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*This mod replaces Custom Cute hairstyle instead of Allers’ hair. I also included .upk file in case you want to replace a different hairstyle.* 

Follow the installation instructions:

how to install PCC mods;


Gibbed hair modding instructions.

Gibbed parameters:

Hair mesh:






Haha thank you and welcome to the madness =)

Without specifics it’s hard for me to help you as is, but I’ll start by trying to give you a basic idea of what’s out there and what the possibilities are in therms of character customization for ME2 and ME3. If you have any directed questions after that just let me know where you’re getting stuck specifically and what you are trying to do exactly and I can help you out further.

Gibbed savegame editor is a tool that will allow you to change the textures and hair mesh your shepard uses in the game to any others that are in the gamefiles. Some textures are only used on NPC’s and some hair meshes are in the game but not available in the Character Creator, with Gibbed, you can manipulate the saved values for your Shepard and direct the game to load in different ones.

Dowload Gibbed: ME2ME3
General Gibbed Guide for ME2
General Gibbed Guide for ME3
ME2/ME3 custom headmorps and facecodes
Applying a custom Headmorph using Gibbed
ME2 Femshep Gibbed custom hair guide
ME2 Femshep Gibbed Resource post
ME2 Maleshep Gibbed Resource post
ME3 Femshep Gibbed Resource post

To further customize the look, you can use Texmod to replace any of the game’s textures temporarily every time you load up the game. This way you can for instance replace the third complexion (which is least frequently used on NPCs), or the default Shepard facial textures with any custom texture you like and use them on your Shepard.

Download Texmod
Texmod Guide
More expansive Texmod Guide

Now for ME2 you cannot exchange an existing hair mesh with another in the gamefiles but for ME3 we can using a fanbuilt toolset called ME3Explorer. We can also apply textures permanently to the gamefiles with it for both ME2 and ME3 (though ME2 is still under heavy development so be aware).

Download ME3Explorer (more info in the guide below)
ME3Explorer first time setup guide
Official ME3Explorer Forums

Now custom facial textures can be found in various places, most notably the BSN Projects, the Nexus, the ME3Explorer forums and the modding tags here on Tumblr. The same goes for custom hair mods. If you have trouble locating them I can attempt to make a master post on the subject and pull a bunch of them together.

That’s it for the basics, let me know what else you need!
Happy modding =)

bloomingcnidarians asked:

I'm trying to mod ME2 for the first time (modded DA but not any ME games) and it is SO OVERWHELMING. One, because of all the different programs (texmod, me3explorer, gibbed) and also because so much says "me3" and I have no idea if it'll work for ME2?? I've been obsessive reading your modding advice page, so thank you!

Oh gosh, I hope it’s helpful to you! ME2 is the one I play the least and so mod the least - and I haven’t done that one in ages. 

It is a bit frustrating deciphering mods and which ones will work with which game when the creators aren’t very clear. There’s a lot of trial and error with it. I tend to stick with texture mods, though - and generally those are a bit clearer since you can see what’s exactly being modded. 

I haven’t done ME3explorer with ME2 yet, but that’s the path I’d prefer to take, personally, because then no texmod and having to keep an active list of mods, etc. Just replace and done! It’s a lot more involved though, and there are plenty of chances to fuck up, so keep back ups if you go that route and remember, if it does all go to shit, starting over really isn’t that bad. And if you’d rather do texmod instead, totally okay.

With gibbed save editor, just keep duplicate saves and only change vector values a little bit at a time - and one at a time if you’re unsure what they do. That way you can undo stuff pretty easily. 

Good luck and happy modding!

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yeah there’s not much for mods in me2 and the only ones there are are for fshep. the only mods i could find are for high-res sheploo and high-ish res for default n7 armour and even then it’s still p low res.


i mean i found a few nice armor texmods that i might use as well as some nice custom face codes that i might try out but other than that i got nothin lol

shadowphoenixrider replied to your photoset “So I’ve been slowed down a bit by a personal hiccup and haven’t…”

I can’t help but be struck by how proud Kaidan looks with his family!

You’re gonna make me cry, lady. This comment is awesome. I’ve worked really hard at getting them all to look like a family (which was so much easier with the boys thanks to being able to apply Kaidan’s skin texture to them via TexMod). To know I’m not the only one who can see it like you did - who can imagine that pride and that sparkle because that’s his family - is so amazingly gratifying. Thank you.

(Also, I finally got Andi’s hair settled and her game Gibbed to match Mom’s world state so photosets incoming shortly!)

Texmod and ME3 Explorer wont load textures

It loads mods but not its textures. Anything I can do to fix it? 

Before anyone asks:

I have allowed it through my virus(spyware)thing (I only use windows defender and windows firewall I don’t have any other.) I have the Origin In game unchecked (All notifications and stuff from a YouTube video) and I have it run through Steam (for the screenshots) and yet it STILL does not work.

I have tired to unchecked the steam in game. Didn’t work.

Forum is here. Anything is much appreciated!

i’ve been using umodel to get these textures but i’m going to see about texmod now…it looks pretty interesting