• The word “Tevene” is used only for the language. The adjective is Tevinter just like the noun. So, for example, a Tevinter person may speak Tevene. A “Tevene” person doesn’t exist. 
  • People who are born without magic despite being children of Altus or Laetans mages can still inherit. Felix Alexius, son of Magister Gereon Alexius, had so little magic you could practically say he wasn’t a mage, but he still was his father’s legal heir, which means he would have inherited his possessions, his wealth and his seat in the Magisterium.
  • That is because people without magic can be magisters. In fact, when Andrastianism first became the Imperium’s official religion, most magisters were not mages. It’s only after the Towers Age (3:00 - 3:99) that non-mages started to become a minority and eventually entirely disappeared from the Magisterium. In modern times, it’s practically unheard-of and nearly impossible to have non-mages on a magisterial seat. But, as said, it is legal. (It did help a lot that Felix, mage or not, was still son of an Altus. Gereon’s decision to keep him as heir was somewhat out of the ordinary and not everyone’s reaction may be as accepting.) 
  •  Altus families intermarry with southern nobility a lot. A non-mage child can easily be used to seal an alliance with a noble from outside Tevinter. 
  • Agnatic primogeniture is not a thing. That is, the rule that says the only the male firstborn can inherit, and if not possible, the second male heir will instead, and so on. A daughter can inherit and, in absence of any eligible candidate (or even in presence of it), anyone can choose to take one ore more apprentices. Apprentices have legal rights over their patron/teacher’s possessions, and can inherit their titles. 
  • As far as canon goes, women seem to not take the husband’s name when they marry (unless much, much greater in importance than their own, I assume). Both Livia Arida and Aquinea Thalrassian, wives of Gereon Alexius and Halward Pavus respectively, are never addressed using their husband’s surname. It’s entirely possible that they are legally known by their maiden name throughout their life. 


Referred to as “Voyager” in common parlance, the constellation Peraquialus is commonly depicted as a ship—no ordinary ship, but rather the primitive vessels sailed by ancient peoples such as the Neromenians. The translation from Ancient Tevene is usually “across the sea,” and lends credence to the idea that the Neromenians came to Thedas from elsewhere, although most reputable scholars dispute this, especially considering those ancient peoples would likely to have named these stars long before they undertook such a voyage.

—From A Study of Thedosian Astronomy by Sister Oran Petrarchius

obscene-tevene  asked:

OMFG SENPAI. The new lottery on SLBP. The thing before with Yuki and Saizo. Yuki just killed me 😂😂😂

I’ve been so occupied with Mystic Messenger that I’ve haven’t been on SLBP for a day or two. I never thought I would see the day that would happen. xD Now I’m going to go and have a look~ 

Tagged by @leothelionsaysgrrrr thank you my pal~

Round two! Talim! 

Rules are simple: list 5 facts about your OC that you haven’t shared before (in art, writing, fictions, answers etc.) Basicly new stuff!
Tag people to share their OC facts if you want.
If you have more than 1 OC - pick one or all, your call. :D

1. Talim can speak several languages, those being: common, elvhen, Orlesian, and is learning Tevene and Qunlat from Dorian and Iron Bull.

2. Talim has only ever lied to Lailani once. When she finds out this results in their first very big fight.

3. Talim’s first relationship ever was with my other oc Ghilani. Also he doesn’t get along with another of my ocs Halin. At all.

4. Talim hates trees, and most animals. Just the outdoors in general.

5. Talim doesn’t drink, he likes to be completely  aware of what’s going on around him at all times and would never do something that would hinder his senses.

And I’m tagging @thefluffynug @aneclipseoverthedas @ourinquisitorialness @leothelionsaysgrrrr and @thereluctantinquisitor sorry if I tagged you again and you already did it (just hoping you’ll do another oc cuz I’m greedy af XD) 

Not a Fool

Day late on fix-it and a day early for fluff, woops. I will try to sin soon!

Thenvunin, Uthvir, and Tasallir belong to @feynites.

A week after the anniversary of his parents passing, Serahlin comes over. The doorbell rings and as the bro closest to the door, Adannar is obligated to get it. He hops up and Flower whines in protest.

“Just a sec, sis,” he tells her, then opens the door. Serahlin’s standing there with what looks to be a giant haul of food from the Tevene place off of fifth. His stomach growls immediately and she smiles.

“Surprise delivery for the boys of Alpha Delta?” She jokes. He thrusts the door open more, and kisses her on the cheek as she enters. She heads into the kitchen, quickly drawing a crowd of hungry fraternity brothers, all angling to get their favorites.

“Aw man, Serahlin you’re the best!”

“Creamy pesto, fuck yeah, my favorite!”

“Is any of this gluten free? Allergist says I need to watch my intake.”

“Fuckin’ A, man! BREAD STICKS!”

“Eggplant Parmesan is my jam, bro.”

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5 Unknown Facts About Your OC

Tagged by @cherrypikkins, @kurogoesinthedas, and @raven-lorne to share 5 facts about one of my OCs that I haven’t shared before (in art, writing, fictions, answers etc.)! Thanks guys!

Since I got tagged by a few of you, I’ll do 5 for Aeric and 5 for Paikea. :)

Aeric Lavellan

  1. Aeric knows a few words in Orlesian, Tevene, and Nevarran due to his reading tons of history books. But most of the words are boring ones, like the words for “letter”, “home”, and “tomb”.
  2. He doesn’t do it often, but when he burps, he does so loudly. Like, embarrassingly loud. (I mean, he doesn’t get embarrassed, but people around him do.)
  3. Aeric is convinced that his parents must really resent him now because he failed to protect Pai.
  4. When Aeric was a child, he used to collect coins he’d find on the rare occasion they went into town, and he’d make up stories about the people whose faces were engraved on the heads of the coins. He never ended up telling anyone those stories.
  5. Aeric used to get into fist fights a lot when he was 9 years-old, and again when he was 13. Usually he lost because the kids would gang up on him.

