Important Things

• The three little dots on Fenris’s forehead
• The way his nose crinkles when he’s angry
• The little dots on his feet
• That little half-smile he makes for Hawke
• The way he giggles
• Those big, pretty, brilliantly green eyes
• The way he maintains eye contact with Hawke when he says that “Nothing could be worse than the thought of living without you” after years of keeping his gaze lowered or to the side
• The way he walks down those stairs in that very first scene
• The way he works to overcome his anger, hatred, and fear
• The flustered way he flirts in Legacy
• The sweet, romantic way he worries over Hawke in Mark of the Assassin
• His angry voice when he swears in Tevene
•. The way he says “I am yours”
• The way he kills Danarius with the same arm on which he wears Hawke’s favor
• The way he loves Hawke so passionately, so completely and isn’t afraid to show him how much at the Gallows

These are all very important things that I just wanted to remind everyone of.


who has been my new boyfriend
through two birthdays and the funeral,
but I like to call him that,
know too well the way men steel-plate
themselves inside my joints
until my body has to relearn running.

& he knows
a few parts of this story,
but I didn’t want that man’s name
back in my bed.

just told him,
picture yourself in a theater with your eyes closed,
your own palms pressed tightly to your ears.
on the drive home, 
he’ll describe each scene frame for frame,
talk about the previews, which one
the two of you should not-see-together next,
and you will feel lucky enough in that moment
you won’t notice the entire city of Portland starting to melt.

months later,
when he says it is your favorite movie,
you will nod and know it is
not worth arguing over.

(“are you trying
to tell me

you’ll tell yourself it’s true.
tell yourself
it’s the best movie
you’ve ever seen.


I headcanon that Dorian was sitting on a bench with his
face hidden behind a book and thats how he recognized
the Herald as they entered the chantry. So imagine
Dorian watching the Herald with their entourage as they
enter Redcliffe. As they enter the tavern, he heads to
the Chantry to wait and the minute he opens the door
and sees the rift, he swears in Tevene and prays to the
Maker that Herald HURRIES UP!

An Overview of the Languages of The Thedas Language Project

As with any world, the world of Thedas is populated by hundreds, if not thousands, of languages. The lands of which we’ve seen so far are filled with 19 dominant languages, each of which are most likely broken down into varying dialects throughout their regions. Not all of these languages are a living language, but they are still spoken in some large form - even if only for ceremonial purposes, or sprinkled through common speech as a sign of intelligence (such as with Ancient Tevene in Tevinter).

The following are the list of languages that I believe exist in Thedas to some extent. Mind you, remember that this list concerns the Thedas Language Project. This is by no means canon, but rather my own guesses (some educated, and some entire shots in the dark) as to the languages and their areas of influence.

Included in this list is a description of the language, its real world language (if any), the people who speak it, and the area of its influence. 

Addendum: I was asked to add Ciriane here, as well as make some edits to differentiate between what is canon and what is supposition on the part of the Thedas Language Project. Everything in bold italic is canon. Everything else is fan supposition, or outright headcanon.

