Sequence [i]

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chanyeol x reader
genre: angst
word count: 4.8k



His hands were rigid and stiff as he stared down at them, the muscles within the joints working uncomfortable hard to flex at the bend of the knuckles but failing. The air nipped relentlessly at his skin as he cursed himself for neglecting the gloves you’d mailed him so many months before, palms rubbing together with a deep sigh as he let his head drop backwards, his neck protruding from beneath the thick scarf surrounding it.

The metal adorning his left ring finger rolled around the skin with ease as he toyed with it subconsciously, the band itself managing a temperature even colder than the numb skin around it, a fitting comparison to the way the ring had lost value long before this moment. His eyes skimmed every face inevitably as they passed him, the feeling of guilt eating him alive, every pair of eyes feeling as if they were boring into him and digging out every secret he’d ever had.

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tumblr is honestly so full of hate there’s literally no pleasing a lot of you on this site

when elodie yung was cast as elektra i saw a lot of people whining about how they picked an asian actress for the part that involves martial arts and how that was supposedly racist because it’s playing on a stereotype
(even though being good at martial arts is literally a huge part of elektra’s character so don’t claim to me that you care about the character and then whine about the martial arts? if elektra weren’t good at martial arts it wouldn’t be elektra)

and now there’s all this shit about iron fist and how it’s “whitewashing” because of white guy and asian culture blah blah

you guys are literally never happy no matter what side the casting is on

i’m just gonna point out that in these photos 

i believe they were taken in the same night ig like the same cat, background etc

why is kj shirtless

he’s literally always shirtless

god kj

that or they were fuckin i mean

i had a revelation.

the opening song: alexander hamilton

anthony, or philip, sings “the ten dollar founding father without a father” - coincidentally, isn’t hamilton his father father?

daveed, or jefferson, sings: “every day while slaves were being slaughtered and carted away” - coincidentally, doesn’t hamilton argue with jefferson over slavery?

oak, or madison, sings: “put a pencil to his temple and connected it to his brain” - coincidentally, doesn’t hamilton write the federalist papers with madison?

connections, guys. i’ve never realized that even who sang what had importance.

Sequence [ii]

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sequence masterlist


chanyeol x reader
genre: angst
word count: 4.3k



It was never supposed to be like this. You’d anticipated the pain, the longing, the heartbreak hiding far beneath your chest as you were jolted awake to an empty bed every morning. It was something that had casually become apart of your life for the past year since he’d started touring, and despite the dull ache constantly lingering in your core, the need for him to be with you and in your arms, you’d always been able to expect it. You’d managed to learn how to control it, how to harbor the feelings and tuck them away on a shelf, and you were able to manage the pain.

Only now it was Christmas. It was Christmas, and for the first time since you’d met him, you weren’t being woken up by his warm lips dancing across the planes of your skin, testing his limits, seeing how far you would let him go. Which for the record was far, as your naive giddiness of Christmas morning overwhelmed any sense of morality, and his lips clouded every corner of your brain.

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Sex with Brad would include:

- your first time
• him making sure that your first time is special, amazing & unforgettable
• he’d make sure you’re comfortable & to let him know if it hurts
• he’d take his time so you both can enjoy each moment
• even though it was the first time for the both of you, he was absolutely incredible at it

- after your first time & after getting comfortable with each other, he’d be up for it whenever and wherever

- he’d keep it fun and exciting by trying out different positions and in different places to see what feels best

- he’d be a gentleman, always making sure you come

- he’ll show his appreciation to every part of your body

- lots of ass grabbing and slapping

- he loves watching your reaction as he goes in deep

- always having to grasp/grab hold of something as he thrusts faster and harder

- he prefers to be on top but loves it when you ride him

- he’d be very loud and vocal, tons of moaning and dirty talk

- he’ll let you know how good you feel

- he works wonders with his fingers and tongue

- sex in the morning before breakfast

- he’d love to please you and to be pleased

- he’d tease you because he loves seeing you frustrated

- it turns him on when you beg for him to be inside of you

- he looks oh so glorious when he orgasms

- panting and sweating when you’re both finished

- cuddles after you both catch your breath from orgasming

- experiencing multiple orgasms because he’s so good