me @ 2 pm: everybody shut the fuck up get away from me fuck off

me @ 2 am: all i want is love please somebody come over and snuggle me why does nobody love me

Here's the thing about Harry Styles

Sometimes, all I want is to lie with him, cocooned in bed sheets as we listen to Bon Iver records and read Shakespeare together. I want to play with his hair as the gradient orange light from the sunrise cascades over our bodies through the window that shows the view of the beach that we live on.
But other times, I want to make out on rooftops and the tops of parking garages and smoke cigarettes and give each other hickeys while listening to Nirvana. I want to kiss his neck and feel his smooth skin and get high with him AND I DAMN THIS SHIT GOT ME FUCKED UP

Signs when cheated on

Aries: numb, angry, and will explode
Taurus: …. Okay, I didn’t care in the first place
Gemini: what even… why.. how..?
Cancer: *plots revenge and murder*
Leo: oh.. guess then I can be with your sibling now lol they were hotter
Virgo: I’ll fuckin end you
Libra: umm.. bitch whet??
Scorpio: *shares their nudes online*
Sagittarius: I don’t think I heard you right, repeat yourself please.
Capricorn: awwh dude no…
Aquarius: eh.
Pisces: ((sorry but you’re forever alone))