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Companions first reaction to a teenquisitor?

companions reaction to teenquisitor

iron bull

taking out the tevintar bastards was an easy enough task, but seeing a child in the midst of the battle, he quickly fought his way over to them, only to realize that they could hold their own. he let out a laugh, and kept on fighting, and once they were done, and the kid walked up to him, he realized that this was the “herald of andraste” that so many people talked about. the kid was good, but he knew that from then on, that kid was gonna become like his own child, and he would care for them fiercely.


watching the kid trail right behind the seeker, he couldn’t help but wonder how they got into this situation, and they felt pity at the same time. they were just a child, and now they were stuck with the fate of hero, one he knew never ends happily.


if you asked her after, she would admit to feeling guilty when she had accused the herald of such crimes, but at the time it had seemed like the only reasonable answer. she, of course, had blamed him at first, but she couldn’t help but doubt. she couldn’t truly believe that a kid of that age would be able to do such a thing.


‘ir abelas, da'len. you were not meant for such a burden.’ he feels the guilt weigh heavy on his heart. it was never meant to be this way. he could only feel guilt, watching the young face.


an agent of the inquisition, that he could not bring himself to believe. yet, watching the others stand behind the child, he knew it must be truth. how could such a child, not even on their twentieth year, be put in such a position. he knew he had to offer his help.


watching the teen almost get attacked by one of her guests, she wouldn’t admit it, but she panicked, and her first instinct was to make sure they were not in any harm. if that meant freezing the guest, so be it. realizing that this was the inquisitor, she could only hold respect for them.


at first, she didn’t really notice, no it wasn’t until the herald went to talk to her after she arrived that she realized. it was a bunch of shite, poor kid. she wasn’t going to talk down to them, but she was going to make sure they weren’t stuck in a boring and grim life, and that they had the chance to joke around just as any other kid.


just as sera, he didn’t really notice at first, considering the fact that they had to close a rift and all. once he did realize, though, just as the other he felt guilty. he knew it was too much to put in the hands of someone so young, and he would help them carry that burden, or at least cheer them up when he could.


he didn’t think much of it, truthfully. they were just as strong, if not stronger than all of the others. still, he knew it was much too weight to carry on their shoulders, and he would make sure they knew how much everyone appreciated what they were doing.