Why I love Park Jungsu?

Park Jungsu. As we all know, Leeteuk is my ultimate SJ bias. Isn’t it obvious? LOL. Okay so the question is… Why do I love him? Or Why do we love him. So here’s my answer for that.

Leeteuk is a very beautiful person. He has a very clean heart. A very clever person. He is very loving and caring to his dongsaengs which makes me love him more and more. He’s my inspiration and happiness. Just looking to his gorgeous photo makes me so happy. Park Jungsu is a person that really loves acting cute or Aegyoing. Actually, I really love it when he’s doing those kind of things. He’s now 29 but he looks like a 5-year old little kid. That’s so cute right? You can check out his photos on my blog and you can see his cuteness, handsomeness, gorgeousness etc. 

He’s my everything. I don’t know what will happen to my life without him. Even though there’s a ZERO chance for me to know him in real life, I will still love and support him no matter what. I love Super Junior so much. From Leeteuk to Kyuhyun and the 2 cuties; Henry & Zhoumi. I will forever support and protect them all.

My love for Super Junior will never ever fade. I’ve gained so many friends because of them. Lemme tell you this, 95% of my friends in my ENTIRE HUMAN LIFE are ELFs. So I am really thankful to SJ for that. =)))) I really love it when I spazz with my ELFriends. It really feels good. I would just forget all my problems and just spazz like there’s no tomorrow.

I love SUJU and ELFs; WE ARE ONE! :)


He’s a wonderful person. Just too beautiful. I hope he knows that. He’s great inspiration and role model to all of his fans. To ELF. He’s a person with great leadership skills and he’s not just leading the members but all the people around him too and that includes us.

Thank you for being strong. I know you’ve been through so much already since SJ debuted and I just want you to know that you did an amazing job as a leader. Please don’t keep your problems to yourself. A lot of people care for you. Please always remember that we are just always here for you. 

Thank you for always smiling. :’)

I love you and Thank you.