You know what’s great? People acknowledging Fenris’ incredible intelligence instead of dismissing it because he’s illiterate.

People acknowledging Fenris as a polyglot (tevene, common, qunlot, definitely many more such as nevaran, anders, orlesian etc.)

Fenris as incredibly well spoken (in a second language no less)

Fenris as incredibly well versed in cultural and legal matters

Fenris as well versed in poetry, history, religion, philosophy, etc. do to being surrounded by them for years

Fenris as extremely resourceful and skilled in matters beyond being a warrior (you can bet your ass staying free for years took more than just strength)

Fenris as someone who has many creative and diverse skills

You can bet your ass that this man is absolutely a sponge for knowledge and revels in learning new things, both by necessity of having to be aware to survive, and because he enjoys it/is proud of it.

*places tin foil hat on head*

So, this codex entry - I’d never really paid particular attention to it [I mean, it is just a list of books, right? Boring.]


Take a look at the last title.

Elvehan Diis Falsis: Triew Metod Dracas

That caught my eye. Elvehan is very, very close to Elvenan. I can only assume the book is in Tevene [seeing how similar it is to Latin] so off I went to Google Translate. And here’s what I found out:

Diis Falsies means “false gods”.

Which [potentially] gives us “Elvenan False Gods”. We know, from what Solas mentions in Trespasser, that the Evanuris were false gods, who existed in the time of Arlathan. Very strange that a Tevene book mentions them.

The second half was more difficult to translate. The best I could come up with was:

Metod is very close to the latin word meto, which means “mow/ cut off/ reap”. I’m particularly interested in “cut off”, although I suppose “reap” is a possibility too.

Dracas is very similar to draco, which is latin for dragon. 

I wasn’t able to translate Triew. The closest I came was the latin word triens, which means “a third”. Since I’m not reasonably convinced on this word, I’ll remove it for now.

So we have Elvenan False Gods: [Triew] + Cut Off + Dragons

Now, things get interesting. Could the dragons refer to the Old Gods? If so, then ‘cut off’ could refer to the Evanuris being ‘cut off’ from their dragons - and what cut them off? The Veil. So does that mean there’s a bigger connection between the Old Gods and the Evanuris than we know?

Which brings us to the biggest puzzle of all: Who knew enough about the Evanuris, the creation of the Veil, and Tevene in order to write the book? The author is unknown. It might be possible that someone translated it from Elven, and if that were the case - who was the original author? It likely would have been someone who worked for/with Fen’harel. If that’s the case… then would this mysterious author still be around?

One thing is for certain, though. Solas spent his time in the Inquisition learning as much as he could about everything, using its resources to obtain access to books he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to as an elven apostate. I wonder how he learned about that particular book, though…

// OK..but like… Maevaris and Dorian meeting up in the Herald’s rest in Sky hold to have a drink. And they’re chatting and giggling.

But they’re chatting in Tevene not common tongue. And so everyone is looking at them confused/terrified because what are they plotting that’s making Dorian grin like that????

Meanwhile they’re talking about casual things. Dorian tells Mae about the week he had to spend camping in the Hinterlands and they share a good chuckle. Then they both realize the uncomfortable looks being sent their way. And so still speaking in Tevene Dorian leans closer

“Oh Mae, darling I do believe we’re attracting attention.”

“I’ve noticed. Should we move closer as if we’ve been caught conspiring to take over the south?”

“Mae, I thought a lady avoided mischief.”

“I’ve spent too much time around troublemakers it seems. Mainly you.”

“Oh! You wound me my dear!”

And they both cackle harder than they have before and the Chargers all turn to Krem like


And Krem with a deadpan expression says. “You all should be worried they are plotting terrible things.”

on the battlefield
  • Kojuro: Milord, I believe the best course of action would be to call for retreat. Now.
  • Masamune: Yes, you are probably right. Shigezane?
  • Shigezane: *grins* On it!
  • Shigezane: My fellow soldiers, the time has come to ADVANCE IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!
  • Soldiers: *confused* What? Does that mean... what??
  • Kojuro:
  • Masamune: if you want to get something done do it yourself

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DAI companions reacting to the Inquisitor being badly injured? Romance companions as well please?

