texas problems



I’ve lived in Texas for almost 7 years and it is nothing like I imagined. It’s so much better! There’s such a beautiful variety of culture, architecture, art, food, and scenery. From huge centers of commerce to small towns, historic missions and gorgeous beaches; TEXAS IS MY HOME! -TimothyMcVain

I had a teacher in highschool who took in a stray dog.

They thought it was extremely stupid, as it didn’t obey any commands they tried with it and it had a difficult time learning them

Turns out the dog spoke Spanish, and couldn’t understand commands in English.

Welcome to Texas.

This is a picture of Interstate 10 taken at a location a few minutes’ drive from my house. Apparently the section of I-10 between downtown Houston and my hometown (colloquially known as the Katy Freeway) is officially the widest divided highway on Earth. And it will only get wider.

Sometimes I love living in Houston. Other times, I’m just like “screw this”.