texas ranches

Denny’s on Demand is finally here. Do you know what that MEANS? It means with a few taps of the thumb whatever you desire from thee ol Denny’s Diner, is yours. And you can eat it wherever you may be liiiiiiike:

-on a dude ranch in Texas
-on a ranch dressing ranch in Texas
-at your local insane carnival
-at the dog park where all the dogs love you
-rollercoasters for extreme eaters
-during a pole vault
-mt. rushmore, any head
-on top of a geyser
-at a competing diner
-the abyss
-most anyplace else you can think
-….well most anyplace on earth


Gazing at the Stars 

“That orange glow you are seeing is in fact the moon setting on the horizon. Taken at about 4am deep in the heart of the park.” Taken in Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas USA by John Chandler on Flickr.

Will Solace Headcanons

I’ve been thinking about doing hc for Will a while now, so here ya go

  • Growing up in Texas he was used to a lot of crazy weather. So when he first goes to camp it’s all sunny and warm and the next minute and raining hail the next he doesn’t think much of it
  • Later he finds out that someone insulted Zeus who was not having it
  • It took him a while to get used to winter in New York. Why does it have to be cold all the time? He would much rather deal with wearing a winder coat one day, and shorts and a tank top the next
  • When he was just a little kid it rained for two weeks straight, flooding the nearby lake after three years of drought
  • Luckily Camp Half Blood usually stays warm all year round (sometimes)
  • He also gets vocally distressed at restaurants in the north because How do they not have sweet tea?! No you can’t just pour sugar in it cold, it won’t dissolve, Nico!
  • Liquid sweetener is a must for him because of this
  • Always makes polite small talk with servers, and asks them about their day. He has made more friends in the few minutes of being in a restaurant than people have in their entire lives 
  • He says he’s a coffee person, but in truth has never taken a sip of it. He really just likes the smell and the idea of drinking it. He doesn’t tell anyone that, though
  • (okay, quick question: did we just as a collective agree that Will is a Texan, or was there some small bit in the books that we all went crazy over? Anyways…)
  • Lived an hour away from Dallas, in a small town with a small population of 3,000
  • Every time you drive out of a city you enter a wasteland of endless open plains where cattle roam, only a practically vacant gas station to remind you of what civilization is like
  • Will Loves long car rides while the radio is loudly playing music, it’s so peaceful
  • Says he hates country music, but if there’s ever one on the radio he lets it play
  •  He tries his best to keep this secret from Nico at all costs
  • The humming sounds of thousands of cicadas is a comfortable sound during the day, but keeps him up at night
  • He knows a little spanish, just enough to know what common words are, but not enough to hold a conversation; though he has dedicated some of his free time to learn more of it
  • Will and Leo are close friends
  • They like to bond over the fact that they are both from Texas
    • “Texas?”
    • “Texas.”
    • “Texas!”
  • Leo makes fun of his accent when he’s flustered
  • Will knows very little about foot ball, but if anyone asks him whose his favorite team he always answers “Dallas Cowboys” (They suck, btw)
  • He hates how close minded and hateful other texans are; he has more feelings for the place rather than the people
  • When he finds out Nico was held captive on a ranch in texas once he asks what part
  • “I don’t know, does it make a difference?”
  • “That’s like saying El Paso is anything like Houston”
  • Has a really sweet voice and a friendly smile while he verbally slaughters you if you make him mad
  • Is the king of passive aggressive compliments
  • Really misses chickens. He never had any, but his neighbor’s would always jump the fence and run around the yard
  • Daydreams about having a house in the country next to the ocean
  • Wants to be a nurse so he can take better care of patients 

This is getting pretty long, I’ll make a part two if anyone wants