kinda want the first thing Lance says to Keith when they reunite is something like:

“hey! Keith, right? y'know it’s kinda funny… I swear you look familiar… hmmm 🤔” (as a parallel to when Keith first saw him and didn’t know who he was)

and Keith’s just like……ha ha. okay, asshole. I get it.

Hey guys, sorry I wasn’t on much today, but I had a ton of fun! I talked to the DD&D guys during lunch and they were super nice! They wanted to finish the dungeon they were working on without having to introduce another party member, so I just kind of awkwardly watched and talked with them, but they offered to let me join their after school session! I guess they always get together to play on Fridays? 

So yeah. Today was a very good day. They introduced my mage character when they went into town after their dungeon!

you ever realize that the person you’re missing doesn’t know how you’ve changed? like, how I stopped wearing hoodies so often, or the way I put my hair up, or how I stopped putting effort into finite relationships, and you were the heartache that changed that for me. It’s an odd mixture of melancholy and relieving to know that the people we are in each others’ heads aren’t here on the planet, we’re somewhere else now.

okay but i don’t think that the lions’ actual names are their colours; i think that “Blue” is just the name that Lance came up with for his lion 


i bet Pidge would name the green lion



Two of my favorite things about Tumblr are:

1.  Being able to easily follow some great, active artists and share how awesome their stuff is.

2.  Following other folks and seeing how their interests change or they get to know themselves better and you see their blog reflect that.  

There’s a lot of crap on this website like any other, but there’s a lot of good too.