Cassandra: She’s scared and worried, of course, but she knows what to do. She gets them out of harm’s way, pours some healing poultice over their wounds, and warns them before she does that it will sting (it does, and she apologizes as she applies it), and gets them to a healer. She lets the healer do their job, but as soon as they’re out of the tent, she asks about their condition. Later, she visits them and warns them to be more careful in the future. If Romanced: It proceeds largely the same, except only if the healer allows it, she stays with him while the healer works, clutching his hand as he moans or even screams in pain, depending on what the healer does– be it potions or poultices or stitches or surgery. “I know it hurts. Stay strong and stay still. I’m here with you, and you’re going to be okay. Hold on for me. Please…”

Blackwall: He hauls the Inquisitor out of danger and hurries to camp in search of a healer. He’s panicking and running as fast as he can go, heart palpitating with fear as blood trickles down from them onto his armor (he doesn’t mind). He passes them to a healer and stays nearby, wincing when he hears their cries from where they’re being treated. If Romanced: He stays by her bedside as the healer works, holding her hand and squeezing it, wincing if she screams in pain. “I’m so sorry I didn’t do a better job of protecting you,” he apologizes, “I won’t leave you now. I’m not going anywhere. Breathe.”

Iron Bull: He picks them up and books it to the nearest healer, and stuffs one of Stitches’ poultices down their throat for good measure (in spite of their disgusted cries). It doesn’t bother him in the least how much they squirm or scream or kick or cry; his only thoughts are getting them to a healer and somewhere safe to recover. He stands guard nearby as the healer works, and offers them strong booze later to take some of the pain away. If Romanced: He acts the same, but on the inside, he’s fucking terrified. He stays with them through it all, squeezing their hand and talking them through it. “I know, Kadan, I know it hurts. I’m here. You’re going to be okay. It’s going to hurt like a motherfucker, but you’ll be okay…”

Sera: She curses, loudly, and hurries to the Herald’s side, trying her best to get them up (if conscious) or rouse them (if unconscious). She’ll shoot anyone that isn’t a party member that gets too close. “Stop dying, you!” she orders, shakily and angry. She manages to get them to a healer, and she promises them booze as soon as they’re all cleaned up by the healer. If Romanced: She stays with her as the healer works, griping her hand as she groans or even screams. “I’m here, love, it’s going to hurt but it’s going to be okay. You have to be okay.”

Varric: He curses and drags them out of harm’s way if they can’t walk, and applies healing poultices until someone else can pick them up and carry them back to camp. If they’re conscious (and either moaning or screaming in pain) he tries to soothe them as best he can. “Come on, Boss,” he hums nervously, “it’s not time for the hero to die. Not yet.”

Cole: He’s at their side in a flash, tending to their injured areas as best he can, knowing exactly where it hurts and how much, with or without their shouting. If he can do so without hurting them more, he actually uses a potion to knock them out, because they won’t feel as much pain. “You can’t die. People need you. So many will hurt if you die…”

Dorian: Lets out a steady steam of Tevene curses as he rushes to their side and begins casting as many healing spells as he knows and snapping at anyone who gets in the way if they aren’t a healer. He gets someone to then carry them back to camp where a healer is, and stays nearby, willing to help however he can. If Romanced: The same as above, but like the others, he sits in with them while the healer works, murmuring reassurances and silently pleading that they make it.

Solas: He handles it practically, casting healing spells to stabilize them, then getting them to camp. He checks on them periodically, sometimes to cast more healing spells, others to simply to ensure they’re alright. If Romanced: He’s much more panicked as he tries to tend to her; he can’t bear the thought of her dying, not now, not ever. He barely leaves her side until she heals, sleeping or awake, the former of which is the only time she doesn’t feel as much pain, so he tries to keep her relaxed while in the Fade– less stress, less pain.

