texas ten gallon

  • Big Boss: So, Ocelot, what did you do during those 9 years. Did you go to Texas.
  • Ocelot: [Adjusts ten gallon hat with thumb, has one hand on his belt showing off belt buckle, spits tobacco] Shoot B-B, you're a slick guesser. I spent some time in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio learnin' from the best gunslingers in the counties. I even became deputy to the mighty fine sheriff. YEE-HAW!

You have no idea how surprised I am at how many followers this blog got! I’m so surprised and grateful to you guys! So I decided to pay you back. In hat, of course!

For this round of 100, I’ll be giving away, as stated, a Texas Ten Gallon with Color of a Gentlemann’s Business Pants paint. (The paint is removable, so you can keep it or remove it!)

And as any giveaway has, here’s the rules:

  • Like or Reblog this post as many times as you want!
  • Have to be following ImagineEngineer (of course, as its a follower giveaway!)
  • You need a functioning Steam account for me to give you the hat (again, obvious)
  • No sideblogs or giveaway blogs, ok? Make it fair.
  • Please enter only if you actually want the hat. Don’t do it if you just want to sell it off, let others have a chance.

Ends 2/22, one month from now!