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@sixpenceee, thought this might interest you. This is a metal structure located in Galveston, Texas, close to the Gulf Of Mexico shoreline, called The Kettle House. Not much is known about it, but it’s believed it was built sometime in the 50s, and for over half a century rumors, myths, and urban legends have swirled around the structure. The owner(s) have never been interviewed and even neighbors know little about the man who erected it.

Locals say that someone shows up and tends to the property occasionally, only to disappear again for years on end. They also say that around the turn of the century, the owner(s) removed the rusty old top of the Kettle and replaced it with a wooden roof. Since then, windows have been replaced, air-conditioning was added, and a mailbox was placed out front, despite the fact that, as far as anyone knows, no one has ever lived in it. Locals believe the improvements were made because the city council intended to tear it down.

Some locals also say strange figures show up late at night from time-to-time, and move about the property, appearing to be working.

Tbh I don’t get the whole hype about living in California. Like, Texas and Florida stay warmer than California year round; they’re A LOT cheaper to live in (especially Texas), they have gulf coast beaches, they don’t have an eternal drought (west Texas does have a drought sometimes, but it’s also not that populated out there), you can live in big cities like Houston, San Antonio, and Miami; or you can live in suburbs and rural areas, and there’re no earthquakes.

  • Texans: *pray for rain*
  • God: no not yet.
  • Texans: *pray harder and more frequently for rain for 3 years*
  • Texans: ok god people are dying we have enough rain
  • God: fuck yall. I ain't done yet.
  • Texans: relentlessly pray for rain to stop
  • God: fine have 3 years of drought
  • The Cylcle: *continues*

Texas: Mustang Island State Park

We’ve been to 49 U.S. states so far, and this July, we’ll be visiting Hawaii to finish the list with number 50. In honor of our trip, we’ll be posting a photo from every state in the days leading up to our last state!

  • History textbook: Russia shot out the Satan 2 Missile on the 23th of May 2017 following Putin's official statement on the Zabivaka drawn pornography. Satan 2 wiped out the entirety of Texas, creating the Texas Gulf, now famous for the 8-eyed catfishes. USA responded by launching their so far never before unveiled Macho Man Randy Savage Commiefucker,

Last weekend some friends of mine and I took a trip to Texas to visit a friend of ours who lives there now.

18+ hours of driving, finding out our first choice campsite was already fully booked when we arrived at 11pm, singing goo goo dolls at the top of our lungs driving down the highway, making new friends waiting for the ferry in the middle of the night, abandoned WWII forts, and campfires on the beach under a full moon all added up to the funnest trip I’ve been on in a while (ever?) and something I couldn’t possible hope to convey in 10 photos.

I implore you, fellow tumblers: gather up some friends and go on a roadtrip ASAP. It doesn’t have to be a huge expensive cross country blowout. You’re always gonna be busy, it’s never gonna be “the perfect time”. Just go for it. It’ll be worth it, I promise.