DONE WITH ALL THE EVIL EXPRESSION REQUESTSSS!!!! Man, it took a week I think??? But whatever, I did it! It was great practice! Thanks so much to everyone who sent one in!!! Decided to put them all together once again! :D I did C2 at least 4 times lol

(and if you noticed I didn’t do one, it’s probably cause you are one of the people who sent a request, anyways, even though I said THEY WERE ALREADY CLOSED multiple times. So sorry. :( ) 

6 Servamp, 2 Haikyuu and 2 Bungou Stray Dog characters. My goodness. ^^; 


Katsucon 2017 - Complete! Even though there wasn’t a dedicated photoshoot this time, there was no shortage of Haikyuu cosplayers. (click for captions!)

If you see yourself, let me know so I can tag you!

Bokuto/Akaashi - @animuminati
IwaOi ita bags - @tetora

This got me pumped to see the Haikyuu stage play in… two months! omg >.<

Requiem for the Moon.

There will be three parts of this short story. The ratings will change(T, M, and E) in order of the updates. Warnings are in the tags.

Paring: Kuroo Tetsurou/Tsukishima Kei 

Summary: Kuroo Tetsurou is a perfectionist. He’s meticulous, patient, and efficient. 

He’s also in love.

Rated T: 

The assignment was given to him two weeks ago, written on the back of a napkin. In his pocket, the wrinkled napkin resides with a name etched on it in black ink. For two weeks Kuroo has watched his prey from afar. Learning the young man’s daily routine, paying close attention to the target’s surroundings and how the man interacts with others; among other things. 

A typical observation prior to completing an assignment takes him three days. He likes to get to know them before he strikes. Normally finding something about them that he dislikes so it’ll make his job all the more enjoyable. 

In the past, he’s sent some real shitty people to the next life. It was almost as if he was doing the world a favor. One day, someone is going to turn the gun on him and by doing so they’ll be freeing the world of another vile human being.

It’s a never ending cycle.

This is his longest assignment to date. Not because the target is a slippery bastard, in fact, Kuroo has had countless times to kill this guy. He could have done so when he first arrived in town. 

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anonymous asked:

But like do u think girl!kuroo hair situation is worse than normal kuroo??

way worse! girl!Kuroo hair situation is…A MESS:

  • it doesn’t matter how unruly her hair is, she always keep it insanely long
  • like don’t you ever try tell her she should cut it, she’ll cut your tongue instead
  • good hair always on useless days is her thing
  • “who has time to brush it I barely have time to change my underwear in the morning”
  • in school and practice she always keep it in a high ponytail and lets just her fringe down
  • people think it’s because she looks badass that way
  • truth is she doesn’t own any poppy pins to pin the fringe away from her face
  • she probably doesn’t even know how a bobby pin looks like
  • Tsukishima’s favorite stress relief is brushing her hair with natural oil and washing it afterwards
  • mostly because it’s so intimate but also because it always leads to a hot shower (very hot!!!!)
  • there are days when her hair is so beautiful, shiny and of such a deep raven color that people literally had been rendered speechless by her beauty
  • she knows and she always tries to use it as a weapon
  • “Kuroo stop flipping your hair around I won’t buy it this time”
  • in truth, Tsukki buys it, every time

p.s. If Kuroo was a girl, she would 100% look like Momo Yaoyorozu from Boku No Hero Academia:


Goodbye everyone


  • Kuroo: I like your glasses.
  • Tsukishima: I’m afraid they’re not for sale.
  • Kuroo: *laughs*
  • Tsukishima: Laugh all you want, they’re still not for sale.