texas prep

Harvey is being expected to hit here sometime tonight or tomorrow. I’m charging my portable phone charger and finding candles to light in case the power goes out. My county is under a flash flood watch until Monday, so it looks like the storm may be lasting for a few days here. We now may get up to 7 inches of rain here, with the possibility of tornadoes and bad winds. 

My queue is set up to be constantly going (I don’t tag that my posts that are in it, but its always going.) If at the point where it stops for the day and there are no original posts (or updates) from me, know its because either the power hasn’t come back on and/or my phone died. I will try to give updates on when it hits. Though I am in a safe and low risk zone, this hurricane is scaring me a bit and I can’t help but to feel the need to prep for it. 

Stay safe, everyone in the path of this!