Hey guys i don’t make original posts often but this is a special exception.

The woman above is my aunt. She has poured  days upon days of work into each of her characters (featured above). She made nearly every piece of theses costumes and has high hopes of opening her own costuming company that tailors specifically to dedicated LARPers and cosplayers alike.

Now here’s where i ask for your help:

She is currently entered in a contest through the Texas Renaissance Festival and is losing to some bitches that bought their costumes. She really wants to win and this could really help her in establishing herself as a reputable costumer. So please, if you have a chance just go hereand like the photo. I really appreciate any and all votes i can get! Thank you!



What I spent my tumblr haitus doing: building an elaborate fantasy costume for the Texas Rennaissance Festival (that hides my face so I can creep extra hard on random strangers also in costume.) 

So I guess I was a forest spirit of some kind, the only thing I know how to make is complicated masks so fairy wings were out of the question fuuuuuh.