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@sixpenceee, thought this might interest you. This is a metal structure located in Galveston, Texas, close to the Gulf Of Mexico shoreline, called The Kettle House. Not much is known about it, but it’s believed it was built sometime in the 50s, and for over half a century rumors, myths, and urban legends have swirled around the structure. The owner(s) have never been interviewed and even neighbors know little about the man who erected it.

Locals say that someone shows up and tends to the property occasionally, only to disappear again for years on end. They also say that around the turn of the century, the owner(s) removed the rusty old top of the Kettle and replaced it with a wooden roof. Since then, windows have been replaced, air-conditioning was added, and a mailbox was placed out front, despite the fact that, as far as anyone knows, no one has ever lived in it. Locals believe the improvements were made because the city council intended to tear it down.

Some locals also say strange figures show up late at night from time-to-time, and move about the property, appearing to be working.

As Texas Braces For Impending Doom Trump Offers Relief By Initiating Official Transgender Military Ban

As the biggest storm to hit the US in 12 years is literally hours away from it’s devastating landfall destruction, starting in the Texas coast of the Gulf of Mexico, millions of Americans are scrambling to evacuate as well as looking towards their elected officials for some semblance of comfort and leadership. 

One elected official is seizing this truly scary moment for millions of Americans to show them true leadership, by giving them the exact comfort and relief they need, by announcing an official directive banning transgender individuals from serving in the military. As well as discontinuing any and all healthcare coverage payments for active transgender soldiers currently serving. 

The loud sighs of relief and tearful screams of “HALLELUJAH” coming from the millions of residents living directly in the path of Harvey’s death and destruction could only be described as a second breaking of the sound barrier. Residents all across the Gulf coast cried tears of joy while hugging family members after finding out the 45th President answered their prays by banning courageous transgender persons from being able to serve in the US military including the National Guard. Because when you’re literally struggling to stay afloat after your home is washed away under 12+ feet of water, while 125-150mph winds are blasting away everything you’ve ever known why on Jesus’s good Earth would you ever want an unidentifiable transgender person to come in with the National Guard to offer rescue and safety? 

Luckily, here in America there is a person elected to the highest office of the land, who knew the exact issue Americans fear most during those few moments before overwhelming destruction barrels in taking everything away from you, to tackle first. That person is Trump and that fear is transgender in the military of course because what else matters in a time exactly like this? 

  • Texans: *pray for rain*
  • God: no not yet.
  • Texans: *pray harder and more frequently for rain for 3 years*
  • Texans: ok god people are dying we have enough rain
  • God: fuck yall. I ain't done yet.
  • Texans: relentlessly pray for rain to stop
  • God: fine have 3 years of drought
  • The Cylcle: *continues*

Tbh I don’t get the whole hype about living in California. Like, Texas and Florida stay warmer than California year round; they’re A LOT cheaper to live in (especially Texas), they have gulf coast beaches, they don’t have an eternal drought (west Texas does have a drought sometimes, but it’s also not that populated out there), you can live in big cities like Houston, San Antonio, and Miami; or you can live in suburbs and rural areas, and there’re no earthquakes.