anonymous asked:

What are your nine favorite blogs?


see that thing that I guess I’m supposed to do with the squares, it’s missing some people.

but I’ll do it and then add them because they’re important and I like them.

OKAY. So 1. content-creator 2. texag713 3. meandthislive 4. chewingbamboo 5. redpantsaddict 6. violence-of-action 7. youhavegottobekitten (actual best friend in the real world and one of the only 2 left who still follows me on here, unless you’re still here andrew) 8. juliankoster 9. therewasakingwhoruledtheland And then there are the 2 people that are left out of here that shouldn’t be. 00101101 (fabulous writing if you ever feel like reading) radmitles (very important) That was a lot more work than I expected