  • Alamarri
    About: The language of the Alamarri tribes, including the Avvar, the Chasind, and the Clayne.
    Nature: Fan Conlang, based upon Old English, Proto-Germanic and other older Germanic languages
    Spoken In: Parts of Ferelden (Clayne), The Kocari Wilds (Chasind), The Frostback Mountains (Avvar)
  • Alsahiria
    About: The native language of Seheron. Mostly a dying language as it is being replaced by Modern Tevene, Common, and Qunlat.
    Nature: Real world language: Arabic
    Spoken In: Seheron, Parts of Tevinter, Parts of Par Vollen
  • Andersche
    About: The native language of the Ander people living in the Anderfels. The dominant language of the Anderfels. The Language is also known as Orsche, but Andersche is more common. Likewise, Orthland and Anderfellen are both accepted terms for the nation in the Ander language, but Anderfellen is far more common.
    Nature: Real world language: German and bits of Dutch
    Spoken In: The Anderfels, Parts of the Donarks
  • Antivan
    About: The native language of Antiva.
    Nature: Unsure. Either Spanish or Italian. Possibly both. More information is needed.
    Spoken In: Antiva, Parts of Nevarra, and Parts of Rivain
  • Common
    About: The common lingua franca of Thedas, commonly known as The Trade Tongue, or The King’s Tongue.
    Nature: Real world language: Whatever language the game or other canon material is localized in.
    Spoken In: Everywhere that international trade takes place, to varying degrees. 
  • Ciriane
    About: The original language of the Ciriane people, and the original native language of Orlais. The original Chant of Light was written in Ciriane.
    Nature: Unknown. Clearly a precurser to Orlesian, so possibly either the real world language of Frankish or Old French.
    Spoken In: Nowhere. Ciriane is a dead language, most likely only used in scholarly uses throughout Orlais.
  • Donarsk
    About: The native language of the Donars, the Ander peoples who kept moving Northward and eventually settled within the Donarks.
    Nature: Real world language: Norwegian
    Spoken In: The Donarks, The Weathered Pass and Wandering Hills regions of The Anderfels.
  • Dwarvish
    About: Originaly the native language of the Dwarvish peoples, and was separated into dozens of different dialects and sub-dialects. Nowadays, Dwarvish is a dead language and is mostly a ceremonial language used in the last few surviving Dwarven cities, such as Orzammar, Kal-Sharok, and Kal’Hirol.
    Nature: Unknown. Most likely a cipher created by Bioware. A conlang will not be created because Dwarvish is the basis of Common. Creating a conlang would compromise the fact that Common is supposed to be whatever language the material is localized in.
    Spoken In: The last surviving Dwarven Thaigs, mostly in ceremonial use only, or sprinkled throughout common speech.
  • Elvhen
    About: The native language of the Elvhen people of Elvhenan. It was a dead language, but the Dalish Elves have revived it and it has become a living language once more.
    Nature: Officially, and canonically a cipher. Thedas Language Project has turned this into a Fan Conlang with Project Elvhen.
    Spoken In: Dalish clans, scattered throughout Thedas. 
  • Fereldan
    About: The native language of Ferelden. 
    Nature: Real world language: English
    Spoken In: Ferelden, and The Free Marches
  • Gaeilge
    About: One of the two dominant native languages of The Free Marches
    Nature: Real world language: Gaeilge (Irish)
    Spoken In: The coastal regions of The Free Marches, such as the cities of Kirkwall, Markham, Wycome, and Ostwick.
  • Gàidhlig
    About: One of the two dominant native languages of The Free Marches.
    Nature: Real world language: Gàidhlig (Scots Gaelic)
    Spoken In: The inner dales regions of The Free Marches, mostly along the regions of the Minanter River, such as Starkhaven, Ansburg, and Tantervale.
  • Lingua Tevene 
    About: Ancient Tevene was originally the native language of Tevinter. It is now a dead language.
    Nature: Real world language: Latin, with creative license and manipulation by Bioware
    Spoken In: Tevinter, and other parts of Thedas, but only with ceremonial or scholarly use. Often peppered throughout normal speech by the people of Tevinter as a sign of intelligence and education.
  • Modern Tevene
    About: The current native language of Tevinter.
    Nature: Unknown. Most likely either the real world language of Italian, or a dialect of Common that is heavily influenced by Ancient Tevene.
    Spoken In: Tevinter, Parts of Seheron, Parts of Nevarra
  • Nevarran
    About: The current dominant language of Nevarra.
    Nature: A lingua franca that evolved from a mixture of Orlesian, Antivan, Ferelden, and Modern Tevene.
    Spoken In: Nevarra
  • Névikós
    About: The original native language of Nevarra.
    Nature: Real world language: Greek
    Spoken In: A dying language, and spoken in Nevarra mostly as a ceremonial language. Still spoken as a living language by a small, yet dwindling, population of native Nevarrans.
  • Orlesian
    About: The native language of Orlais
    Nature: Real world language: French
    Spoken In: Orlais, Parts of Nevarra
  • Orthska
    About: The native language of the Orth people of The Anderfels.
    Nature: Real world language: Swedish
    Spoken In: The Wandering Hills region of The Anderfels, Parts of the Donarks
  • Qunlat
    About: The native language of the Qunari
    Nature: Most likely a cipher, canonically. Will eventually become a Fan Conlang with Project Qunlat.
    Spoken In: Par Vollen, Parts of Seheron, Parts of Rivain, Parts of the Donarks
  • Rivaini
    About: The native language of Rivain.
    Nature: Unknown. Could be a cipher, could be Spanish, Portuguese, another romance language, or even a middle eastern language. More information is needed.
    Spoken In: Rivain, Parts of Antiva, Parts of Nevarra
Bull, stop. Please.

“Is it blood magic? The necromancy thing,” Bull clarifies, leaning against a tree as he watches Dorian feed his mount with his bare hands, without somehow losing a finger in the process. The dracolisk’s red and blue scales glimmer in the ungodly early, first tentative glimmer of morning sun as it slurps noisily between each bloodied strip of meat. “That why you won’t use it or tell anyone about it?”

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According to the Lore, the official language of Tevinter isn’t Tevene, it’s common, though I believe they call it the Trade Tongue?

I imagine most Tevinter would still know a handful of Tevene words, mostly swears and insults. But canonly, the only ones with a functioning understanding of the whole language are those who have recieved education. So hearing Dorian mutter to himself in Tevene wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility, it wouldn’t even been unlikely. But hearing, say, Fenris, use more than the common swears is probably much less likely, with the exception of titles and any fancy commands Danarius has trained him in.

