You guys want some Samara armour mods?

All of these are available from the BSN. I take no credit for the creation of any of these (running TexMod is the full extent of my modding abilities).

Alright, here’s a quick guide to rip (and mod, if needed) the base textures from Five Nights at Freddies. If you’ve done texture rips/mods for games like TWDG, then it’s a near-identical process (except in FNAF you have to trigger each texture before you can rip it)

Ripping Software:
There are two options when it comes to ripping - TexMod and uMod. Both have their pros on cons:

  • In Texmod, you have to manually browse through the textures one by one and manually save the one you want. This has to be done in-game while the textures are still cached. Since the game has no pause function, this means you have to sift through a load of textures while still being hunted by animatronic creatures. Good news though - you can still do this from the Game Over screen, so there’s no actual hurry.
  • With uMod, it can automatically save all textures it loads. However, this can lead to a lot of slowdown/lag as it caches every texture, and during the lag it only captures a few of the textures - this is good for still images like camera footage, but useless for animations such as Foxy’s run, as you’ll only get a few frames. If you use Umod, I’d recommend running off of a second hard-drive, as it eats up a LOT of system resources while set to save all.

Download TexMod here, or uMod here.

TexMod (Manual Ripping):

Extract and open TexMod.exe. Set it to look like this (Click the folder in the top-left to choose the FNAF exe):

External image
Set it to Logging Mode, with the output as PNG (Or your preferred format), choose which key to capture with (I use F11), and I’d recommend unchecking “Translucent”, to make the textures easier to navigate. Set “output” to wherever you want to save the images to, you can leave DefFile blank.

Click Run and the game should start up with this in the corner:
External image
TexMod is now running. With Numlock on, use + and - on the numpad to cycle through currently-cached textures, which will display at full size in the top-left corner. In order to cache a texture, it has to show up in game - if you want the texture for Pirate Cove, look at Pirate Cove and it will be cached. Cycle to the image of Pirate Cove with + or -, and press F11 (or your capture key) when it’s selected. Note that this will obscure the whole screen as it’s full-size, so you might wanna close the doors. Congrats, ripped textures will now be in the specified folder.

uMod (Automatic Ripping):

Extract and run uMod.exe and set it to look like this (don’t bother touching the things that aren’t included in the screenshot):

External image
Instead of DDS, tick PNG or the format of your choice, click “set save directory” and choose your folder, then press Update. I would highly recommend running this program from a second hard drive, and setting the image folder to another hard-drive, as auto-save is quite intensive and may not work well with older PCs. Once done, open Main (on the bar in the place where File would normally be), tick “Use global hook”, then “start game with uMod”, select Freddy’s EXE and play. All loaded textures will automatically be saved to your folder (except some that aren’t loaded during lag).

For modding, I’d recommend just using Texmod regardless of how you ripped the texture. First, edit the texture(s) you’ve ripped, being sure to keep the filename exactly the same. Once edited and saved, run Texmod and set it like so:
External image
 For “definition”, you’ll need a log file. If you ripped with Texmod, you should have a “TexMod.log” file in the same folder as your rips. If not, you can make your own by creating a blank .txt file and renaming it to a .log file. Open it up and you should see a string of locations/filenames, preceded by a hexadecimal value and a “|” symbol. Delete all of the lines except for the ones containing the textures you wish to mod. If you’re making a log from scratch, follow this template - for each texture, put it on a new line. For a texture called FIVENIGHTSATFREDDYS.EXE_0x4E4E55EC.png, paste its full location (e.g E:\tex4\FIVENIGHTSATFREDDYS.EXE_0x4E4E55EC.tga), and copy the bold string of letters and numbers starting with 0x. Paste that at the start of the location and separate with a | symbol, like so:
External image
Save this log file, and in TexMod select this file as your Definition. If you want, enter your name and a brief description. Make sure the FNAF EXE is selected at the top, then hit Build. You’ll then be asked to save a .tpf file. Name it whatever you want and save it. Now close TexMod and re-open it, by default it should be set to package mode. Set it to FNAF at the top again, then click the folder icon to select your TPF file. If loaded, your file should be listed in the left column. Now just click Run, and the game will play with your mod active. If you see your change in-game, then congrats: you have modded FNAF.