Vivienne: Like Solas, she handles it in the most efficient and practical manner, stabilizing them, taking note of where the injuries are and how severe they are, and relaying them to whatever doctor takes over their care. She always seems to come by when the pain flares up the most, with a potion that handles the worst of symptoms. “Please,” she urges, “feel better soon, Darling. Let me know if I can help you any further.”

Josephine: She finds out after they get injured. When they come back to Skyhold to recover, she makes sure their room is clean and comfortable, that they have good food and clean baths, and the best of the healers on hand to help them. She visits them in their quarters with cookies and a card that reads Get Well Soon, and checks on them at least once a day. If Romanced: She panics and darts to their side as soon as they arrive in Skyhold. Every moment that does not require her work or attention, she’s with them, doing her best to keep their spirits up, and to reassure herself that they’ll be okay.

Leliana: She finds out quickly by her messengers, and comes to visit the Herald once they get to Skyhold. She does not flinch as they cry out if the doctor’s treatments hurt or as their pain rises; she just reassures them that they’ll make it. She has someone stationed nearby the whole time just to make sure no one tries to attack the Herald while they’re already down.

Cullen: He winces when he hears it, and if the injuries were the result of an attack, he ups the amount of soldiers following the Inquisitor, much to their chagrin. He visits now and again to wish them a swift recovery. If Romanced: His heart sinks when he finds out, and spends the time waiting for her to come back to Skyhold a nervous wreck, pacing and working incessantly. Once she’s actually there, he waits for her at the gates, sees her to her room, and spends any moment he’s not working with her.

Important Things

• The three little dots on Fenris’s forehead
• The way his nose crinkles when he’s angry
• The little dots on his feet
• That little half-smile he makes for Hawke
• The way he giggles
• Those big, pretty, brilliantly green eyes
• The way he maintains eye contact with Hawke when he says that “Nothing could be worse than the thought of living without you” after years of keeping his gaze lowered or to the side
• The way he walks down those stairs in that very first scene
• The way he works to overcome his anger, hatred, and fear
• The flustered way he flirts in Legacy
• The sweet, romantic way he worries over Hawke in Mark of the Assassin
• His angry voice when he swears in Tevene
•. The way he says “I am yours”
• The way he kills Danarius with the same arm on which he wears Hawke’s favor
• The way he loves Hawke so passionately, so completely and isn’t afraid to show him how much at the Gallows

These are all very important things that I just wanted to remind everyone of.

Sera: “Dorian? Those words you say. What do they mean?”

Dorian: “What, you mean like ‘mendicant’? ‘Ultimatum’?”

Sera: “No arse, when you’re mad. Pish-anty cough-ass. You’re swearing, I know it.”

Dorian: “Vishante Kaffas. It’s Tevene, relics of the old tongue. We still use the colorful phrases.”

Sera: “And it means what?”

Dorian: “Literally? ‘You shit on my tongue.’“

Adoribull Comic Masterpost

A collection of all the longer Adoribull comics that I’ve uploaded so far. There is angst. So much angst.

A lullaby
Summary: Post-Trespasser. Dorian, Bull and their adopted daughter Fianna live in a little house near the Tevene border. It’s a peaceful life - until that one fateful day.
Warning: Blood, character death
Read it here

Summary: The first time that Bull calls Dorian Kadan. But it’s surely not the last time.
Warning: Blood, injury, nudity, mild sexual content
Read it here

It should have been me
Summary: Dorian tries to process Felix’s death. Bull is there to help.
Warning: Alcohol abuse, death of a close person, vomiting
Read it here

WIP: Stumbling
Summary (for now, might change later): For Bull, becoming Tal-Vashoth means facing some new and old fears.
Coming soon

Please feel free to write me if there are any trigger warnings I should add.

because i am a foreign-languages asshole: scenes and dialogue in the dragon age series that should have had approximately 300% more difficulty with communication

- broscas/aeducans/mahariels having tons of difficulty navigating surface-level andrastian human slang/idioms/vocabulary because they’re used to their own mishmash of the Common tongue & their mother language from back home

- conversely, amells/suranas/tabrises confusing the fuck out of others when trying to communicate in their own Common-tongue idiosyncrasies from their own extremely insular communities

