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Media Silent as Company Behind Dakota Pipeline Steals More Land in Texas for a Different Project

But of course the media is silent and the government has probably put a media black ban on the story which would incite a mass public protest if the truth came out. And again money over rules rights and they steal our property ruin natural resources after getting away with what they are doing in North Dakota. Fuck America and all the corporations in the world!


I’ve seen pictures of cauliflorous redbuds (Cercis canadensis), but I’d never encountered one in real life until yesterday evening. The curious thing is that it’s been nearly a month since every other redbud in the area finished blooming, and now I’m wondering if this tree bloomed normally alongside the others and then developed these buds later. I didn’t see any seedpods on the branches, so perhaps this IS the first bloom, but why so late? Since it’s a landscaping tree and not a wild one, I can’t really say for sure if it’s var. texensis or not, or how that might be relevant. Pretty cool regardless of the cause!

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Name: Kaylee
Age: 20
Country: USA

I am 20, Native American/Polish, and I just moved to Texas, I am in college at the moment and am a pre-med major. I have had pen pals before and have always had fun sending letters back and forth. I love watching tv (almost all shows dramas, action, reality tv,etc. But the x-files, broad city, and parks and rec are my absolute favorites) I also love to read (mainly fiction and YA novels, but honestly I’ll read anything) and I also love to run and play sports. I am a vegetarian (most of the time), I love all animals (dogs are my favorite, I have 4), and I have a weird love for stationary and notebooks/bullet journals/studying.

Preferences: someone close to my age (18-25), nice talkative people and per usual no racists, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, etc.

Tumblr Rising @ SXSW

Oh hello Tumblr. We’re down in Austin, TX putting a spotlight on some of best up-and-coming acts at South By Southwest. For the next few days, stay tuned right here on music.tumblr.com for live, exclusive interviews with the artists you oughta know about. And get this: 80% of the musicians we’ll be highlighting are female fronted or all girl bands.

Here’s what’s on the agenda: 


A R I Z O N A (@thisisarizonamusic) is a band from New Jersey who found each other in Massachusetts and are currently performing in Texas. Their geography-spanning genre-bending songs retell traditional pop narratives of love and loss with inventive production and left-field influences. Check out their music here and tune into their interview at 1 pm CST.

Sweet Spirit (@sweetspiritatx) is a native Texas nine-piece that mixes throwback pop, doo-wop, and a touch of funk to create their unique and immensely catchy tunes. Listen to ‘em and tune into their interview at 2:30pm CST. 


Flint Eastwood (@flinteastwooddetroit) “is what happens when friends and family gather in the forgotten spaces of an embattled city and are left to create with no rules, no boundaries, and nothing holding them back.You can find her music here, and you can watch her interview at 12:00pm CST.

Weaves (@weavesbandis an art-rock band from Toronto. Their sound is marked by their willingness to have fun and push boundaries, which they do through their unique brand of music as well as their performance antics and love for audience interaction. Lend them your ears and stay tuned for their interview at 2:30pm CST. 

Woodes (@woodesmusic) is the stage name of 24-year-old, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter/producer Elle Graham. Her collaborative project with fellow producer Elkkle has gained tons of independent radio play in Australia over the past couple of years, her first solo EP is out a little later in 2017.  Go listen here, and watch her live interview at 4:00pm CST. 


The Big Moon (@commoonicate​) are all girls, all friends, and all-ternative. This London group channels PJ Harvey and The Slits, but with wide-eyed harmonies that are all their own. Their single “Sucker” is out now. Keep listening right here, and don’t miss their interview at 11am CST.


“I must say I couldn’t see myself in the role, either,” Audrey admitted. “I didn’t think it was anything I could play… but when they sent me the script by George Axelrod, I just couldn’t resist it.”
Famed as a portrayer of princesses and nuns, Audrey is doing a 180-degree turn to play Holly Golightly, a wild, weird creation of Truman Capote. She’s the precocious New York doll, a bride when “going on 14” in her native Tulip, Texas, a sometime model who is not averse to taking $50 from gentlemen escorts.
“But they don’t get anything for it.” Audrey assured, “at least not in the picture.”
 excerpted from Bob Thomas of The Ocala Star-Banner ( September 26, 1960 )

Adults React To Videos Of Selena Quintanilla And It's Pretty Heartbreaking
"I am seriously going to get emotional right now."

When nine adults were asked to react to old videos of Selena Quintanilla, there was no doubt about who the queen of Tejano music was.

As part of FBE’s YouTube video series of adults reacting to pop stars, a group of men and women sat down to watch music videos of Selena and discuss the star. After immediately recognizing the slain singer, most struggled to hold back tears as they watched her perform.  

“I’m fighting back tears a little bit,” one participant named Scott said in FBE’s video.

Jonathan, who began to tear up halfway through the video, said he loved Selena even though he didn’t understand all of the lyrics.    

“I’m emotional, I told you,” he said. “I just seriously think of her and I’m just like, ‘What could’ve been?’”

Selena was murdered in 1995 at the age of 23, and she was about to release her first English-language album when she was killed. But the Mexican-American had already become a beloved figure among Latinos in the United States, especially in her native Texas.

