Texas has passed a humiliating law that requires fetal remains from abortion or miscarriage to be buried or cremated

Under the new rule, hospitals, abortion clinics, and other health care facilities are prohibited from disposing of fetal remains in sanitary landfills. Instead, they must finance cremation or burial of the remains. Texas made this clarification in response to outrage about privacy concerns.


Texas lawmaker Jessica Farrar is proposing a bill that would fine men $100 every time they masturbate

  • Texas tries very hard to legislate reproduction, generating a crushing volume of bills aimed at regulating the uterus. 
  • But what about the other side? Shouldn’t those without uteri be bound by the same measure of genital legalese?
  • One Texas state lawmaker, Democratic Rep. Jessica Farrar, thinks so. On Friday, fed up with targeted abortion restrictions, Farrar filed House Bill 4260, a bill “relating to the regulation of men’s health and safety.”
  • HB 4260, aka “the Man’s Right to Know Act,” would impose a $100 fine on male masturbation or, as Farrar’s legislation puts it, “emissions outside of a woman’s vagina.”
  • If not properly stored for future use, ejaculation would qualify as ‘an act against an unborn child, and failing to preserve the sanctity of life,’ the bill reads. Men interested in extravaginal emission would be welcome to visit hospitals and private masturbatoriums that would help with the special storage requirements. Read more (3/13/17 2:07 PM)

After the Supreme Court struck down harsh and unnecessary clinic regulations across the state of Texas earlier this year, it seemed like safe, straightforward, legal access to abortion was going to be the new normal for people in the Lone Star State. However, on Monday, the Texas State Health Department released an updated edition of a government-issued booklet about abortion that’s got one glaring issue: it reproduces a known, scientifically disproven lie.


Women wore red ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ robes to Texas Senate in protest of anti-abortion bill

  • Protesters in the Texas Capitol made a silent statement on Monday when they showed up to the Senate chambers dressed in the red robes and white bonnets, iconic imagery from author Margaret Atwood’s feminist dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale.
  • According to the Huffington Post, the women were protesting multiple anti-abortion rights bills, one of which was Senate Bill 415, legislation that bans what lawmakers are referring to as “dismemberment abortion” — otherwise known as “dilation and evacuation — a common second trimester abortion procedure.
  • In Atwood’s imagined future, women have been stripped of all autonomy and reduced to "walking wombs” whose sole purpose is to produce children for the state.  Read more (3/21/17 9:01 AM)
List of abortion clinics in Texas:


Austin Women’s Health Center


Planned Parenthood-Austin




Planned Parenthood- Dallas


Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center



Fort Worth:

Whole Woman’s Health of Fort Worth

800-778-2444/ 817-924-6641 

Planned Parenthood-Fort Worth




Houston Women’s Clinic


Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center


Suburban Women’s Clinic


Planned Parenthood- Center for Choice and Ambulatory Surgical Center




Whole Woman’s Health



San Antonio:

Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services



For Financial Assistance: 

Nat. Abortion Federation: 1-800-772-9100 

Planned Parenthood: 1-800-230-7526

 Lilith Fund: 1-877-659-4304 ( for areas south of Waco, panhandle, and east and west tx.)

Texas Equal Access Fund: 1-888-854–4852 (dfw, Waco, panhandle, east and west tx.)

West Fund: 915-213-4535 (English) 915-213-4578 (Spanish) (for el paso and surrounding areas)

La Frontera Fund: 956-508-3329. (for the rgv and surrounding areas)

Make sure to ask your clinic if they have any discounts or “hardship” prices if you are unable to afford your procedure.

For Transportation and Lodging:

Fund Texas Choice: 512-900-8908/ 1-844-900-8908

Clinic Access Support Network: 281-947-2276 (Houston only)

The Bridge Collective: 512-524-9822 (Austin area only) 



So a friend of mine decided she wanted to take her family (her + husband + 5-yr-old boy + 2-yr-old girl + baby boy) to our local Rally for Life on Saturday. The newborn and baby are obviously too young to understand what’s going on, but she knew she would need to explain it to the 5-yr-old.

This kid is very sweet and sensitive, and had a good understanding of what was going on when his mom was pregnant with his baby brother. So when his mom told him what abortion was, he took it pretty hard. He asked for details (lots of “why”s and “how”s), and his mom said it was the worst moment she’s ever had as a parent.

However, when the conversation was finished, his conclusion was that he wanted to protect the babies.

They’re picking out a cape for him to wear on Saturday, so he can be a superhero for the babies. 


Texas officially defunds Planned Parenthood

  • In 2015, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott pledged to remove Planned Parenthood’s $3.1 million in Medicaid funding
  • Abbott was piggybacking off public outrage following the release of controversial, heavily edited videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood officials illegally trafficking fetal tissue.
  • One year later, Abbott has made good on that promise, the Texas Tribune reported. Planned Parenthood now has 30 days to take action or be removed from Texas’ Medicaid program, which serves the poor and disabled. Read more

captainbookamir replied to your post This Doonesbury abortion cartoon… :

Can I just point out that miscarriage funerals are literally something that feature in The Handmaid’s Tale, a fucking gender dystopia story?

With every piece of anti-choice, anti-abortion legislation being proposed or made law, I’m reminded more and more that this piece of speculative fiction could become a reality. It’s terrifying.


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