Well tonight would definitely count as an interesting night!! 


Started off with events with Call5 farming Chloris as per usual. ^^

Then I went back to Social and we decided to go pop a couple Teugghia’s for BLM, DRK, and NIN bodies.. but when we got there another LS was popping her so we decided to do the mega Boss for Keta..

Amph is a JERKHEAD. It took us forever and Twi a lot of deaths to beat that damn thing.. It was really difficult for some reason.. I think PLD is the wrong type of tank because once Tiddys took over it was pretty smooth sailing. (BF is an amazing Tank though don’t get me wrong. ^^)

After Amph we went back to Teugghia and fought her twice. The first fight was very clean, hardly any aggros. The second fight wasn’t bad either but Tiddys had a headache and left after that. (Hope he feels better!)

Zekky then came out to replace Tiddys and we were going to pop Teugghia again only for us to Aggro Fuath! And boy… thats one MEAN fairy.. It took us a good 20 minutes to fight it and we didn’t even get ANYTHING out of it. Waste of time..

Really… Waste of time..

We ended up moving to another spot to fight Teugghia.. We all get settled and pop it.. and within 3 minutes I get a message saying “ Vis.. whatever your time is up in 4 minutes " 

……. Oh shit.

I then tell everyone were fucked and theres no way (Im the only WHM)… When Babyfish pops a brew for us. (THANK YOU SO MUCH BF!!!) Teugghia is killed within the minute and I got a BLM seal.

So for tonight I’m now 7/10 for BLM Body Seals.

And congrats to Keat who is 6/10 NIN body seals! :D

Thank you to Twi, Tiddys, BF, Keat, Bart, and Zekky for all the hardwork from tonight. I appreciate it SO much! :D