Function Over Form.

      His User name on Texasnissans.com says it all. Although i feel it should be function AND form on this one. Nissan owner Chris who’s  working out of San Marcos TX has here an s13 currently being built with no stone left unturned. Getting the power and heart of this build done right he opted with the ka24. Fully equipped with a .060 over block Eagle H-Beam rods and 90.5 mm Wiseco pistons, Cosworth MLS head gasket, and 10mm ARP head bolts, this block is sure to withstand the power being put out by the Holset HE341 turbo, a temporary until he’s obtained the GTX3076r. 

    Temps are kept to safe levels by a Mishimoto radiator with MVP Motorsports silicone radiator hoses and Precision intercooler. Fuel is being supplied from a Aeromotovie 15 gallon Stealth fuel cell with a 340lph built in fuel pump up to the Aeromotive A1000 inline pump and out to the AEM top feed fuel rail holding a set of Siemens 850cc fuel injectors. All the while with pressure being controlled by a Radium fuel regulator. 

   All this greatness will be controlled from a Corbeau FX1 Pro kept low with Nagaisa seat rails. TB&C 600-Series pedal assemblies will be the controls for this masterminded build. All with hydraulic reservoirs in a very nifty spot. (check build thread link) Easy in an out is made possible by a Works Bell hub and Rapfix GTC flip up steering system. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. So as I’m not spoiling anything check out his build here at http://www.texasnissans.com/tx/forums/showthread.php?t=17210



finished this last night. STILL MORE TO COME