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burning crown


alter ego 2015 // aight so this is probably the only page i’ve been consistently proud of this year, despite its flaws. might make a full size recreation of this

do not use or repost my art in any way without my permission


well this post is about a month overdue. but it’s that time of year once again, folks. this fall i’m moving into my very first apartment but i’m also pretty unsure of the state of my financial aid due to a state budget crisis. on top of that, i’m trying to get a car. yeah, yikes.

please consider boosting this post, even if you can’t afford a commission. under the cut will be more in depth info, including a transcript of my prices, cheaper options, and my terms of service. 

(click on each example for easier viewing, i didn’t want to make this post too long for ur viewing pleasure!)

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Hey guys! So today starts my quarter break and I finally have some free time. I’ll spare you the sob story but basically I’m struggling a bit financially. I need to make some money for food as well as the art supplies and books I have to buy next week. With that said, I’ll be opening super cheap commissions for a limited time!!!

$10 b&w traditional busts done in india ink
+ for $2 extra you can have a pop of magenta, blue, or emerald!

- five slots available currently
- will draw you, your friends, your ocs, your fav character, etc
- proper references required for original characters and irl people
- no furries currently sorry ny’all
- payment up front, thru paypal
- turnaround time is roughly a day from the time payment is received
- i prefer to be messaged thru IM

So ya that’s it! Please please boost this if you can!!! And if you have inquiries about any other type of commission, just shoot me an IM and we can talk about it.


Harbinger base model I’ve been working on the past few days. Lots of interchangeable parts, since I wasn’t 100% sure where I was going when I started.

The top one is essentially the final model I’m going to base the 5 characters off of (although Strife is going to have some elements of the second one down), while the other three are some of the rejected ideas. Everything is very messy because it’s being drawn over anyway.