Paikea Lavellan

  1. Pai was a chubby child up until she turned 6 years-old.
  2. She went through a phase when she was 5 and 6 where she didn’t like the nickname “Pai”. She thought Aeric was calling her “pie”, and therefore assumed he was making fun of her for being/having been chubby. She used to shout at him, “I’m not a pie, I’m a girl!”
  3. I’ve mentioned before that Pai hates fish, but she used to like it until her teen years. There was a year when hunting was scarce, so for a few months, most of the meat the clan had was the fish they had caught. She got so sick of it that she vowed not to eat fish ever again unless her life depended on it.
  4. Though Pai generally has a cheerful personality, she suffers from bouts of seasonal depression every year in the winter.
  5. While Pai is completely against Solas’ plans to tear down the Veil, there’s a part of her that is curious what would happen to elves if he were to succeed. If there were a way to take down the Veil safely without endangering the lives of everyone else in Thedas, she’d want that to happen, because she’s always really loved magic, and often wishes that she could wield it.

Ehhhh… tagging @cherrypikkins, @thessalian, @bunan-tsokolatte, @ourinquisitorialness, @opal-bee, @nimmes, @slugette, and @nightwingspark to share 5 OC facts (or 5 more, if you’ve done so already), if you’d like!

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For @cookiecatconsumer


Cue very concerned best friend rushing over, wrapping him in the biggest hug she possibly could. For such a slight girl, Connie’s grip was surprisingly strong, and left no doubts that she wasn’t going to let Steven go any time soon.

“Are you okay? I heard you were floating through space - how did you survive? What happened? You’ve gotta tell me everything!”

Sure, Garnet had given her the basics; but Connie wasn’t going to rest until she heard out of Steven’s own mouth that he was doing alright after that ordeal.

anonymous asked:

Hey I was just wondering where you found out that Fenris and Dorian and Krem are South Asian? Just coz I didn't think that was confirmed or anything and I'd like to read that, coz i thought it was ambiguous

David Gaider, his writer, said that Dorian is South-Asian, like his actor. Since Krem and Fenris are also native Tevenes I was assuming that meant they were, too.

It’s worth noting that of the three, Dorian is the only one who is voiced by an actor of color.

cottoncanada  asked:

For chara profile thing; Elhael + Aviana

Full Name: Elhael (????)
Gender and Sexuality: Male/Unknown
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Tevene?? Native American??/Elf
Birthplace and Birthdate: Tevinter/6th of Haring
Guilty Pleasures: Rubbing his face against a soft fabric
Phobias: Making others angry
What They Would Be Famous For: Being the voice for the slaves at Dorian’s side when goes back to Tevinter
What They Would Get Arrested For: Being too precious!!
OC You Ship Them With: None???
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: !!!!!!! Nope!!!!!!!
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Anything?? (he never read much as a slave so everything is interesting)
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: The dog dying
Talents and/or Powers: Really observant
Why Someone Might Love Them: Because he is precious and would never hurt a fly and needs protecting.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Because they’re an asshole?? Or maybe because he relies on others so much he seems like a needy child
Why You Love Them: He is my precious little baboo and I wuv him! Okay, well, he’s the one character that is just quiet. He’s the quiet voice when everyone else is panicking that helps everyone to focus again. He’s the one that sees all the little things that the others might miss. And I love him.

Full Name: Aviana Athras Valasan
Gender and Sexuality: Male/Bisexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Qunari/Half-blood elf
Birthplace and Birthdate: Unknown/Found 4th of Wintermarch
Guilty Pleasures: Sneaking out sweets for the children
Phobias: Demons/Possessed children/
What They Would Be Famous For: Being a half-blood defender of mages and elves/probably opening a big orphanage
What They Would Get Arrested For: Kidnapping children (from abusive homes)
OC You Ship Them With: Corvus? I feel like he would be a good logical balance for Avi and Avi could help with Corvus’ spirit troubles
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Asaz, if a certain thing happened then she would probably… though if said thing happened she would probably kill everyone… so let’s hope it doesn’t happen??
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Children’s books
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Someone sacrificing themselves to save others
Talents and/or Powers: Has a knack for making kids smile
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s a sweeheart and tries to do good by everyone who deserves it. Everything he is does to hopefully make the world better for everyone.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s too nice, obnoxiously so.
Why You Love Them: I love him because he’s a darling and is that dorky doting father/husband/friend who always means well. He’s the kind of person who is truly happy in practically every situation because he really knows how to look for that silver lining

Civil War II Is Ruining Captain Marvel

I got to say I am starting to hate Civil War II almost as much as Civil War I. Carol Danvers saying it’s a dishonour to dead soldiers if you don’t imprison people who MIGHT break the law is so utterly stupid I can’teven believe marvel went ahead with that angle seriously.

It sounds less like the writers putting across a valid point of view and more a kid desperate to not get in trouble and throws out bullshit statements in a passionate tone.

Hey Carol you know all those dead soldiers you are saying would be dishonoured if you didn’t go full on Minority Report?

Guess what they died for?

To defend people’s lives…oh yeah and their ability to be free and live outside of a tyrannical state. You know that thing which predictive justice is basically guaranteed to lead to sooner or later…you fucking idiot.

Also superheroe’s personalities change according to writer’s whims but…they didn’t used to do that. There USED to be a certain amount of consistency present where wrtiers TRIED to keep things consistent instead of arbitrarily doing whatever the fuck they liked. And people wonder why this industry is dying?

Also the Marvel characters having human flaws doesn’t mean anything goes cos they still have to be HEROIC at the end of the day