Texas Chainsaw 3D - Review

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If you need a horror fix this film is as satisfying as a partially microwaved pizza to a hungry college student. Why not place it back in the microwave until it’s hot? With eight writing credits it appears the producers made that attempt and failed.

The groundwork is in place: A beautiful lead, attractive friends whose sole purpose is to die in gruesome fashion as well as a spooky set. Why did this remake fail like so many others? Let’s explore, shall we?

Texas Chainsaw 3D’s only attempt at scaring the audience comes from lazy jump scares. Jump scares should only be employed by skilled horror directors like James Wan. First time horror Director John Luessenhop is out of his element. A horror film without an element of fear? Surely there must be SOME redeeming factors?

The house is a spooky set and makes for a haunting backdrop while Leatherface chases beautiful young adults. It’s a shame when a beautiful set goes to waste in an otherwise mediocre film. Kudos to William A. Elliott on the creepy production design. Unfortunately the set is the only redeeming factor.

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The kill scenes are forgettable and overplayed. Leatherface saws off some limbs? We’ve seen that before. Leatherface uses meathooks to snag his victims? We’ve seen that before. The kill scenes lack originality and entertainment.

Anas N. Michos (Cinematographer) does a fine job capturing the eerie look of the film. There is a large emphasis on the 3D aspect, yet the film only contains a few 3D shots. Most will agree a timely close-up 3D shot of Tania Raymonde is the best, most shameless shot of the film.

Let’s touch on the script for a moment. The film has eight writing credits: three screenplay, three story and two character writers. This results in a mess of a script with no rhythm, jagged pacing and exposition which practically places the script in front of your eyes during one scene.

Texas Chainsaw 3D does not satisfy. This film is plagued with: a poor script, forgettable characters, boring kill scenes and lack of fear factor. Save your $15 and rent a few superior horror films.