Ads for Avatar’s and WildStorm’s short-lived horror comic lines.

In my humble opinion, WildStorm’s interpretations of Freddy, Jason and Leatherface were not as good as Avatar’s take on the slasher icons. They were still fun though! Sadly, unlike WildStorm, Avatar never printed their Freddy, Jason or Leatherface stories in graphic novel format.

Monsta X - Waking Up Sleeping Ugly... I Mean Beauty... (Wonho, Kihyun, Jooheon, I.M)

This is piggybacking off of this post, where Shownu, Kihyun, Jooheon, and I.M try to wake you up. But this time, you don’t wake up so prettily.

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Wonho - He’ll consider bringing a shield for the next time he enters your room. Sure, the first time he was pelted with stuffed animals (some even having a weight too much for him to bear), but at least he learned his lesson. Wonho might as well also come in with a hazmat suit and ten pounds worth of padding so you wouldn’t turn into Texas Chainsaw and beat the crap out of him the moment you set foot outside your bed. He loves you, but you get quite much when you get up. He’d ask you why you have the energy to throw and shout at him but you don’t have enough to get up. He doesn’t understand. Me too, Wonho, me too. He’ll have to ask your relatives or friends on how to wake you up because if all else fails, he’ll just knock on your door or give you an alarm to wake up to. “Too bad you can’t wake up to this…” He’ll tell you as he gestures to his body. 

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Kihyun - When singing to you or just saying, “Babe, can you please wake up now? Would you please show me your pretty face? I can’t start my day without it. Let’s wake up and go out together” isn’t working for him, he’s buying ear plugs and an air horn. He’s just done with you. Kihyun knows you don’t mean it, but when you’re a step up from Hyungwon, he just doesn’t want to deal with something so troublesome and energy-draining. It’s easier for him if you just get your butt out of bed instead of complaining and cursing at him. I just don’t think Kihyun would take the yelling, anger, and the violent throwing of sixteen pillows at his face that well. Even trying to bring treats from the bakery down the street or something the other members made, Kihyun would just leave it on your nightstand and knock on the door before leaving.

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Jooheon - Jooheon would try his best and just show up with anything that wouldn’t leave him with a black eye. He’d be more tolerant with your attitude in the morning than Kihyun, and he’d understand why you don’t want to get up or your behavior because he deals with Hyungwon and he does the same. Well, he just doesn’t want to get up. Anyway, he’d try to act cute while bringing a muffin close to your nose, and leaving a coffee cup on your nightstand is all he’d do. He wouldn’t want to push any buttons or do anything you didn’t feel like doing, but if he has to, he’ll bring cymbals (you know what I’m talking about) and whether or not you get angry– he doesn’t care. Just don’t break up with him. He loves you too much to hurt you and hopefully he doesn’t end up in the hospital. 

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I.M - I.M doesn’t really care how angry you get. When you’re sick, he said he’ll just leave medicine at your door and leave and so I think I.M wouldn’t really bother waking you up unless it’s for a date. He’d call your phone or send your friends over to wake you up since he doesn’t want to deal with whatever happens in the morning. Even knowing caffeine and food keeps your anger to a minimum, I.M wouldn’t bother with it. He likes things to be low-maintenance and easy for him to manage, and so don’t expect him to wake you up a lot. I don’t blame him if it’s annoying or frustrating to see you be quite monstrous when woken from your slumber. I mean, we all like to sleep and such but I do admit, waking my sisters for dinner or to go somewhere isn’t a fun thing. BUT, if he was like Seungkwan (if you follow Seventeen) to Hoshi, he’d start playing that wake up song and start dancing to that song while singing in an annoying tone. Either way, you’re starting your day with or without him.

Thanks for requesting and I hope you haven’t nailed anyone in the face yet! Oh, and have a nice day, too.

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