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This might be an odd question but what do you think living with Kuroo and Bokuto would be like? Not as a couple just like flatmates?

Oh lord

I honestly think this could go two different ways:

(#1): their apartment would have an absolute chaotic and messy atmosphere to the point where no one ever wants to visit them. But they see nothing wrong with the way they’re living. They’d always eat out and leave their take out boxes everywhere, and i have a feeling that sometimes they dont pay the light bill on time and they have to sit in the dark together while arguing about who forgot to pay the bill for a whole fucking day.

(#2): it would be the most relaxing and well balanced out place to visit. Their apartment would be spick and spand and smell like lavender fabric softener. They always make each other dinner, have movie nights, or play video games together until 6 in the morning.

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