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well this post is about a month overdue. but it’s that time of year once again, folks. this fall i’m moving into my very first apartment but i’m also pretty unsure of the state of my financial aid due to a state budget crisis. on top of that, i’m trying to get a car. yeah, yikes.

please consider boosting this post, even if you can’t afford a commission. under the cut will be more in depth info, including a transcript of my prices, cheaper options, and my terms of service. 

(click on each example for easier viewing, i didn’t want to make this post too long for ur viewing pleasure!)

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happy birthday to this salty dog!!! inuyasha was the first anime i watched and was in fact what got me really into in drawing when i was young. so thanks!

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alter ego 2015 // aight so this is probably the only page i’ve been consistently proud of this year, despite its flaws. might make a full size recreation of this

do not use or repost my art in any way without my permission

Heh, this is over a year old and I believe that I forgot to post it.

Not long after I started playing Spiral Knights (and certainly when I didn’t give a damn about bothering with game-canon proportions), I created this armor/weapon set concept that I’ve since named the Ecclesiastic set. I pretty much abandoned it as too detailed for me to enjoy reproducing often.

(The lines are pretty sketchy because I originally did it in pencil, which got a tad smudged. I repaired some, but not all, of them in Photoshop)

What do gremlins do when we aren’t around? Well, these guys farm jellies for their cores and smoke cigars. (Okay, the hefty guy on the right isn’t a jelly farmer … he raises and butchers chromalisks for meat. He’s still got his apron on because he just came out for a smoke with his buddy).

It looks like they may be mad at each other, but I assure you that they’re just a couple of crotchety old coots, and their faces are stuck like that.