- Leliana, Zevran, and Sten occasionally having those moments where you completely blank out on a word or phrase in another language and have to stand there coming up with awkward alternate definitions until the other person supplies it for you (Sten has one with “cookies,” more like that pls)

- wardens from aforementioned insular communities pleased to be “reunited” with their respective home environments to some degree because even if the circumstances of their leaving were less than stellar, at least they’re FINALLY around other people who understand their extremely specific family of Dust Town/Diamond Quarter/Kinloch Hold/Elvehn/Denerim Alienage dialect

- Hawkefam having to adapt to the Kirkwall flavor of the Marcher brand of Common after speaking nothing but Backwater Fereldan Redneck all their lives

- Isabela speaking like, any Rivaini whatsoever

- ditto for Sebastian speaking Lowland Scots

- Tevene!!!! Ander!!! Elvehn!!!

- (what im saying is that i wish there was more content of hawke’s LIs speaking to them/teaching them shit in their own languages besides the standard couple of phrases that get frequently tossed around)

- ya boy Fenris doing the blanking thing where you can think of a word in one foreign language but not the one you’re actually speaking at the time (LOOK AT MY NEAR-TRILINGUAL BABY LOOK AT HIM HE IS SO SMART)

- anything to do with the Arishok (im like 400% convinced varric wrote that entire pre-final-battle villainous monologue entirely from his imagination because it’s wayyyy too tropey and articulate in abstract concepts that a general would see no value in learning to have come wholesale from the guy’s actual mouth)


- Dalish Inquisitors being aggressively Dalish, Vashoth Inquisitors being aggressively Vashoth (“Oh Iron Bull thank god you’re here none of these tiny kabethari understand what the fuck im getting at pls help me”)

- like that one post mentioned, Leli and Josie (and probably also Cassandra) being gossipy little shits entirely in Orlesian

- Solas correcting a Lavellan’s grammar because hundreds of years down the line they’re more likely to have more of a slapdash, slang-heavy and very conjugationally irregular “theatrical cut” of Elvehn compared to what he actually remembers

- Viv and Dorian likely also being gossipy shits because being multilingual is a near-guaranteed skill for people participating in highborn political antics

- “Last Resort of Good Men” also taking place entirely in Tevene, and “Demands of the Qun” featuring a ton of Qunlat

- Blackwall’s ability to speak Orlesian getting out after his personal quest (plus Cole’s since he spent tons of time in the White Spire)

- “commoner” Tevene from Krem vs. “academic” Tevene from Dorian

- any Nevarran from Cass. any at all. pls bioware im so desperate for ur shitty fake languages

- Sentinelves from the Arbor Wilds temple being thoroughly confused at a Dalish Inquisitor’s rapid-fire contemporary slapdash approximation of Elvehn and responding only in the centuries-old “proper” equivalent


-tl;dr moar language shenanigans

My first purchase today and I’m in love 😍 @zacroix @obscene-tevene Jumin and Zen are making me melt *slowly becomes puddle of goo*

Edit: these were done by the amazing @gebdraws please support this amazing artist *tries to lose husband to buy more amazing artwork*

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If you haven't already done this, DA:I love interests reacting to the Inquisitor falling unconscious in battle?

Cassandra: Her heart nearly jumps out of her chest to see him fall. She finishes off the enemies with the others and hurries to his side, trying to rouse him in something of a panic. She hoists him into a sitting-up position, rouses him, and makes him ingest a healing potion. She breathes a sigh of relief as he dazedly opens his eyes further and gives the others a quizzical look. “Thank the Maker. Be more careful next time.”

Blackwall: As soon as he’s killed whoever did it, he’s at her side. “Maker, no, don’t take the best thing in my life away from me, please, no.” he says under his breath, working rapidly to try to get her awake to give her a potion. As soon as her eyes open and he gets the potion down, she coughs and groans in disdain, and he realizes she’ll be okay. “Thank you.” he says under his breath.

