texas restaurants

Fried catfish fillets and fried crawfish tails at Vaughn’s on the Lake. On the shore of Lake Bob Sandlin near Pittsburg, Texas.

We had a nice daytrip to East Texas this past weekend. Hit some antique stores, explored a couple of old cemeteries, and generally relaxed in our natural element :) Pics to follow as soon as I get time to pull them off the camera.

Luby’s Cafeteria - Harlingen, Texas

Coronado Village, Harlingen, Texas
Superb food served cafeteria style in exquisite dining atmosphere. An entirely new concept in cafeteria building with two acoustically comfortable fully carpeted dining rooms. Soft background music. Free parking for 200 cars. Serving six days a week…closed Mondays.

NAMOO Korean Bowl

Had an amazingly delicious lunch today from a local restaurant in North Richland Hills. Kind of a K-pop themed joint; you can order dishes like the “Big Bang”, the “K-pop” and “The Gangnam” all while listening to Blackpink playing softly over the loudspeakers. I may or may not have fangirled through my entire dining experience.

ON THE MENU | what i ordered

비빔밥 (bibimbap)
*can get the egg cooked to your liking and choose your own sauces

김치 (kimchi)
*a small complimentary side of kimchi comes with every bowl or you can order a large side dish for $2

미역국 (seaweed soup)
*comes free with every bowl

Meeting Got7′s Jackson

So, me and a friend(A) ended up going to a mv shoot for a secret artist. We didn’t know who it was till we got to the mv site. I was tryna figure out who the artist was before even getting there. I was thinking it may be Taeyang (<3), Crush, Zico, or even GD. They all had stuff coming out around that time. Even though it wasn’t disclosed I decided to go to have a new experience. Me and A saw a few friends we knew when we got to the shooting area. One of the girls ended up telling us it was Jackson. Now, I don’t really listen to Got7′s stuff. I knew of Jackson, but didn’t keep tabs on him cuz there’s just other groups and artists I tend to listen to. I knew he was a cool person, but not really much on him at all.

When we got inside the area we saw my friend Kai, and later a couple other friends showed up too. We see them with a long table set up with a bunch of food. Then some horses. Everyone was standing around talking and one of the Japanese dancers waved and said hi to us. I called him over and asked a few questions about him and his crew. He was definitely the bold one of their group. The others stayed on their side and were being shy. I told him they looked familiar and he said they were the dancers from Chris Brown’s Kriss Kross video. They were so adorable! 

A little later while I was hanging with A she spotted Ben Baller. She asked me if that was him. I said I didn’t know and called his name. He didn’t hear at first so I Wayans Brother bird called him then called his name again. This time he heard and came over. We said hi to him and started chatting. He was really cool. Like, really cool. Him and A even started debating about the best restaurants in Texas. These two were really arguing over some Pappadeaux.

The shooting with the extras finally began after some delays. All of us went on set. There were probably around 50 of us or so. We all lined up on the sides and Jackson, Ben, and his manager were set up in the middle where there was a small round table with some wine glasses and an empty champagne bottle. They told us to dance as if we were at a party. The director called a break and everyone stayed on set except me. I ran off to powder my face since I was getting sweaty cuz that ain’t cute! I got my compact and ran to the restroom. When I came out Jackson was right outside with a few staff members. I said hey and he said it back. We smiled, shook hands, and he thanked me for coming out to help. I thanked him for having us and I went back on set. I went to A and told her what happened. Some girls around us were being so nosy and had salty looks on their faces when they heard about me running into him off set. lol Stay pressed!

