texas restaurants

I want Dirk to work at a cheesy Texas-themed restaurant with a gift shop that sells belt buckles emblazoned with the texas flag and shot glasses with cheesy quotes on them and I want him to hate his job so much as he’s forced to wear a cowboy hat and normal shades because his boss won’t let him wear his normal ones 

John and all his friends come in and Dirk seriously considers quitting right then and there. 

Jade orders the big challenge plate, where you have to eat a 72 oz steak in an hour and she’s done in 25 minutes and gets her picture taken. Dave buys a shirt that says “I’m ready to kick some Tex-ASS” and refuses to take it off meanwhile John has somehow climbed on top of the two-story giant cow outside of the restaurant and Rose is taking pictures of him from the ground. 

I hope this looks alright ahh

@ask-aph-fruk drew some representations of states, and since I visit New Orleans a lot, Louisiana caught my eye. So thanks to her for letting me draw him!

(Those are supposed to be tarot cards, by the way.)

If you can’t read what I wrote:

“Look at these cards! Hurricane season’s goin’ be real bad!”

“I hope the line isn’t too long at Raising Cain’s.”



Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (2005) + Always (2011)


Dirk working at a cheesy, Texas-themed restaurant.

I saw this text post by @femmedysfunction and I wanted to draw it out!
To fully understand what the hell this comic is I guess you should read the text post above, friends! Holy cow, I had fun.
Starring my headcanons for the kids ( also I gave Rose a different scarf, just for this once ).

from the gin & tonica collection at sanctuari bar in triniti restaurant - houston, texas

#2 - brooklyn gin, lavender flowers, kumquat, aphrodite bitters 

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