texas graphic design


September 13th, 2017

Working on an editorial project for class! 

It’s supposed to be a newsletter/magazine sort of deal… so a really nice newspaper? It’s 11 inches x 17 inches right now so it’s way bigger than what I’m used to, but we’ll see how this goes! We just started jumping into digitals not too long ago so there’s plenty to fix, but apparently, I’m in a good direction according to yesterday’s feedback. (There’s more process than this, but I didn’t wanna make this a crazy long post haha, if you saw my studygram photo you saw the many pages I put up on the board for critique)

The main focus is dynamic layout and my magazine thing is about the Art culture in San Antonio, Texas! :)


I met some really cool people last time I submitted, so here I am again.
My name is Haley but most call me Hal, I’m 20 I inhabit Texas, and I’m a graphic design major.
Music and deep convos are the way to my heart, besides sunsets and the ocean, stars and the beautiful moon. I love the outdoors, puns and cheesy ass pickup lines so hmu! I’m a nice person and love meeting new people (:
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BST T-Shirt Designs Summer 2015

It’s always a strange/awesome feeling knowing your work is going to be printed on clothing. (not that I don’t love/appreciate anything else my work is printed on)

As in, someone, somewhere, is going to wake up one morning and make the decision to wear something I made. How humbling is that?

I know I’m not the first and I’m certain the feeling will fade over time, but it still blows my mind that I get to do things like this.