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any from Legends of Tomorrow - “There’s been some real friction in our friend group lately. I suggest an orgy to save our friendships.”

“So…” Ray begins. His face is neutral, eyes focused and everyone believes they’re in for the worst. “There’s been a lot of friction in our group lately and I think an orgy can save our friendship.”

The words echo through out the cargo bay.

“What?” Jax is the first to speak. “Are you serious right now?”

Ray nods. “Of course! I read somewhere that something like this can bring a group closer together.”

“Or end relationships.” Mick adds. He gives Ray a stern look, one of ‘i don’t like sharing’ and he shrugs it off.

“I think Ray has the right idea.” Sara is suddenly up and next to him. “We’ve all been a little stressed lately and this just might solve our little issue. And I know some of us are sexually contispated. I mean it’ll be nice, with the exception of Martin, of course. I don’t think Clarrissa would be too keen with the idea.”

Stein nods in agreement.

“So?” Nate states. “Is this a thing or what?”

“Or what.” Mick growls. “I’m not sharing haircut with anyone.”

“You don’t have to. It’s just a suggestion and if we do, Mick I’m all yours for the night. But I think we need this. So what do you guys think?”

There’s silence for awhile before everyone speaks. “Okay.”


This is the Devil’s Tree, somewhere just off the El Paso, Texas grid. Unreachable with conventional vehicles, it is the only existing tree in a very large area and gets essentially no water. It’s been hacked on, pissed on, painted and burned. Legend goes that the Devil emerged from this spot and the tree will not die until he returns.

Introducing Janine Beckie (7/7)

Kick off is less than two hours away. Let’s meet our last rookie to celebrate

Introducing Texas Tech legend, Janine Beckie

Janine Beckie is the future of Canada’s attack, there’s no denying it. This is a special player. Janine Beckie is the type of player that makes you want to pick up your cleats again after watching her. She already has 3 goals in 9 matches for the CanWNT senior squad. The striker is just beginning her journey with the national team but has the potential to be up there with some of the greatest Canadian forwards of all time. 

Janine was originally born in Saskatchewan on August 20, 1994 but grew up in Colorado and has dual citizenship. She initially was a member of the U18 US national team in 2011-2012 and participated in U20 US camps in 2013. However, she decided to pledge allegiance to Canada and joined the U20 program in 2014. Her brother Drew also played for the U23 Canadian Mens team and currently plays for Ottawa Fury FC.

Janine first donned a Canada jersey during the 2014 U20 Women’s World Cup. She played in all 4 games and scored 2 goals including the game winner against North Korea that sent Canada into the quarter-finals.  A standout in the tournament, the newbie wowed fans and critics alike. The FIFA Technical Study Group pointed her out in the tournament and said this about her: “versatile player, fast and mobile, good dribbling ability, excellent off-the-ball movement”

Janine is a team player, 100%. She proved this during the 2015 Pan Games. During the opening match against Ecuador, in the 86th minute, Canadian GK Steph Labbe was shown a red card. Canada had already used up all three subs and therefore could not let backup GK Kailen Sheridan into the match. Janine Beckie, a forward might I remind you, who had already scored two goals that match, volunteered to go into net in replace of Labbe. Donning some gloves and a pinnie, she bravely walked into that net and cemented a place in fans heart’s forever. 

Beckie has also had an outstanding collegiate career. Having just finished up her senior year at Texas Tech, she’s leaving the school as the all-time leading goal scorer with 57 goals. In her final season with the Red Raiders, she led the Big 12 in shots (114), points (33) and goals (14), was named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year and was named a semi-finalist for the MAC Hermann Trophy. Additionally she was named the 2015 Big 12 Championship Offensive Most Outstanding Player en route to Texas Tech’s first ever Big 12 Championship.  

Most recently, Janine made waves as the lone Canadian player drafted in the 2016 NWSL Draft. She was drafted in the first round, 8th overall, by the Houston Dash. 

Like, she’s kind of a big deal.

I hope I have convinced you that Janine Beckie is an impact player. If you’ve never seen her in action, I am so excited for you and I urge you to tune in to Canada’s game this tournament and hopefully see this girl get some goals. 

Earliest you can see this superstar in the making is tonight when Canada takes on Guyana on cbc.ca