Hey everyone!
I’m trying to raise money for my breast reduction surgery. I’ve had bigger than average boobs since 7th grade and it’s always sucked! It’s caused parents to think I was a bad influence and men to think I’m willing to have sex with them. I got in trouble for wearing “out of dress code” clothes all the time just because my boobs looked big. On top of that they give me crazy back pain. I just want to feel comfortable in my own body. So if you could make any donation or share this I would greatly appreciate it. Any amount helps! Thanks!

My memory for this day off is back in Texas,when I was much younger is my uncle and I driving through the countryside to get back into town from the farm to stop at a gas station on hot summer days after we would bail hay in the fields, in his old pickup truck with the windows rolled down and my hair blowing everywhere in the wind hearing Jimi Hendrix on the radio.