KAIDAN ALENKO TANK TOP MOD (v2): Due to changes in the way ME3 Explorer/Texplorer works, the originally released Kaidan Tank Top mods DO NOT WORK AT ALL with the latest version of ME3Explorer. Please use these files instead. This will only work during the Citadel DLC meet up scene. If you load the PCC/TPF during any other part of the game, textures will be completely messed up. You must remember to switch back to the original PCC outside of that scene for everything to look right. Sorry for the inconvenience! (But if you’re really dedicated to seeing him change his outfit for that date, maybe it’s totally worth it…?) There is more info in the readme. Requires Texmod and ME3 Explorer. As always, any questions can be directed to my askbox.

Haha thank you and welcome to the madness =)

Without specifics it’s hard for me to help you as is, but I’ll start by trying to give you a basic idea of what’s out there and what the possibilities are in therms of character customization for ME2 and ME3. If you have any directed questions after that just let me know where you’re getting stuck specifically and what you are trying to do exactly and I can help you out further.

Gibbed savegame editor is a tool that will allow you to change the textures and hair mesh your shepard uses in the game to any others that are in the gamefiles. Some textures are only used on NPC’s and some hair meshes are in the game but not available in the Character Creator, with Gibbed, you can manipulate the saved values for your Shepard and direct the game to load in different ones.

Dowload Gibbed: ME2ME3
General Gibbed Guide for ME2
General Gibbed Guide for ME3
ME2/ME3 custom headmorps and facecodes
Applying a custom Headmorph using Gibbed
ME2 Femshep Gibbed custom hair guide
ME2 Femshep Gibbed Resource post
ME2 Maleshep Gibbed Resource post
ME3 Femshep Gibbed Resource post

To further customize the look, you can use Texmod to replace any of the game’s textures temporarily every time you load up the game. This way you can for instance replace the third complexion (which is least frequently used on NPCs), or the default Shepard facial textures with any custom texture you like and use them on your Shepard.

Download Texmod
Texmod Guide
More expansive Texmod Guide

Now for ME2 you cannot exchange an existing hair mesh with another in the gamefiles but for ME3 we can using a fanbuilt toolset called ME3Explorer. We can also apply textures permanently to the gamefiles with it for both ME2 and ME3 (though ME2 is still under heavy development so be aware).

Download ME3Explorer (more info in the guide below)
ME3Explorer first time setup guide
Official ME3Explorer Forums

Now custom facial textures can be found in various places, most notably the BSN Projects, the Nexus, the ME3Explorer forums and the modding tags here on Tumblr. The same goes for custom hair mods. If you have trouble locating them I can attempt to make a master post on the subject and pull a bunch of them together.

That’s it for the basics, let me know what else you need!
Happy modding =)

I’m feeling so strange these days, for some reason, I’m sad, depressed, tired. Yet, I’m a bit happy that I’m being able to write and I think soon I will be able to return to my book after the long time I stayed away from it. But I think my social anxiety is attacking me again. I hate it, I hate this feeling that me or what I do don’t matter. I know that is not like that, but my social anxiety makes me feel that way and very insecurity when it comes to social situations. I hate it and I wish I never had it. >.< 

Aaaaaand to make everything better, for some reason, Texmod is not working for my Mass Effect 1 anymore. The strange thing is that I did nothing different in my ME1. I want to create Olivia there, but it is so difficult without the texture mods! I can’t install MEUITM already, because I always have a problem when I try to install it. And I need to make some researchs for my work to publish an article and my internet connection doesn’t want to help. Great!

Sorry for all that negative babbling, I just needed to put the words out somehow. Probably will delete it later. Just ignore it. 


