texas brand

Me: *breaks the heart of a young eager filmmaker* so what? you gonna make art about this now ? is that it ??
Him: you’re, d*mn right i am
Him: *makes an animated family picture about a couple of roly poly bugs trying to cross the texas border with huge branding potential*
Me: well shit !!!!!!! shit !!!!!!!! fuck


Spotify is donating its SXSW equipment to a local school

Every year South By Southwest rolls through Austin, Texas, like a #brand carnival. Companies like Samsung, Axe and McDonald’s turn parks, bars and parking lots into venues and then a week later they’re gone.

Spotify is determined to leave a more permanent mark. They’ll be donating much of their massive audio setup, art and furniture to the Kealing Middle School in order to build a recording studio for its music production classes. Judging by the size and design of the Spotify House, it’s going to be one hell of a space.