Sometimes i feel like im just not good enough.. I hate when you message other girls that are nothing like me.. I mean, with the fancy nails & The fancy hair.. & The AMAZING bodies kinda like Kim Kardashians.. It makes me feel like i’m missing all those things that you want from me.. & I can’t help but to be sad cause i can’t change the person i am to adjust to your taste of females.. Shit, but if we’ve been together for 10 months now i probably am what you want.. But then again, it just doesn’t feel like it sometimes.


I’m just gonna sit here, in complete darkness.. & Wait for him to call me. He might not.. It’s sad to say that shit shit is taking over me, every breathe i take and every move i make, the same shit is running through my head. Oh man, i don’t wanna be controlled by him for the rest of my life. I wanna be able to get into an argument and still be smiling and laughing at other things. But, i can’t. I wish i didn’t love him. I wish i didn’t know how.

I care way too much & Then when i don't care people act like i never did.. You didn't appreciate me when i did give a fuck but now that i don't you're making it seem like i never did? People really don't notice the shit you do until you don't do it..