The more I think about it, the more certain I am that they put Fiona in the same room as Dorian to trigger her. 

  1. His name is the same as her ex-master’s name.
  2. He’s a human noble.
  3. From Teventer.
  4. From a family that owns slaves. 
  5. Who doesn’t think slavery is a bad thing.

Are they trying to punish her? She’s an ex-slave.

Keep him 500000 feet away from her. 

I love him, but no.

She canonically has ptsd. Having him near her is a bad idea.

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It cracks me up when they try to make the mage issue "grey" in dai. I'm just sitting here like lol no, you shot yourself in the foot with the last two games it's not grey at all and all this back peddling makes it painfully oveus your reaching for anything to make this a debat. I mean, they didn't even bring up the Chasin AT ALL in dai, cuz they could try to make teventer super evil and the Dalish throwing Mages out, but the Chasin have MAGES as chifts and no Templars and they are just fine.

Ahahaha yes, I feel the same. The Chasind and the Avvar tribes both have free mages, yet they haven’t turned into Tevinter over night. And Rivain is also worth discussing, given that mages there actually do have some social standing, and that Rivaini seers do agree to be possessed by beneficial spirits in order to practice their craft. Then there’s the Mortalitasi of Nevarra, who have more freedom than most Circle mages as well, and are even sanctioned to practice magic that is very close to being on the Chantry’s ‘no-no’ list.

And then the retconning of the Dalish mages. I’m positive I’ve talked about this before, but it’s just so stupid. They went from 'Dalish mages are rare and precious and must be protected at all costs else elves may lose magic forever’ (that last bit probably isn’t true, but it seems to be the belief of some clans) to 'lol we’re just rolling in mages over here, may as well throw the extras in the fucking woods!’ Like?????? What even is that? How is that supposed to be believable?

I’ve been kind of explaining it away that Vivienne, the one who mentions the Dalish dumping their mages in the woods, is likely wrong about it being anything other than a very localized practice. I’d say it was complete fiction, but there is Minaeve to show that it’s happened at least once. Considering the differences between Dalish clans, I don’t find it impossible to believe that there may be one who does that, but that’s it. And Vivienne isn’t exactly the one we should be asking about the cultural practices of the Dalish anyways. Fashion? Sure. Orlesian court politics? Oh definitely. But the Dalish? Yeah, no. So her being wrong about such a thing outside of one or two isolated tribes is the only way I can make sense of it in my mind, and it would be entirely possible.

But yeah. You can’t show us two games full of instances and references of free mages not immediately turning evil, plus the disturbing amount of abuse perpetrated against them and still try to pretend it’s grey by just not mentioning a bunch, and retconning some more. Sorry guys, it just doesn’t work that way, and we’re not going to just conveniently forget everything you told us before because you decided it’s not currently important.


I don’t know what I’m gonna do next. I don’t know if I’m going to let this moment echo for awhile and just reflect back on it. I wanna learn CPR. Maybe a mixology class, I wanna learn how to make a good drink. Maybe I’ll just eat carbs and nothing else for the next couple of months. I don’t have to wear any cropped tops. I think that’s going to be the overriding feeling.


It’s hard to say when I decided they’re what I want to wear all the time [crop tops], but I’ll make up my mind, and that’s all you’ll see me wear for two years…You might recall from 2012 to 2014, you didn’t see me in any outfit that didn’t look like I was straight out of the ’50s…Who knows what it’ll be next.