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So its known that Leatherface has a “mental disability” I’ve been thinking and I think he could have a form of autism! (Another thing we’d have in common) There are all just my thoughts but he never speaks- He’s also a mute and only makes noises, some people with autism can go into modes of muteness in certain situations, if they’re upset or uncomfortable and sometimes they can be mute for quite some time. In the movie he has a set style as in he has three masks for different parts of the day, he wears his ‘killing mask’ during the day when he’s well killing and just around the house, his ‘old lady mask’ for when he’s preparing dinner and being all domestic and his ‘pretty woman’ one that has makeup on that he wears when sitting down to eat and special occasions. Lastly he HATES new people- there’s one scene I always keep in mind and can really relate to, just after he kills Jerry he’s so confused and anxious about why new people coming into his home so he gets all freaked out and starts gently hitting his head (I’ve felt like doing this sometimes when growing up and when I need to be sociable) he’s also very introverted and seems to spend most of his time in the back room of the family home. I’ve related to this character so much growing up and now as an adult I do more than ever.


I’ve finally been able to acquire the 3 ¾ Friday the 13th Jason figure from mezco!!!! Just like all of their other figures, they really knocked it out of the park with this one. I really hope they decide to reopen their 3 ¾ line one day. Hopefully I will be able to get the Freddy Kruger very soon.


1: The man of your dreams
2: Loves his momma
3: Family Matters
4: “Could just eat you up”
5: An absolute doll
6: Is a bit freaky in bed
7: Has friends for dinner
8: Just wants to see you smile
9: Wants to play a game