“If you don’t know Selena, do yourself a favor … like this is American music history, this happened here. You need to go and listen to [her music],” said Sergio, another participant in the video.

Watch the nine adults react to Selena and discuss her sense of style, her timeless music, how she pioneered many Latino artists’ crossovers and so much more in the video above.

These folks would definitely do “anything for Selenas!”


Native Americans fight Texas pipeline using 'same model as Standing Rock'
The Two Rivers camp, protesting the Trans-Pecos pipeline, is the latest sign that the Standing Rock movement is inspiring indigenous-led activism across the US
By Sam Levin

Also give it up to the Unist'ot'en Camp!

chantillyxlacey  asked:

77 with any combination of the Skulls you wish lol

77.  “It’s a Texas thing.”

(This is based off @huppupbup‘s Internet Friend Vivi headcanon and Vivi is not native to Texas :P This is like the second time they’ve all seen each other.)

“So I’ve always wondered, Artie, why do you have that little star pin there?”

Arthur paused in his eating and Vivi took that as her cue to continue. “I really like it, it’s cute and it suits you.”

“Cute?” Arthur set down his food. “That’s a new one.” He mock-glared at Lewis, who was snickering beside him, before going back to Vivi. “I found it in the garage one day and it’s stuck with me ever since. S’kinda something I’m obligated to wear anyway so I just roll with it.”

Vivi rose a brow. “…You’re obligated to wear a star pin?”

“Well yeah.” Arthur’s grin was suddenly mischievous and Lewis was having trouble keeping his laughter down. Vivi had a feeling she was missing an inside joke. “Where do you think we are, Vivi?”

“Uh…a McDonalds?”

As hard as he tried, even Arthur couldn’t hold back a laugh there. “Should I tell her?” Lewis asked between chuckles.

“Tell me what?”

“Nah.” Arthur waved his hand. “She’s smart. We don’t needa tell her, and it is pretty obvious.”

“Tell me what?”

“Come on Vivi,” Arthur said jokingly. “It’s no fun if we tell you straight out. You like the whole mystery thing, don’t you?” He could see her dog perk his ears up but ignored him for now. “You’ll figure it out. I believe in ya.”

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Monica, Serayah, Misty Copeland, Tamron Hall & More Sing, Model & Dance Down The Red Dress Runway

Aye! The American Heart Association held its annual Go Red For Women Red Dress collection fashion show during NYFW. And it brought out a few of our fave celbs who sang, modeled and DABBED on ‘em down the runway! Peep pics of Monica, Serayah, Misty Copeland, Tamron Hall and more.

We’re saying YASSS to all the red dresses!

Last night, The American Heart Association held its annual Go Red For Women Red Dress collection at The Arc, Skylight during New York Fashion Week. And it was much more than your average fashion show. We’ll get to the runway pics in a sec, but first let’s check out the red carpet….

CODE RED singer Monica glammed it up in a strapless red, black and white Dennis Basso gown to work the runway and perform for the fashion show. She’s strutting her stuff and flexing her vocals to help raise awareness for heart disease.

“TODAY” show co-host Tamron Hall was also tapped to strut down the runway. The TV personality worked the runway in a Marc Bouwer gown in honor of her Aunt Josephine. On Twitter, she commented, “Her spirit gave me confidence tonight. We can save lives!”

“Empire” stars Serayah and Ta'Rhonda Jones were turning heads in cut-outs and funky designs. Serayah went for a more modest look in a Reem Acra gown, while Ta'Rhonda turned it up a notch with her daring dress designed by Conrad Booker.

WNBA baller Skylar Diggins made a slam dunk on the red carpet. Not her basketball skills, but how fabulous she looks in her red Michael Costello silk gown.

On the runway…


Texas native Tamron had the runway lit after she strolled down the catwalk.  She said her friends dared her to Dab…and she did! Not mad!

R&B singer Monica serenaded the audience with her powerful vocals as she worked the runway.

Prima ballerina Misty Copeland was on POINTE as usual!

The gorgeous principal dancer flossed in a sexy strapless David Meister gown.

The “Empire” gals were front and center:

Ta'Rhonda showed off her eccentric gown as she strutted her stuff down the carpet. She also shaved a heartbeat in her hair to show her support.

Work Serayah!

WNBA star Skylar showed off her guns during the final walk-through. Strong AND beautiful!

After the show, the ladies made their rounds, snapping selfies and chopping it up with one another:

Former “The Nanny” star Fran Drescher was in the mix and walked the runway.

“The View” co-host Cameron Candace Bure came out to support the cause.

“Empire” love.

Tamron and Skylar were perfecting their selfie game before and after the show:

FAB times!

See more pics here: http://missladylove20.tumblr.com/post/139216956510/more-photos-of-monica-serayah-misty-copeland


I haven’t talked about this before but the most difficult part of taking care of the chickens lately is dealing with LEAFCUTTER ANTS. They are a Texas native species that usually feeds on leaves, but instead they have discovered my chickens food and ATTACK IT. I literally cannot have one crumb of their chicken food anywhere or a hoard of ants will come. I just got finished barricading the coop so they cant get in and bite my chickens and eat all their food. Im literally covered in ants right now. Pl eas e. help