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My Highly (un)Scientific Analysis of Maya’s Psyche, Texas and the Road to Graduation

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As of right now, no spoilers beyond the two promos have surfaced about the upcoming 3 parter Girl Meets Texas. So I’m going to throw me theory out there. 

And here we go:

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While they are in Texas, Maya and Lucas are going to keep on being adorably flirty with each other, as they are wont to do, but now they are going to be surrounded by people who know Lucas well and start to pick on it the same way Zay does. 

But, Lucas being Lucas is going to also pay attention to Riley (since he’s a gentleman and she’s a visitor in his house, and that’s his conscious default), and Maya is going to become aware of the little pang of sadness and jealousy that comes when he does. 

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Another thing that happens here, is that Maya is going to see another side of Lucas, she already knows Lucas is a great friend but now he’s also going to see him with his family. Maya cares a lot about family and she’s going to realize something: Lucas is a stayer. My grounds for saying this? He made a conscious effort to keep in touch to the people that matter to him in Texas, even if he had to move across the country and found people who mean the world to him in New York. 

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What their moment is going to be? I say a kiss or an almost kiss (most likely), but here is the thing: they both go for it. Lucas has never gone for a kiss with Riley, in Girl Meets The Truth he tells her “My moment is going to be my moment.” and in First Date Riley kisses him. With Maya, they are both going for it, but stop. 

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Maya feels guilty though, so she tells Riley. 

Now Riley is going to be shocked. I’m being careful with the word I use. and I chose to use Shocked. Not HURT. Maybe her ego will be a bit bruised, but mostly I think it will be shock, and she will have a Riley freak out that will spurn out of jealousy and selfishness. 

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And don’t give me Riley Mathews is an angel. She’s pretty cool but she’s not perfect, we know she feels jealous of Maya because Maya already found her talent and Riley hasn’t. We know she kind of likes things to be her way. And that’s a perfectly normal reaction for a 14 year old. 

Seeing Riley freak out, Maya is going to feel the flash of irritation she feels with Riley sometimes (like when Riley beings up Maya’s home life), but she’s going to push it down quickly, because if there is one person Maya Hart loves in this world, that is Riley Mathews. 

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So, Maya is going to downplay What Happened in Texas, and seeing Maya’s reaction Lucas will do the same. And they will go back to the status quo for the rest of the season. But their true feelings are out there now, and they can’t take it back. What Happens in Texas Does Not Stay in Texas. 

There will be Rucas moments but they will feel forced on some level, there will be Joshaya moments but they will also not feel as they should to Maya. Also, she’s going to realize that Lucas never reacts like Josh does when she teases him. Josh gets irritated fast, Lucas puts up with her teasing all the time, even when he’s irritated. 

(Can you imagine Lucas trying to shake Maya off when she jumps on his back the way Josh does? I don’t think so.)

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As the new year comes and all that, both Maya and Lucas are going to be a bit on the miserable side, so Farkle and Zay talk to them separately and convince them to talk to each other once and for all. 

Lucas and Maya talk, they get things clear and they kiss, for real this time. 

And Riley sees them. She’s hurt, but Farkle talks to her and it will go something like this:

Farkle “Don’t you want these two people you love to be happy?” 

Riley: “Of course I do, but it hurts.”

Farkle: “No one said it wouldn’t” 

In the end, Riley puts on a big Riley-smile and decides to be okay about it - and because she’s Riley  I HAVE A WILL Mathews, she will be okay with it. And it will get easier over time as he sees that Lucas and Maya are really happy, Riley will notice the difference between how Lucas treated her and how he treats Maya. 

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Later on, Riley will fall in love for real and will see the difference in her own feelings as well. 

As to Maya and Lucas, I don’t think they will Go On Dates right away, maybe they’ll just go steady or slowly try to figure out what they want out of each other. Lucas rushed once to jump into a relationship with Riley and it bombed, he’s not going to do that with Maya. And Maya - who isn’t really comfortable caring about people other than Riley - will want to go slow too, get used to it. 

But they will be a pair from then on. And I imagine they are going to be one of those couples that are very gentle with each other. Like they will tease each other and have fun, but they will also treat each other kindly and not let fights escalate or argue over petty stuff (mostly because Lucas will let Maya get her way all the time when it’s small stuff). 

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And I rest my case.

For more of where I’m coming from, you can check out: My Highly (un)Scientific Analysis Into the Mind of Lucas Friar


Golden Dawn - “My Time

Golden Dawn was a psych band from Austin, Texas that existed from 1966 to 1969. They consisted of George Kinney (vocals, guitar), Tom Ramsey (lead guitar), Jimmy Bird (also guitar), Bill Hallmark (bass) and Bobby Rector (drums). They released their sole album, Power Planton the International Artists label. The story is, the album was finished in 1967 after The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators, but for some reason was held back until 1968, after they released Easter Everywhere, and for that reason people thought they were an Elevators’ knock-off. Though there may be some similarities in the two bands (Texas, psych rock, same label), the Golden Dawn album has some great moments, and it’s druggy, garagey, and bluesey sound wouldn’t sound out of place on Nuggets or Back from the Grave.

Lead singer George Kinney has supposedly made some recordings in the late 60s, and the early 70s, but little info is available about those. “Power Plant” has been somewhat of a cult favorite, and in 2002, the band was reformed for a tour all over the United States. This album has been reissued on CD by Charly, and on vinyl as well.

- dgo

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