The main reason I headcanon Krem as knowing Tevene has to do with his time in the army. He could already read and write passibly well due to his parents teaching him, but the Tevene came from the army. Certain commands would have been exclusively in Tevene, and anyone of any sort of rank would have probably spoken it for a number of reasons. Most obviously, if you’re speaking in a different language, and one that not many people even in your own country speak, the chances of your plans being overheard and passed on to an enemy were much slimmer, and the same goes for written Tevene.

We know that, canonly, Krem was up for some kind of promotion when he was outed and fled, which means he would have been taught this language in preparation for him stepping up in rank. He’s not perfect, but he’s got enough of a grasp on the language to be functionally fluent in it.

(NSFW) Seventh Night - Saizo Kirigakure

A follow up to ‘First Night’ (read here). I wanted to write this as moody, emotional and intense.

It’s a 4.5K fic, so spare some time~

@unfinishedsketch | @x-melon-soda-x | @kitty-purrrrrs | @mrszala | @annamreed | @tearscrime | @button-kitty@honeybeelily | @kitty-kat-ty | @mrskillianjones89 | @belxsar | @carinecaldre69 | @demon-princess-anastasia | @suzunesays | @obscene-tevene@catalyst749 |

You put a hand to the hairpin Lord Yukimura had just given you, making sure it was securely in place. He had somehow broken your previous one and as an apology, insisted on buying you a new one despite your protests. His stubborn nature won out in the end, and so you were left with no choice but to accept, though you did deeply appreciate the gesture.

Making your way through the castle grounds and back towards your room, you vaguely registered a slight breeze behind you. Ignoring it - you put it down to being out in the open - you continued on your way. A second later however, your eyes caught a looming shadow and so you spun around, only to be met with a flat expressioned Saizo. 

‘…And what do we think we’re doing, accepting gifts from strange men?’

His eyes were dark and his jaw was clenched tightly…..clearly, he was in a bad mood. It was only Lord Yukimura though…. nothing to be so annoyed over. ‘It was only Lord Yu-

‘-that makes it even worse…...little lady.’

He spoke with an unusual aggression and so you found yourself looking around in nervousness, not entirely sure how to respond. As your gaze flitted about, you suddenly took note of the grey sky spread behind him, realisation dawning on you. 

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antioch-actius  asked:

Is there a place where the grammars of your other languages are located? I am sorry but I can't seem to find them anymore.

No. I haven’t had a chance to really update everything because of how busy I’ve been with real-life obligations. What I have so far is just my work on AO3, and everything here on tumblr.

You’ll have to scour through my tags for now until I am able to build a better resource. You can find the tags here:

Project Elvhen

Project Alamarri

Project Nevarran

Project Tevene

Project Qunlat

I haven’t done enough work on the other projects (Seheron, Ander, etc) for them to have a tag yet.

Fenris, with a cup of coffee, his legs jutting out, lean and bare, from the hem of one of Hawke’s sweaters.

That was what Hawke missed the most when he left to join the Inquisition. It wasn’t the feel of his body or the sound of his moans when they made love.

It was Fenris, warm and content and relaxed. Reading the newspaper, just because he could. Sneaking a second helping of pastry behind Hawke’s back – then looking so damn pleased with himself as he licked the sugar from his fingers that Hawke couldn’t bear to point out that he didn’t care if the elf ate the whole box. Wrapping himself up in the quilt from their bed and planting himself in front og the fire on snowy days. Arching and groaning and cursing in Tevene when Hawke rubbed his feet.

He missed his bedhead and his morning breath, the way he put too many bubbles in his bathwater and shoved his feet at Hawke when they were cold.

He missed talking to him, and watching the way one corner of his mouth lifted when he smiled. On the road, at night, Hawke lay awake thinking about the rumble of his laugh, and the richness of his voice, and the way he would stretch out in the sun like a contented cat when it was warm.

Hawke hoped Fenris would forgive him one day.

Why do

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fictional character edition

Antivan Languages: Part 1 of Project Antiva

Through lots of thought, introspection and research I’ve come to a conclusion on Antiva. While I still am not sure what language Rivain speaks, I think that I can speak with certainty that Antiva has two native languages:

Lengua Antivaño (real world: Spanish) - Commonly referred to as “Antivan,” this language primarily originated in the north-east of Antiva, and is spoken primarily on the easter coast of Antiva. It is the most common language in Antiva City, The Drylands, Treviso, and Rialto.

Lingua Antigliano (real world: Italian) - Commonly referred to “Antilian.” This language primarily originated in the west of Antiva, and is much more heavily influenced by Ancient Tevene than Antivan is. Sometimes called “High Antivan,” it is considered a much more “noble” language. Therefore, it is usually taught to the nobility, even in cities like Antiva City or Treviso where Antivan is much more common. Antilian is the most common in places like Seleny, Salle, Brynnlaw, and the Green Dales.

