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It’s no secret that we love dinosaurs here at Cracked. In fact, we’re very very open about it and in one case, maybe too open about it. We’re like Ross from Friends, but we actually show up to work. And we’re not, like, the worst part of other people’s lives.

We get it. You’re into Dinosaurs.

Oh, don’t act above it all. You’re a Cracked reader. You absolutely dig dinosaurs. Right now, you’re probably knee deep in a fossil pit, excavating a saurischian from the Cretaceous period. Or you’re just reading a Cracked article on your laptop. Regardless, the Cracked Dispensary is busting out the most dino-tastic t-shirts we have. And they’re all for you.

Everybody knows that Texas is big, tough, and can’t see you if you stay completely still. Or was that T-Rexes? One and the same, really. We do know that both Texas and T-Rexes share a habitat conducive to reptile life and both share a love for capital punishment. That’s enough to convince us that by wearing this t-shirt, everyone will know we aren’t to be trifled with. No one messes with T-Rexes.

We’re Busting Out Our Most Dino-tastic T-Shirts Just For You

scream-still-screaming: Ski Lodge with a jealous Farkle in place of Lucas :D Riarkle please?

Farkle couldn’t sleep and he didn’t quite know why. Maybe it was the bright moon or the fact that he was thirsty. No, he knew exactly what it was. Lucas has had Maya and Riley wrapped around his tough texas finger for too long and now someone was about to get hurt. Farkle sighed and exited the room quietly knowing he wasn’t about to get any sleep. He cared about both girls and didn’t want to see them hurt. But really inside he was screaming. He needed Lucas to pick Maya. Even though it would crush riley he would be there to pick up her pieces and glue her back together. Because she was his, at least in his mind.

It was dark downstairs except for the glow of the moon, silent except for the giggles of two people. Farkle thought of turning around but his curiosity got the best of him. He quickly trotted to the bottom of the steps and swung around the banister. He stopped abruptly as he saw the soft curves of riley’s face laughing at a joke, in the lodge’s bay window. She was talking to a guy in a bay window. Bay Windows were for serious conversations, oh crap. Farkle’s heart wouldn’t quit beating as his gaze turned into a glare in the direction of the guy. 

Riley smiled brightly. “Farkle!”

Normally Riley’s voice always brought Farkle back but not tonight. “Mine.” Farkle barked as the guy turned his head to Farkle.

“Farkle!” Riley giggled. “You’re so silly. See he gets in these moods.” Riley directed at the guy.

“No Riley is not a mood. What are you guys doing?” Farkle asked Riley trying to steady his breaths.

“We were just talking Farkle.” She explained her smile disappearing.

“Till 3 o’clock in the morning!” Farkle sighed shaking his head.

Riley nodded at Farkle’s reactions.”Evan could you excuse us?” Evan nodded and left them alone. “Sit.” Riley commanded.

Farkle sat in the bay window and sighed. 

Riley smiled at him and placed her hand gently on Farkle’s arm. “What’s Wrong?”

Farkle gazed at his hand touching his arm. “Why were you talking to him?”

Riley stared at his face, searching for answers. “I’m not allowed to have new friends.”

“No this late at night and not in bay windows.”

Riley cocked her head. “Why not?”

Farkle looked up at her eyes. “Because that’s our thing.” He said not abandoning his eyes. “And whether you know it or not you’re mine, at least in my mind.

Riley smiled almost choking on her words. “Yours?”

Farkle nodded. “I like you Riley. I always have.” He said placing his hand on her cheek gently rubbing his thumb against her agreed. 

Riley smiled lightly not knowing what to say.

Farkle smiled back and leaned in touching her soft lips with his. He finally got his moment and he hoped it never ended. That this kiss and this night lasted forever. Riley pulled away. “I like you too.” She said with a smile and a kiss. 

Currently, I live in Irving.

It’s tough seeing Texas in the national news on something like this, because I know that a stigma of Texas causes some to roll their eyes and say “Texas. Of course.”

But I think this could have happened at just about any school in the country. People are hyper sensitive around this time due to 9/11, and Islamaphobia does tend to be higher in the south.

That being said, if a white kid, even a black one brought this clock to school, I sincerely doubt the police would have been called. Even worse, if they had been called, they would have looked at the clock and said, there is nothing more to see here, thanks for the precaution, but we’re leaving now.

No, this is all cause the kid’s name is Ahmed Mohamed.

Explanations from police will be backpedaled, because this news is now front and center. But the biggest tragedy of this to me? This kid’s face as he’s in handcuffs. It reallly breaks my heart because no child, and yes, he is a child, should have their optimism and interest in engineering crushed like this. He was proud of something he made, and was hoping to have an attaboy from his educators.

Instead, he was treated this way.

People forget, that although there is NO excuse for the radicalism and terrorists that attacked and will attack our country, those terrorists are created by incidents like these. This kid was embarrassed in the national spot light, and could easily, and justifiably hold a grudge against Americans or even America due to the way this was handled.

He vowed never to “bring an invention to school again.” Does no one know how tragic this really is?

I hope this kid gets more positive than negative attention. I hope a ton of kids at his school protest by bringing clocks to school today, and tomorrow, because standing up against this kind of hatred and fear due to a name and skin color can ruin the potential of a remarkable child.