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Stewart Mansion (Galveston, Texas)

ADDRESS: 14520 Stewart Rd, Galveston, Texas 77554

COORDINATES: 29.207120, -94.951819

Stewart Mansion is 8200 square foot Spanish colonial mansion built in 1926. Its original owner was George Sealy Jr, part of one of the most prominent, powerful families in Galveston. Other families who shared the home were prominent to Texas. 

One legend claims that Mr. Sealy killed his wife and children in the mansion, and then places their bodies in the walls. He then, supposedly, purchased graves and marked them in the cemetery. Other legends claim ghosts from the Battle of Three Trees reside there. This includes Karankawa Indians and Spanish settlers. 


Hotel Ozona (Ozona, Texas)

ADDRESS: 701 9th St, Ozona, Texas 76943

COORDINATES: 30.711803, -101.201940

Hotel Ozona was built in the early 1920s in a small Texas town. Many believe the hotel was abandoned during the 1940s or 1950s, but there are no records to prove this. 

One paranormal investigation team claims that one of their members had gone into the hotel to take some photographs. He arrived at his home later without clothes and with blood dripping from his nose. He claimed there were “black eyed children” running around, and later he was declared mentally insane. This diagnosis was strange for his peers because he had no issues with mental health before, and no known mental health issues running in his family. 

Rain- Lucas friar

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An imagine where the reader breaks up with her abusive now ex-boyfriend & she goes tell the gang. Lucas has liked the reader since he met her & when he sees the bruises and blood on her he goes Texas Lucas on her ex. Make it fluffy please💕

Warnings: abuse, cursing

Takes place in college as it’s a more mature situation. I am aware that there are abusive relationships in high school but I just feel this would work better with them in college.

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me: no more writing fics until you’ve drafted 5k of your dissertation

me back: ok but what if you wrote a Constantine/Midnight, Texas crossover where Manfred’s ex-boyfriend John comes into town looking for help but it turns out that both Lem and Olivia are ALSO John’s exes and they all meet in the middle of the street like … “yOU!!!!”

The gif version of this video. Poor Asgore. Who knew a deck of cards would give him ‘Nam flashbacks?

Also, in case you missed it:

Asgore held: the king of hearts and three of diamonds.

The community cards were: ace of diamonds, two of spades, the queen of hearts, six of hearts and the ace of hearts.

Frisk held: the ace of spades and the ace of clubs.


Alexandra Daddario + partial filmography in emoji.

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