There will be no major Language Project conlangs for either of these languages. They are both real world Spanish and Italian, respectively. 

Of Babies and Bite Marks

So I wrote this for a mishmash of prompts ages ago. It’s shamefully, or maybe shamelessly fluffy. You’ve been warned. Sorry for the length, I don’t really want to put it on AO3. (Yes, the baby got a name change in case you read this before.)

(BTW I don’t have kids and I don’t necessarily even want them. I don’t buy into the whole ‘children as the be all end all’ trope, but I had the idea of Dorian and Cullen babysitting and thought it was funny. Also, since I don’t have children all of the child rearing/behavior bits might not be accurate. If that’s going to bug you feel free to chalk it up to elf-blooded qunari baby physiology, or skip it all together, thanks.)

Kadan, are you sure this is a great idea?”

Dust turned to look at Bull, giving Enansal a gentle stroke on his back and shifting his chubby, sleeping bulk so that his sling sat more comfortably on her chest. Bull had a large satchel full of the baby’s necessities over one of his muscular shoulders.

“What do you mean? This would hardly be the first time we had someone watch the baby for the night.”

“Yeah, but he’s teething. Qunari kids are nothing to mess around with while they’re teething. Even the professionals are scared.”

Dust waved the hand not supporting Enan at him, showing off the freshest round of bite marks she had earned and hadn’t had time to have healed yet.

“Shockingly, I realize that, but Dorian and Cullen volunteered, and if they’re ever going to have kids of their own they need the practice. Plus I need a night off before I throw the little ogre off a balcony.”

Bull laughed, watching her press a kiss between Enan’s horn buds.

“I dunno, I mean maybe Krem and Harding could babysit?”

“Harding’s in the field and Enan isn’t a one person job.”

“You aren’t lying.”

They were making their way across the battlements of Skyhold toward Cullen’s quarters, earning the occasional covert smile from passing guards and visitors. Covert because Inquisitor Lavellan wasn’t really comfortable with the doting parent image - she left that to Bull, who was perfectly happy to accept it.

“And we’re right across the courtyard, it’s not like someone couldn’t come get us if they really couldn’t handle it.”

“Ha! The ‘Vint admit that he can’t handle taking care of an eight month old baby? Not likely kadan.”

She grinned, and it was a wicked expression.

“Oh, I know.”

Damn she could be evil.

“Still, I mean, are you sure? We could just-”

Dust stopped and he followed suit. She grabbed him by his harness, pulling him down until they were eye to eyes.

“Bull, when was the last time you tied me to the bed and fucked me until I couldn’t form words?”

His eye went wide, and his heartbeat sped up. He took a deep breath, catching the musky scent of arousal under talc and milk and the mild scent of baby spit.

“Uh… I can’t remember.”

“Exactly! Dorian and Cullen will be fine, and so will Enan.” She let him go, shifting the baby to a more comfortable position in her strong arms and sauntering off in the direction of the Commander’s quarters. He let her go ahead of him so he could watch her walk.

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On “Carmenum di Amatus”

If you romance Cassandra, you recite a poem to her that she identifies as “Carmenum di Amatus”; she seems surprised by your choice and notes that the poem was once banned.

Let’s get the title out of the way first.  It appears to be Tevene, which is to say that it looks like an incorrect attempt at Latin.  I think it’s meant to mean “Song of Love” (in actual Latin, “carmen de amor”), but the only clear canonical meaning for “amatus” is as a term of affection for a male lover.  So perhaps the title should be translated “Song of the Beloved.”

Now let’s look at the poem itself:

On aching branch do blossoms grow, the wind a hallowed breath.
       It carries the scent of honeysuckle, sweet as the lover’s kiss.
       It brings the promise of more tomorrows, of sighs and whispered bliss.
His lips on mine speak words not voiced, a prayer
       Which travels down my spine like flames that shatter night.
       His eyes reflect the heaven’s stars, the Maker’s light.
My body opens, filled and blessed, my spirit there.
       Not merely housed in flesh, but brought to life.

There isn’t a consistent scheme of meter or rhyme, which adds to the probability that this was a translation from another original language — likely Tevene, based on the title.  So why would such a poem be banned?  The line about “my body opens” contains sexual innuendo, true, but its imagery is abstract and hardly pornographic.

My suggestion?  The author and narrator of the poem was a man, rhapsodizing about his male lover.  Such an association would explain why the poem was banned in many areas, and it would also explain why Cassandra was surprised that the Inquisitor recited it to her, a woman.

Which leads me to my final question: why on earth doesn’t this poem appear in any Dorian romance fic?