Iron Bull: He knows panicking won’t solve anything. He quickly kills whoever knocked them out, then pulls his kadan to the side and moves them into the recovery position. He calls one of the mages over to wake them up, and he has them lean against him as they’re given a healing potion. He kisses their head and heaves a sigh. “You alright, Kadan?”

Sera: She lets out a scream of terror and panics, rushing to kill whoever knocked them out. Then she hurries to her girlfriend’s side, lightly slapping their face in attempts to wake them up. “Honeytongue? Wake up! Wake up!” She starts to awaken, and she shoves a potion in their mouth. When she sees they’ll be okay, she lets out a huff and very lightly bops her on the side of the head. “Don’t do that again.”

Dorian: He curses, a steady stream of numerous Tevene swears exiting his mouth as he darts over to his side. He casts a lightning spell that strikes the heart of the enemy, then turns his attention to his amatus. A brief flash from his staff has the Inquisitor awake, although barely, just enough for him to get the potion down. With a cough and weary groan, they sit up, leaning against him for support. “Festis bei umo canavarum.” he curses to himself. “Don’t do that again.”

Solas: Fenedhis lasa!” he yelps as they crash to the ground, and he fade-steps through whoever did it to get to them, leaving a frozen corpse behind. He wastes no time, his fingers glowing with creation magic, which works quickly and heals her wounds. She gasps and awakens, and he takes her hand gently, squeezing it reassuringly. “It’s okay, Vhenan, you’re going to be alright.” he reassures, more for himself than her.

Josephine: She hears about it after the fact in a report, and her heart swells with worry. When the Herald arrives in Skyhold finally, wrapped in bandages, she hurries to their side and fusses over them, asking how they are, kissing them repeatedly. “My love, are you feeling alright? Were you badly hurt? Please, be more careful, I worry so much about you…”

Cullen: NO!” he screams, and he fights even harder than ever to get to her side as quickly as possible. Templars are trained in first aid, so he steadies her in his arms and calls to the mages in the party for help as he wraps wounds and tries to rouse her, repeatedly, in increasing panic. When she awakens at last, he breathes a deep sigh of relief and thanks the Maker for not taking her away. “Andraste preserve me. And you. I’m… I’m just very glad you’re alive.”

so yesterday was “speak your language day” and i was thinking that i might do a little something on some of our (my) favourite bbys speaking in their language to their loved ones

i actually meant to put up a portuguese version of this but chickened out lol anyway here goes (warning, slightly long post ahead)

how about zevran at your ear, repeating in antivan what he has whispered in the ears of countless bed mates before, a string of sweet nothings whispered with a breathless voice and loving eyes, words that for the first time he actually means

or leliana, softly singing an old orlesian lullaby for your ears only, soft words of affection and warmth and bliss as the two of you dance in your little cottage by the sea, a happy ending you both earned after an eternity of suffering

iron bull surprising himself by looking at his kadan and thinking of qunlat words that he never thought could have meanings of love and yet as he looks into your eyes everything just fits, everything fits in a way he knows would never have worked under the qun and this is just one more of the reasons he has no regrets leaving that life behind

solas, observing his vhenan from afar through your dreams, whispering everything he wishes he could say to you, soft elvish words as he can feel the dawn approaching and everything hurts because he knows it means you will wake soon and he’ll have to leave, the reminder that there is always the next night a small comfort against what he truly wants

fenris, looking down at your sleeping form beside him, thinking of everything that has led him up to this moment and deciding that perhaps it was worth it, after all, and he thanks the maker or whoever is out there with soft words in tevene, a language so associated with pain before you came into his life but now strangely blissful

isabela remembering soft rivaini words as she looks at you, words her mother used to tell her before it all went wrong and she knows that she shouldn’t think about it, but looking at you she thinks that perhaps it’s time they receive a new meaning and she knows that there could be no better one than the way your beautiful eyes gaze straight back at her

sten had never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would fall in love with anyone and yet here you are. he doesn’t know how to express all these strange thoughts aloud in the common tongue, not quite sure he’d dare to if he did, and yet he longs for you to understand everything his mouth cannot say out loud by looking into his eyes and seeing all these new, wonderful feelings laid bare before you


Tattoos are an art form. And to me, art is creativity. So no list will ever be complete, until there will be someone out there working on something new. But this (a rewriting of an old piece I wrote for ET on tumblr) can help to know a little bit more about modern tattoo styles. Take your time to understand the differencies, go through the names in the list, find your style. A good tattoo lasts forever, and knowledge is the roots of a good choice.

