forward to our discussion of this topic, and this book, this month! 

Thank you to everyone who voted!! 

Our discussion day will be Saturday, November 26th!

Happy Reading! 

Join our book club on Tumblr and Facebook to be a part of the discussion! 

Would the real Sherlock Holmes please stand up?

More than a century after first emerging into the fogbound, gaslit streets of Victorian London, Sherlock Holmes is universally recognizable. And yet many of his most recognizable features don’t appear in Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories. Sherlock is a cultural text, repeatedly altered over time as each new interpretation becomes superimposed over those that proceed it. This means that Sherlock continually evolves, embodying ideas and values often far removed from those found in Conan Doyle. And after each particular story ends, Sherlock rises again, a little changed, perhaps, with a new face and fresh mannerisms or turns of phrase, but still essentially Sherlock, our Sherlock.

For a peek into the evolution of Sherlock, watch the TED-Ed Lesson Who IS Sherlock Holmes? - Neil McCaw

Animation by Lasse Rützou Bruntse


George alters the text to “if i needed someone” a bit

UA where Allen finds out that in his past life he was romantically/sexually active with the Campbell twins and now he is very confused, embarrassed, and does not know what to do with this information

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I know those spells which a ruler’s wife doesn’t know,
nor any man’s son;
‘hjálp’ one is called,
and that will help you against
law-suits and sorrows
and every sort of anxiety.

Óðinn, Hávamál, stanza 146.

Source: Carolyne Larrington trans., The Poetic Edda. (repr., 1996; Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2014), 33. I have altered her text, though, replacing ‘help’ with the Old Norse word of the same meaning, ‘hjálp’.


Joseph finding out about Caesar’s weakness to insects probably involved Caesar hurdling an entire couch over both Suzie Q and Joseph like an Olympic track star. After Joseph stopped laughing his ass off for a whole ten minutes, he went and squashed the tiny bug and returned like a wounded veteran. Of course, it’s accentuated with incredible amounts of posing.
“I have slain that terrible fiend! The beast…was a strong one! But lo, I was able to best him in the ring of honor!”
Caesar just peers over the couch, glaring at him as only his eyes are visible, “Oh, valiant savior. Why art thou such a dick.”

“Without the context of Star Wars this movie wouldn’t succeed” wow it’s almost like context fundamentally alters any text you moron

sombra-arg  asked:

Hi its Fionna again i wanted to know if there is a place where I can make friends with other syskids?

We’ll post this in the community tags so maybe other syskids will see this and want to be friends with you! I know there’s also a thread on psycheforums specifically for child alters! Here’s a link! You have to sign up to post on it, though.