Even after their series of WGM ended, Teukie still cares about his virtual wife. 

Can I cry because their series is really short. It had only 31 episodes or so. T.T

This made me miss Leeteuk even more. Come back safely! 


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  • Q: Leeteuk-ssi, recently Kang Sora-ssi said you have become more manly and that she still has the bracelet you gave her. How do you feel?
  • Leeteuk: First, I think she kept the bracelet because it was made of gold (laugh). And she said I have become more manly. Like people say, Korean men only become real men after coming back from the army. If she says I have become more manly just in the few months I have been here, I think I will be much more manly when I come out in 2014. I will do my best in the remaining time to do whatever tasks given to me. I miss KangSora-ssi too. Thank you.
  • credits to: WGM Leeteuk SJ and Kang Sora