Old School/Traditional: Is usually referred to American classic tattooing. Artists like Amund Dietzel, Sailor Jerry, Herbert Hoffman or Bert Grimm, from the firtst decades of 1900, are the names to start from if you want to know its roots, Classical subjects (anchors, ships, roses, daggers, eagles, horses etc.), simple designs, bold lines and  basic color palettes. Traditional tattooing is definitely more than a trend, with its own philosophy and unwritten rules.

Tony Nilsson, Cassandra Frances, Samuele Briganti, Paul Dobleman, Paul Fulton, Florian Santus, Moira Ramone (pics: Moira Ramone, Paul Fulton, Mauro Quaresima)

There is also a different kind of traditional, widly diffused, enough to be considered a style, that people keep considering part of traditional or neo traditional. It keeps bold lines, and part of the classic imaginery, mixed with weird, modern, surreal, pop stuff. No limits for color palettes, no rules. Tradition meets creativity, one of the personal favourites.

El Carlo, Ron Wells, Luca Font, Pietro Sedda, Ray Wallace, Dane Mancini, Laura Yahna, Ibi Rothe, Deno Jr (pics: Ray Wallace, El Carlo, Laura Yahna, Dane Mancini)

Japanese: Originally called Irezumi, its roots runs deep in the history of its country. Its meaning in Japanese culture changed through the centuries, from tebori (tattooing by hand) to Yobori (tattooing by machine), to became part of the classic Japanese imaginaery, as we know it. Not every asian themed tattoo (common subjects like dragons, yokai demons, tigers, hannya masks and so on) is japanese style. Everything from colors to placement, to the shapes of the untattooed areas has its rules. As any other ancient styles, of course, you can find its modern, contaminated, version too (Gakkin or Wendy Pham’s works are a good example).  

Shige, Pino Cafaro, Caio Pinero, Bill Canales, Gotch, Rodrigo Souto, Yutaro (Bill Canales, Pino Cafaro, R. Souto, Shigenori Ywasaki)

Modern tribal and ornamental: usually referred to a mix of geometrical shapes, patterns, mandalas, asian motives, and Maori influences.

Guy le tatooer, Thomas Hooper, Marco Galdo, Chaim Machlev, Little Swastika (Guy, C. Machlev, T. Hooper)

Realism: From portraits, to a custom piece, to the perfect reproduction of a picture/painting. Realistic tattoos is one of the most spectacular styles in tattooing. No black outline, and lifelike shades, black and grey or colors. It easily mixes with different styles, like with Simone Pfaff or Andrey Lukovnikov, where realism is just a technical part of their own style.

Robert Hernandez, Chris Gherman, Alex De Pase, Scrappy Uno, Sandra Daukshta, Lippo, Sam Stokes (Lippo, A. Acosta, S. Daukshta)

Biomechanical: A trend in the late 90’, basically made of mechanical parts that looks like fused with the flesh. Organic and unorganic elements are realistically drawn, to create the illusion to be carved in the onwer’s body.

Don McDonald, Carson Hill, Guy Hatchinson (who creates bio organic style) (itp: Carson Hill, Don McDonald, Guy Atchinson)

New School/Cartoonish: Fantasy, big eyes subjects, rounded shapes, bright colors, crazy proportions and prospectives. Another style that was more popular in the 90’, now is often fused with different styles, specially with neo traditional.

Kati Berinkey (she fuses new school and sketchy/illustrative styles for her designs), Adam Hawtorne (another one with his own distintcive illustrative style), David Tevenal, Nathan Evans (mixing neo trad e new school) (A. Hawtorne, A. H., David Tevenal)

Neo Traditional: Illustrative like tattoos, where classical subjects like women, crows, snakes, triangles, wolves etc. (from the classic old school imaginery), are drawn with bright colors, and realistical shading, in a aperfect mix between traditional and realism.

