We have debated long enough about this debate. I’m not here to debate, but you can’t debate this debate. It’s already been debated – we debated for fifteen minutes. Please, let’s table this debate so that we can debate the debatable debate rather than debating the debate that isn’t debatable to debate during this debate.
—  The Texas Senate for the past half an hour.
You can imagine, or maybe you can’t, that a woman can be told that her feelings on these issues, that if she can’t fit into every one of the square pegs she’s being asked to fit into by this bill she’s not going to be able to exercise her constitutional right… What’s disturbing is we don’t seem to care, and maybe that is because so many of us on this floor don’t have the equipment, but I’ve got it and my daughters have it and women who I don’t know have it… Each of them has a unique circumstance that’s going to be impacted directly by virtue of the provisions of this bill
—  Texas State Senator, Wendy Davis, during her 13-hour filibuster of Rick Perry’s anti-abortion bill

just for my followers who aren’t familiar with American political process: the U.S. senate and state senates have different filibuster rules. In the U.S. senate a filibuster basically involves announcing that you’re going to do it and then you can do whatever the fuck you want. The Texas senate has very, very specific rules (which are still ridiculous, but not present in the U.S. senate) by which Davis has had to abide all day long. THAT is why some asshole can quote the Bible at the U.S. senate but Wendy Davis is forced to remain on-topic in Texas. And can’t take a leak for thirteen hours.