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Syndergaard: A Year in Review

May 12th 2015: A flash a lightning arrives at the Mets clubhouse in the form of a 6′ 6″ blonde, power pitcher from Texas. Dubbed “Thor” for his strength and resemblance to the Norse god, Noah Syndergaard took the baseball world by storm and began his rise to dominance.

It’s been a year since Noah Syndergaard made his major league debut and he has accomplished some incredible feats. Let’s take a look back at the amazin’ first big league year it was for Thor.

Power Pitching

Syndergaard’s 221 strikeouts are the 5th most in the NL since his debut. (Min. 195 innings pitched.) This is also the 9th best all-time and 3rd most in Mets history through 31 career starts.

No Free Passes

Noah Syndergaard is the 1st pitcher in modern major league history to have 220 or more strikeouts while surrendering 40 or fewer walks through his 1st 31 career starts. He has the 3rd highest strikeout to walk ratio in the NL over this span and his 40 walks are the 5th fewest in the major leagues since his debut. (Min. 195 innings pitched.)

Lightning Fast

Syndergaard has the highest average pitch speed in the major leagues on his fastball (97.2) and slider (90.8) since his debut.

Can’t Touch This

Noah has allowed only 165 hits since his debut which is the 4th fewest in MLB over that span.

The Might of Mjolnir

Thor is the only pitcher in MLB to have three 400+ foot home runs since his debut. He is also the 6th pitcher in Mets history with at least 3 career home runs.

Not to mention Noah Syndergaard had a dominant postseason in which he complied 26 strikeouts over 19 innings and picked up the win in game 3 of the World Series.

Syndergaard has done some impressive things in his brief career so far and he only continues to impress. Who knows what he will have accomplished by May 12th 2017?

Next Stop - San Japan!

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Hetalia: The Beautiful World – Texas Dub Premiere – 4:30pm in Room 103
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FUNimation Peep Show – 10pm in Room 001
Guaranteed to be a good time that’s oh so NSFW. Watch some jiggly clips and trailers from some of the hottest FUNimation titles. Don’t forget to bring some tissues, you know, for the nosebleeds. (This is an 18+ panel)

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