The idea for this happened because the chorus of One For The Money matches up so well with the awesome villains in Motorcity but then it turned out to be UNEXPECTEDLY even more BADASS than expected.  

If you have ever asked yourself “should I watch this ‘Motorcity’ thing” I would like to encourage you to watch this video and hopefully it makes that decision a little easier.

super kudos to @toastyhat who is responsible for at least 50% of this video.

Audio: One For The Money by Escape the Fate
Video: Motorcity
Program Used: iMovie



ametrine’s design is VERY MUCH INSPIRED BY titaniumshield’s design which can be found on my blog under tagged/motorcity. they have a few more designs i loved but ametrine was my absolute fav <333 (but you dont want them on this i dont mind taking them down ouo)


Some daemon AU, because it’s basically my favorite crossover type of all time. My headcanons have shifted a bit since my last rewatch but I like these better I think. I really really want to write a daemon AU fic just of important scenes from the show, maybe with a bit of post-canon exploration tbh

  • Mike: Domestic dog (alt choice: barn swallow)
  • Chuck: Tremblay’s salamander
  • Dutch: Peregrine falcon
  • Julie: Unsettled, he sticks to European magpie in Deluxe and tuxedo patterned domestic shorthair cat in Motorcity
  • Texas: Wolverine

(If you aren’t familiar with daemon AUs, they’re basically based on the universe of The Golden Compass/the His Dark Materials trilogy. In that universe, every person has an external, animal-shaped portion of their soul that speaks, has a distinct personality, and whose form indicates something about their personality or demeanor. Daemons can change shape until your personality becomes fixed, which is generally considered to happen in your early teens. After that, a daemon is considered “settled” and will never change shape again.)

lots and lots of daemon analysis under the cut

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I got an AMAZING package a few days ago at Titmouse. Motorcity fandom is the greatest. I am truly blown away! The amount of work that went into this is bananas! It took me a while to document the contents and these photos don’t do the work justice.

I love the misspelled “Deulxe” and that they sent it anyway - along with the correction!

Jojo the lead character designer reads the comics and cleans her glasses!

Reid Scott (Mike Chilton) wears the Texas Burners cap. I’m giving one to Jess Harnell so hopefully I’ll post a photo of him wearing it soon…

Anyways, I’m sharing with the crew and they love it all. This is why I make cartoons. What a great surprise!


I meant this to be a bunch of different burnerswap stuff but when I finished the sketchbook it turned out all I drew was booster-junkie!Chuck and coerced-hitman!Mike in various not at all ship-related configurations.  So I added some sketches!

These are for the people who were 1. super excited about “FUCKED UP CHUCK!!” and 2. wondering what Kaia was up to.  Chuck is supremely fucked up, and Kaia is DANGER WOMAN.  

I still feel bad about manipulating Mike into being an unwilling bad guy. :(


Override 0 - Registration Inquiry // Initiate Repair Cycle

“Override 0, stand by for orders.”
“What?” Mike was about to pull his staff–he stops instead, confused, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Behind him, Chuck goes perfectly still, frozen in mid-step, and then slowly eases back to a stand-still, waiting. “What the heck are you talking about?”
“Acknowledged,” Chuck says, quiet and flat and empty. “Standing by.”

OH LOOK IT’S A FIC!  The fluff/hurt/comfort/drama/angst/fluff I’ve been promising is finally cleaned up and good to post.  (I actually finished it a few days ago, but I was trying a new style so the art took a while! UwU)  Please enjoy!