Whenever our tiny Thrawn fandom interacts with one another, I have this mental image of like a small circle of folding chairs at a public event somewhere and all of us from all our different demographics and whatnot are just all sitting under a tree yellin about a blue raspberry and a space Texan, swapping fics and art and enjoying each other through our common ground and occasionally even our differences.

“Since I can't in good conscience vote for Donald Trump, and yet have sinfully made a pledge that I would, the best option I see at this time is to resign my position as an elector. This will allow the remaining body of electors to fill my vacancy when they convene on Dec. 19 with someone that can vote for Trump. The people will get their vote. ... I will sleep well at night knowing I neither gave in to their demands nor caved to my convictions. I will also mourn the loss of our republic.”

Texan elector Art Sisneros in a public statement. Sisneros has resigned rather than vote for Donald Trump.