texas chainsaw massacre the beginning

(NSFW) Imagine the Slashers watching porn, mainly a man eating out a woman, and they decide to try to do it on you… (Leatherface… Freddy)

Leatherface: He had watched the adult videos that had been in his uncles room. He had seen what the men did to the women. Touching. Kissing. Licking places… He had seen what they did. How they made such great noises as the men surged in and out of the women.

He waited until you walked into the room, you each exchanged a kiss as he gathered the courage to do what he had watched. He waited until you had undressed to take a bath, and as you bent over the tub, your bottom facing him.

He knelt, took off his mask, and took you by the thighs.

You looked over your shoulder. “Sweetie what are… Oh! Oh my god!” You moan as he began to spread your legs to place a kiss between then. You clutched the edge of the tub as he spread your lips with his fingers as he began to lick, suck and kiss your clit.

He held you up as your legs began to shake. His tongue was so cool against your growing warmth, but you loved every flick of it. He began to suck your wet lips into his mouth. And you gasped when he began to nibble gently.

“Oh my god…” You moaned his name as he began to fuck you with his tongue. You began to come as his fingers reached around your legs to massage your clit. And when you came, he drank you.

You weakly turned off the water as you struggled to catch your breath as you felt the tip of his cock against your slit. Rubbing gently.

He moaned softly, gripping your ass cheeks as he slid his cock between them. And when he bit the nape of your neck, he thrust forward, burying his cock inside you.

Freddy: He had seen this porn before. He had always enjoyed watching the woman being tied on the bed, her body moving back and forth as the man ate her out. He slowly began to jack off, but thought better of it.

Why jack off when he could eat out?

He looked to the bed where you were sleeping. You were naked, your body and mind exhausted from work and dealing with assholes. And now, you were asleep, dreaming of killing those assholes.

Damn, he loved you even more when you dreamt of murder.

He began to undress, his eyes lighting up when he saw you spread your legs, unknowingly giving him what he wanted.

Wrapping a hand around the base of his cock, he began to jack himself off as he walked toward the bed. He moaned softly at the sight before him.

“Damn girl… You are gonna be good enough to eat..” He whispered as he ran a single finger down the slit. You moaned at the touch. He chuckled. “Oh dont worry babe, youll be doing more than that…”

And he laid down on the bed, spread your legs a little wider apart. And began to lick with just the tip of his tongue.

You moaned again at the touch of his tongue. But you didnt wake up. He chuckled again as he spread your lips with his fingers, opening yourself to him… And with a flick of his eyes toward your sleeping face. He stiffened his tongue and began to fuck you with it.

“Ohhhhh” you moaned as you felt his tongue inside you. You gasped when his fingers dug into your thighs as you tried to move them. “Fr… Freddy.”

“Morning babe… Dont mind me, just havin breakfast.” He whispered against your pussy, licking you softly before fucking you with tongue again. “Just lay there… And enjoy..”

Soon the air was filled with your gasps, moans and soft screams as he did everything he could to you with his tongue. And when he slid his fingers into you as he sucked on your clit…

You came. But he didnt stop. That was when you realized that he wasnt going to until you couldnt move.

And you didn’t mind at all.

Imagine falling asleep in your favorite Slashers arms as you both watch the stars.

Imagine buying the slashers their own phones, and every once in a while, you send them some sexy pics of yourself