i had a revelation.

the opening song: alexander hamilton

anthony, or philip, sings “the ten dollar founding father without a father” - coincidentally, isn’t hamilton his father father?

daveed, or jefferson, sings: “every day while slaves were being slaughtered and carted away” - coincidentally, doesn’t hamilton argue with jefferson over slavery?

oak, or madison, sings: “put a pencil to his temple and connected it to his brain” - coincidentally, doesn’t hamilton write the federalist papers with madison?

connections, guys. i’ve never realized that even who sang what had importance.

i’m just gonna point out that in these photos 

i believe they were taken in the same night ig like the same cat, background etc

why is kj shirtless

he’s literally always shirtless

god kj

that or they were fuckin i mean

tumblr is honestly so full of hate there’s literally no pleasing a lot of you on this site

when elodie yung was cast as elektra i saw a lot of people whining about how they picked an asian actress for the part that involves martial arts and how that was supposedly racist because it’s playing on a stereotype
(even though being good at martial arts is literally a huge part of elektra’s character so don’t claim to me that you care about the character and then whine about the martial arts? if elektra weren’t good at martial arts it wouldn’t be elektra)

and now there’s all this shit about iron fist and how it’s “whitewashing” because of white guy and asian culture blah blah

you guys are literally never happy no matter what side the casting is on

….i just thought of harry after his haircut. like maybe sitting in front of his&louis’s bedroom mirror or whatever & checkin himself out (like u do when u get a new haircut) and just being like, “’s a bit weird isn’t it?” and louis comes up behind him and’s like, “but it’s not a bad weird tho is it?” and like… obviously there’s nothing he could do if harry hated it? especially by way of making it grow back through the sheer Power of Love but harry shakes his head and is like “no.. not /bad/…” but it’s just not… ok he misses his long hair and he feels all naked and twitchy w/o it… but then louis just runs his fingers through harry’s hair. and at first it’s nice but then louis keeps doing it and harry’s like “mmmm hey…….babe……hey…. wyd…” and louis’s just like “i’m making your hair stand up look at it” and harry’s hair’s stickin up all over the place lookin kinda funny and harry’s like “ :| really?”…but then they’re laughing and harry calls him a dork (WHICH HE IS) and like he’s still a lil self conscious but like…. no matter what, being with louis is sometimes enough to just make all the crap stuff go away like…………………… nice…. just…t hinkin….abt that….. Great…