moments when grls r Extra pretty :
• the lil smile when they put on blush
• tying up their hair - bonus points if she pulls out a few strands at the front to frame her face
• putting on lotion - bonus if she rubs some on your hands cuz she took too much
• pulling their hair out from under a scarf or jacket
• when there’s like stray glitter on their faces ? shimmer blush ? eyeshadow ? who knows but it’s angelic
• wearing Anything that is too big for them. in general - 2x bonus if it’s yours
• when they receive a hot drink and hold it with both hands and just sort of put their face right up close to it

I’d like to make a formal apology to PurpleEyesWTF because when I made the “I’m at Soup” clip, I thought I was just making a different version of an already existing popular meme. Because of this, I didn’t properly credit them, because I just thought “everyone knows this skit, so I don’t need to credit them.”

However, at the moment, the animation that myrobotlandlord made, as well as the animation that kineticsquirrel made currently has more views than the original clip, and nearly as many views as the episode of Code Ment that the original clip comes from.

I fear that the actual people who MADE the jokes aren’t getting the credit they deserve, whereas I, the guy who just parroted the jokes, am.

I’ve added a link to the original episode of Code Ment to my post, and I hope PurpleEyesWTF, as well as their fans, aren’t too cross with me. I really hate content theft, and it’s really embarassing to see myself accidentally perpetrate something I actively work against.

Your reactions fuel her nastiness.

Don’t believe me? Next time she’s giving you head watch how often she looks up at you. She’s doing her best to please you my nigga, stop holding your moans in. She earned them shits.