After a loooooooong break I decided to play the ME-Trilogy again and so I stared with ME1. And what can I say….this game is still awesome^^  The only bad thing are the ugly textures :D Last time I played the game I was able to use Texmod 3 hours of playtime. After I saved and loaded the game again Texmod doesen´t work anymore…..So my beloved Emilia Shepard (pic 1) lost her beautiful face-eye-eyelash textures :-( On this point I want thank ELE08 for her awesome work on the textures. On pic 2 you can see the desaster after loosing all mods :D.

Now I have a new PC and Texmod works again *dances around* and this time I decided to make my own face and eye texture for my new Shepard^^ Iam very happy with the result(pic 3 and 4). Iam still use ELE08 eyelash mod…you can find it here *klick*. I called my new Shep Alexis and she will definitely romance Kaidan…soooo folks I must go and save the Galaxy *giggles*….Shep.

serenityxgarrus  asked:

Hi lovely! I hope you are feeling a little bit better today <3 For Kahlan Amell :D) numbers 3, 5, 14, 27 and 31 <3

Hi Dear! Thank you so much for checking on me, I’m feeling a bit better today <3 I think my internet connection is better and I got the Texmod working again for ME1, so I can create my Olivia Shepard there. :D I’m still feeling a bit anxious, but I will take the good little things where I can. And thank you so much for asking about my Kahlan, she is a very special warden to me <3

3. How many pillows does your OC sleep with?

Just one, since she is in a constant travel, she doesn’t have means to carry too many things, so she prefers to avoid the superfluous things, since she prefers to carry her magical books, her bow, her potions and herbs. I guess one pillow is enough to her. 

5. Your OC’s worst habit?

Hm, I guess Kahlan doesn’t have as many bad habits as Jess, but she has some. xD She spends too much time with plants and talking to them. She is a very daydream and she gets distracted very easily when she is talking to others. She eats too much cheese and drinks too much tea. She will burn the food if she is cooking and eat every cheese. She eats in a not proper times and she can eat a lot when she is emotionally instable. 

14. Happy birthday! What kind of present would your OC want?

Hm, Kahlan is not a very material type of girl, but she really likes books, especially the ones with knowledge about magic. So I guess she would want a book. Or if someone can find a really rare type of herb or plant, I think she would go crazy for it. She just loves plants and herbs very much, since her days on the Circle Tower, the plants and herbs were her company and she studied them a lot. 

27. Most despicable thing your OC has ever done?

Hm, that is a difficult question, because I guess it is a very unknown fact about her. But when she was going to rescue Anora, she was the warden that was capture and was taken to the prison (In my headcanon, Laurea, Frerin, Kahlan and Daya are wardens that live in the same universe). In the prison, she was tortured and raped. Because of that, she left all her terrible feelings controlling her and in a crise of rage she killed almost everybody in the prison to scape and never return there. People were really worried about her, they thought she could become an abomination. But she was actually just leting all her fury and suffering out. You may think that she did it in self defense, in a way it was, but she couldn’t control her magic and she ended up killing people that had nothing to do with what happened to her in that prison. She regreted everything and she promised herself that she would never let her magic out of control anymore. Because in that time, she became everything she always avoid about her magic and she always tried to fight against it. She is a pro-mage and she was fighting to show people the best of magic, but doing what she did just made things worse. Even if some of the guards deserved that because of what they did to her, for her it doesn’t justify the fact that out of control she killed people that had nothing to do with it. She became a very cold, silent person after that and she didn’t want to do anything. She was like a wilted flower. Only Alistair helped her smile again. And she wanted to fight again.  

31. Does your OC prefer to sleep in a warm or cool area?

She prefers warm areas, especially because Ferelden is a very cold country and she needed a time to get used to the cold, since in the Circle Tower she didn’t feel the cold. She likes to sleeps close to the bonfire or in Alistair’s arms. 

Thank you again for asking me! That was really fun <3