heavensims replied to your photoset “please dont click on them, there isnt any better quality, if you could…”

Love, love! ME1 is probably my favorite, story wise! If you can use TexMod, there are some good texture replacers to get higher quality (and better eyelashes).

is it weird i kinda like the quality like im legit okay w it it feels…idek it weird but i dont hAte it…plus i kinda failed at installing nexus mods a few times so…who knws how much i could mess up w something else. BUT THANK U FOR TELLING ME TH IS


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“guess who cried at seeing the normandy ”

when you first see the normandy in ME2 with joker; my heart physically drops

im trying my best to hurry in to ME2


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“guess who cried at seeing the normandy ”

it’s alwways me



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“guess who cried at seeing the normandy ”

is it me? BC I DO EVERY TIME

OK U GUYS ARE GETTING A REPLY TOGETHER BC I BEEn seeing ur screenshots of this game for however long now and thIS UR F A ULT i weePED AT GARRU S

(Yes there really is no Audio)

Okay getting the face expressions to work good as this took me so horribly long. Esp cause importing the head was already the worst pain… BUT IT FINALLY WORKED….kinda. I get this weird eyelid bug which you can see in some Scenes (it’s not constantly happening) in the Video.

I kinda need someone who is used to .pcc+ Texmod modding who can test this and tell me if the eyelid weirdo bug also appears on their side ;_; Anyone who wants just send me a message pls.

Release mod will be DLC based and include outfits (and the other characters eyes will look normal again too)

Ummm, decided to play ME3, first modding some hair for my new Shepard but been 2 damn days figuring out why i can’t open nif files in 3ds max, so downloaded 2015 version instead of the 2016 version. And took me forever to find a working udk installation file. Also taking forever to move those files i need from my PC to my laptop. Like texmods, outfits, hairs even though importing a hair myself, maybe…

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Are there any mods you'd recommend for Mass Effect 1-3 that you'd recommend respectively. I just finished the whole series, and I'm pretty obsessed with the Garrus & FemShep thing, and now like a crazy person I'm replaying it again!

Most of the mods I use are to customize Shepard like armor, face, and hair mods, so those really depend on your personal preference. Places to look for mods: The Nexus sites, the old BSN projects section, tumblr, the ME3 Explorer forums..

The best overall HD mods:


MEUITM - retextures almost everything in ME1 and worth the 3+gig download. You will need to repackage any texmods you want to use instead though, like face textures, because MEUITM replaces files and will change the texmod hash numbers making any old texmods incompatible.


Jean Luc’s High Res Textures - Mostly covers squaddies, with some additional retextures in the original thread.


Ottemis’s HR Textures - The best HD mods imo. These aren’t just upscales, almost everything has been redone and the details repainted by hand.

I was asked to help get the ME2 Iconic Bun into ME3 by BSN user jli84.
I’ve remapped the UV for the ME2 bun to fit with the textures of the ME3 Icobun, this way it doesn’t occupy the empty texture slot to use it and it won’t conflict with other released hairstyles.
I’ve revamped the Pulled scalptexture, making the hair on it more inline with the ME3 bun textures and I’ve adjusted the Mask to give a better hairline.

It’s released on the Nexus, main download is a Mesh .mod replacing the ME2 deprecated Mohawk mesh, then a texture TPF that replaces the Pulled Scalp Diff and Mask and a slight contrast adjustment for the ME3 Icobun hair Diff. You can use the TPF either with Texmod, or you can permanently apply it via ME3Explorer’s TPF Tools.

Looks best on a Shep that has been Lazarussed due to the changed scalpshape in ME2.

Link to the Nexus.