Emily Rose, Dusty Neal, Lu’s Lips, Christophe Bonardi, Debora Cherrys, Rodrigo Kalaka El Uf, Jack Goks Pearce. (E. R. Murray, R. Kalaka, Teresa Sharpe, Lu’s Lips)

Lettering: Text tattoos are usually a bad idea, unless they are done in the proper style, and from a specialized artist.

Norm Will Rise, Justin Wilson, Big Meas (N. W. R., J. Wilson, Big Meas)

Chicano: the word “Chicano”, referred to American citizen of Mexican origin, ceased to be a slur in the 60’, while the style itself was born a couple decades before. Common subjects are wemen, skulls, roses, and religious icons, usually in black and gray.

Boog, Macko (Macko, Boog)

These are the most common, radicated, worldly reconized style. But is just a partial view of what the contemporary tattoo scene can offer. In the last 15 years, more and more styles are born. Some of them still don’t even have a name, some have more than one. Some of them will became classic and some are just a trend.

Fun fact: wikipidia’s italian “tattoo” page have “genital” listed as one of the most common styles.

Watercolors: The colors are spread to simulate watercolors. Often mixed with other styles. People keeps debating about how watercolor tattoos will age. Only time will tell.

Klaim, Amanda Wachob, Niko Inko (A. Wachob, G. Smash, Klaim)

Photoshop: the names probably comes from a folder where the artist Xoil (still one of the best in this style) used to store his works’ pics.

If you have ever used PS, you know what I’m talking about. PS style is basically a collage of different images and techniques, from watercolor to dotwork to lettering.

Xoil, Niko Inko, Voller Kontrast, Little Swastika, Jef Palumbo, Arlin ffrench (J. Palumbo, Xoil)

Illustrative Geometrical style: geometrical elements are common in modern tattoo designs, but some artists  generated a new trend, mixing illustrative elements, modern tribal patterns, and geometrical lines.

Maxime Buchi, Daniel Meyer, Valentin Hirsch, Kamil Czapiga  (C. Machlev, D. Meyer, Maxime Buchi) 

Illustrative, sketchy: The artist draw on skin all the lines that usually are ereased in a finished design, to create the illusion of a pencil sketch.

Lea Nahon, Sam Rulz, Nomi Chi, Sven Groenvald (Lea Nahon, S. Groenvald, Nomi Chi)

3D: Again, not exactly a style.  The artist uses realistic shading, shadows and prospectives to give the illusion of depth.

Russ Abbott, Jesse Rix (itp: Jesse Rix, Russ Abbott)

Engraving: on a thin line between illustrative, sketchy, and traditional tattoos, engraving uses black lines to simulate ancient wood engraving techniques, taking inspiration from medieval like illustration.

Sam Rulz, Maxime Buchi, Andrei Svetov (A. SV, Sam Rulz)

Next style has no name yet, and it’s slightly less diffused.. But I like it, so it’s in the list. ;) Tipical traditional pieces but coloured with flat colors, almost no shades, and twisted, experimental, original designs. 

Adrian Edek, Sany Kim, Aivaras Lee, Patryk Hilton

Girly: It’s a definition I hate, cause I’m convinced there is no room for sex differencies in art. I’m a big bearded boy and still I would proudly wear a Jody Dawber or Cassandra Frances’ piece. Still, this is how people call it. Bold lines and flat shading are mixed with bright colors like pink, yellow, light blue, that perfectly fits the “cuteness” of the subjects, often inspired from pop culture and cartoon characters.

Jody Dawber (basically a traditional artist), Alex Strangler, Sasha Mezoghlian (A. Strangler, J. Dawber, S. Mezoghlian)

The last style of this list have no name yet, but it’s still worth to be considered cause of it’s diffusion and people response to it. Basically the artists recreates a simpler, geometrical, version of the subjects, with no black outline, and a watercolor effect.

