texas waffles

anonymous asked:

tell me why we have texas shaped, crackers, waffle makers, and a texas shaped pool but no aquarium!?

NOW I’M UPSET. I’M SO UPSET BECAUSE I HAVE EATEN TEXAS SHAPED CRACKERS. TEXAS SHAPED WAFFLES. USED A TEXAS-SHAPED WAFFLE MAKER. (i haven’t swam in a texas shaped pool but now it’s on my bucket list). AND NOW I WANT A TEXAS SHAPED AQUARIUM. or terrarium…i love texas-shaped things.

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“Waffles is mostly a one-person dog. Maybe two, but they’d both have to be female. ;) You’ve never met a cuter dog, and if you’re lucky enough to be his chosen lady, he will make you feel important. :) He likes to play with stuffed toys and roll around in his dog bed. He has some slight hearing and vision loss appropriate for his senior age.“