We began shooting again then had another break. This time a little longer. Many people went off set to take a seat and get some water. Me, A, and Kai went over to get some water by the water cooler and chat. I noticed Jackson kept walking past us. So I stopped him and asked him about his mv. He told us it would be released first on WSHH some time in August. We all stayed there and chatted for a bit. He asked us a few questions about ourselves and we started joking around. A asked him if we could get a picture and he said sure. He insisted he take the picture so he took my phone and snapped away. We chatted some more then they called us back on set. You could tell he didn’t want to leave. We didn’t either. ^^

We ended up forming basically a Soul Train line and some people did their little solo dances. One of which is a friend whose a staple in k music videos. She did that! So a bunch of us girls were praising her afterwards and pumping her up. They stop us again and check the video. We continue talking about how this girl just killed it and A shouts “Jackson who?!”. Ben can’t hold it in and he cracks up. We were all laughing. We noticed Ben had Trump on his shirt so we call him back and light him up. We say “What’s all this?!” 

He tells us it’s actually an anti-Trump shirt. We tell him, even so, he shouldn’t be giving him any spotlight. He says it will be censored out anyway. lol Jackson walks over and jumps in the convo, obviously not hearing our sentiment on Trump, and asks A if she likes Trump. A puts her hand up and pretends like she’s going to backhand him. Jackson puts his arms up in guard motion and pretends to shriek. lol

We go back to shooting then they stop to check the video again. The girl who organized getting the extras together comes back over to the set and tells everyone that Jackson will come around dancing with people, and for everyone to basically not dance all up on him. Then she comes over specifically to our group, singles us out and says “Especially you guys. I know y’all!”. 

Uhhh, no she didn’t! We took it in stride and joked it off. I said “I can’t make any promises! ;)” A said “Does he have insurance?” She gave us the saltiest looks XD.  

We go back to shooting some more and I got tired. I needed to cool down. Again, this sweatiness ain’t cute. The camera was still rolling, but I figured the camera wouldn’t catch it if I went to sit down at the table on set since everyone else was standing up and dancing. Jackson was in the very back talking with some of the other extras. I sat my happy self down and pretended to pour myself some champagne. Jackson comes over from behind me, grabs the seat across from me, and sits down. It was only us two. We started chatting again for a couple minutes.^^ 

We get another break. This time it’s even longer since now they’ll be bringing in a car to change the setting. EVERYONE leaves off set except my group. There were around 6 of us. We sat at the table in the middle of set joking and playing around with each other. When I say the set was empty, I mean it was empty! Guess who decides to come for dinner? Jackson leaves the video table and walks up to us, grabs an empty chair and makes himself comfortable. I was in the seat across from him. We all start talking and joking around. Boy, you’re not supposed to make it so obvious! At least pretend to mingle with everybody else XD. He remembered me, A, and Kai’s name even tho we had told him only once about an hour before at the water cooler. Well, he remembered 2 of our names. He called my name, then A’s, but when he got to Kai he called her Kyle. Bruh! lol I told him to try again. This time he says Kylie. Boy, I’ma need you to leave those Kardashians out of this lol. I loud whisper cough “Kai” and he finally gets it. He says he was close. Kai says “Yeah, you were in the vicinity.” We all laughed about it. More joking around and he starts jokingly mimicking one of our friends British accent back to her. This boy is so lovable. Some other people off set obviously didn’t want us to have his jflawlessness all to ourselves so they started creeping in -_-. One girl comes over to me, asks what time it is, all while looking at Jackson not bothering to look at me while asking, then stays put -_-. A couple others start creeping in too. His manager is now with us on set. I run over to get my phone and come back. I ask his manager for his instagram so I can follow him. I saw Jackson staring at me from my peripheral. I knew he was gonna tell me something. He calls my name and us two briefly talk about music. You can tell who was clearly his favorite. 

Toot toot!

He really liked another girl in our crew too. Later on he poured her some soju and they drank a cup together quickly. He took pictures with a couple more girls in our crew, then people started rushing over to get one too. The staff came over to break it up.

Anyway, Jackson is now a part of my bias list along with Jay, Taeyang, and Dean ^^ He is so cool. He is the most humble, down-to-earth, relatable celeb I’ve yet to meet. Me and my crew had a great time with him. I’m officially #teamwang!