Sasha Unisex, Marius Trubisz, Marcin Surowiec, David Cote (M. Surowiec, Sasha Unisex)

Fenris, with a cup of coffee, his legs jutting out, lean and bare, from the hem of one of Hawke’s sweaters.

That was what Hawke missed the most when he left to join the Inquisition. It wasn’t the feel of his body or the sound of his moans when they made love.

It was Fenris, warm and content and relaxed. Reading the newspaper, just because he could. Sneaking a second helping of pastry behind Hawke’s back – then looking so damn pleased with himself as he licked the sugar from his fingers that Hawke couldn’t bear to point out that he didn’t care if the elf ate the whole box. Wrapping himself up in the quilt from their bed and planting himself in front og the fire on snowy days. Arching and groaning and cursing in Tevene when Hawke rubbed his feet.

He missed his bedhead and his morning breath, the way he put too many bubbles in his bathwater and shoved his feet at Hawke when they were cold.

He missed talking to him, and watching the way one corner of his mouth lifted when he smiled. On the road, at night, Hawke lay awake thinking about the rumble of his laugh, and the richness of his voice, and the way he would stretch out in the sun like a contented cat when it was warm.

Hawke hoped Fenris would forgive him one day.

Tama’s Tea Shop is a cute little place. Warm colors, nice smells, welcoming staff. To the average customer, it looks as sweet as their cinnamon-rose blend. But under the soft surface is a finely-tuned machine run with military efficiency.

At six every morning, the Iron Bull opens the blinds, dusts everything, and gets ready for the day. At six-fifteen, Tama comes in and dusts everything again, then brews them a pot of something sweet. (Bull likes sweet, floral teas best, even if she doesn’t.)

Krem works there too, and opens a couple days a week so Bull can have a day off. Tama never takes a day off except for Qun holidays, on which the shop is closed.

Cassandra is a regular. She loves the quiet atmosphere and how none of her relatives or colleagues would think to look for her here. Common is Tama’s seventh language– they read racy romance novels aloud to each other so Tama can practice speaking it.

Bull tells terrible puns. His favorite is “tea you later” but he’s also fond of “our prices aren’t too steep” and telling little kids that his favorite dinosaur is a tea-rex.

Tama rejected the idea of a shop cat– it would shed everywhere and some customers might be allergic. They have an iguana instead, in a large tank that takes up the entire wall behind the register. His name is Toad.

Cassandra brings Dorian to the shop, on Tama’s instruction. She wants to learn ancient Tevene and Cassandra can’t think of anyone else who might know the language. He takes his payment in cups of tea, because he can’t possibly recreate Tama’s perfection. He insists on buying the blends he takes home, but this doesn’t stop him from flirting outrageously for a discount. It works on Bull, but not Tama.

He complains about it once. Tama raises her eyebrows at him and says, with the solemnity of a person choosing the perfect words in their seventh language, “that is because Ashkaari is a thirsty bitch.”

Cole doesn’t work there, but sometimes he wanders in and hands people blends that they’ve never tried before, but are somehow perfect. Varric wants to write a book about Tama’s life but she keeps telling him conflicting stories. He’s never been this frustrated, or this in love. Josephine comes by three times a week buys one of their largest containers of tea– as long as it’s decaf. Tama worries. Vivienne comes in every Monday evening to buy seven bags of dark breakfast tea. No one can convince her to buy larger quantities or different blends. Tama worries about her too.

Sera thinks that all tea is basically the same, and she’ll just buy whatever’s on clearance. Sometimes Tama puts a single box of her special blend on the clearance table right before Sera comes in. Bull doesn’t know how she can always tell, but Tama seems to know the secrets of Sera’s schedule. Sometimes she gives Sera one of the cookies Sten brought over earlier as well.

Sten’s bakery is next door. They trade tea and cookies often, though Tama thought he was a little odd at first. But if her Askaari like the sweet little cookies he makes, then that’s all right. He can stay. He stays open too late though– Tama closes her doors at four, when everyone who’s sensible has done ther shopping. She doesn’t sell tea to people who aren’t sensible. (Except for Dorian, but he’s a special case.)