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@bumblecree It is done!

Over a month ago I made these lil’ hats after seeing this adorable comic. I finally got all my shit out of storage and viola! So relieved the hat fits, I had to extrapolate the appropriate diameter ‘cause the figurine doesn’t have measurements for the turret.

Put the extra one on Satya ‘cause- well, look how cute!

Allura + Earth

So last night at like 1AM, instead of sleeping I was crying because “Who’s gonna adopt Allura when the war is over??” and I was sad for about five seconds before the solution became clear: the paladins will have joint custody of Allura. As in, when the paladins go home for some R&R before flying back into space to deal with the problems left behind by the defeat of the Galra Empire, Allura will spend x amount of time with one paladin and their family, then she and Coran will move on to the next paladin and their family.

And then I lost control of the idea and I’ve been weeping ever since. So! Here is a list of ridiculous feelings and headcanons about Allura on Earth. Warning: It’s long.

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