kuroakayachi headcanons nobody asked for

but i will provide anyway because i realized the kuroakayachi tag is empty and it deserves love

  • yachi making the first move on her two boyfriends. being the one (with suga and kiyoko’s help and encouragement ofc) to find a way to be with the two Tols and admit her feelings. being the one to ask them out on a date.
  • kuroo malfunctions pretty often with akaashi and yachi because??? they’re so pretty??? also because he’s so in love ofc
  • akaashi being low-key possessive of his datefriends like. he always has a hand on them: holding hands with yachi, a hand on the small of kuroo’s back, etc.
  • yachi making the absolute best lunch boxes for her boyfriends. kuroo is the smirky type who doesn’t share but makes sure everyone knows and is absolutely jealous of his meal/s. akaashi always requests a set of THREE at the minimum whenever because 1.) he shares with the team because it’s his humblebrag at how amazing his girlfriend is 2.) he can eat two sets at a time because it’s so good wth?
  • akaashi always looks dreamily at kuroo and yachi and he never notices but the two always does. akaashi will always deny.
  • these three’s mornings are like absolute best. kuroo’s bedhead looks so much cuter in the morning when he doesn’t TRY to fix it + yachi is curled up in a blanket + akAASHI HAS PILLOW MARKS ON HIS FACE = waking up around roughly the same time because kuroo likes to stretch like a cat, akaashi smiling at the sleepy yachi and brushing strands of hair off her face, yachi being really kissy in the morning.
  • yachi gets a little insecure sometimes because her boyfriends are so hot and people stare when they’re together as if they can’t BELIEVE they chose HER when they’re out on dates but like!! the two always make sure that insecurity goes away and that it’s her they want, through a lot of kisses and holding her in public :’)
  • ok but slightly generally anxious yachi and kuroo and akaashi are like, the best at comforting her and calming her down. they’re like warm blankets and they promise to protect her and she always feels safe around them.
  • cold autumn afternoons after a little grocery run where they all huddle together with hot chocolate and bread!!!
  • new year’s eve and kuroo is a LOUD, HAPPY drunk + akaashi is a SAPPY drunk + yachi is a CLINGY drunk = best new year’s party ever. also kenma takes like 200 photos.

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The Pride of Nekoma

Read it here on AO3!

Rating: T

Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou & Kozume Kenma, Kuroo Tetsurou & Nekoma Volleyball Club

Word Count: 1,852

Summary: What if Nekoma lost to Nohebi that day …

((commissioned by @meggimed thank you so much again!))

Kuroo stares at the scoreboard, his heart pounding in his throat, as the stone in his stomach sinks deeper. The snakes on the other side of the net are congratulating each other. Kuroo doesn’t want to look behind him to see how his own team is faring. He can already sense their disappointment, their frustration. It weighs on his shoulders like an anchor, threatening to send him tumbling through the floorboards. Each inhale stings sharply in his chest, and he can’t stop staring at those damn numbers.


A hand tugs at his sleeve. Blinking, Kuroo pulls himself out of his daze, turning his head to look down at Kenma beside him. He can’t read his expression, but then again Kenma is generally hard to read when he’s internalizing his emotions.

“They’re waiting for us.” Kenma nods past him to the Nohebi team lining up to shake their hands.

“Right,” Kuroo says with a nod, glad his voice remains steady. He squares his shoulders and turns to face his team. As he suspected, their faces are full of varying degrees of emotion. Lev’s eyes are red, and Shibayama is actually sniffling, though he’s doing his best to hide the tears. Kuroo gives them all a smile.

“Well, we can’t do anything about it now, so we might as well leave the court with dignity,” he says, beckoning for them to follow him.

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How about kuroo+bokuto+daichi+suga having their crush (who joined them and the team on a trip) being quite tired and sleepy and asking them for permission to lean on them to nap a bit?

Training Lev was definitely a challenge and Kuroo Tetsurou was left exhausted at the end of it every time. The tall Russian boy needed this extra training if he wanted to stay on the regulars team with the rest of the Nekoma boys and it was his duty as captain to make sure.

“Rough time?” You said, smile filled with sympathy as you passed him a bottle of cool tea. He’d just gotten back from his shower and had made a beeline towards the room you were sharing during the team training trip.

“When is it not? Lev still needs to work on his receives.” Kuroo sighed and uncapped his drink, taking a long swig of it. Tilting his head, he looked over at you and smiled. “Hope I didn’t keep you waiting.”

You shook your head and plopped down to go back to reading your magazine. “Nah, I spent some time talking to Kenma-kun.”

“Is that so?” He hummed lightly before sitting down next to you, not that you minded. What you didn’t expect was him laying his head down on your lap, a mischievous glint in his eyes when you peered down to look at him. “I’m tired, let me take a nap until dinner time.”

Smoothing his damp and unruly hair, you chuckled under your breath. “Sure, sure.”

It was getting really late, but the Fukurodani team insisted on staying up as late as possible. It was your last night at training camp, and Yukie and Kaori wouldn’t let you go to your room. It’s bonding time, they’d said. Let’s party all night long, they said. You started regretting your weak will as soon as the clock hit eleven o’clock.

Despite the late time, it didn’t seem like anyone else was going to sleep anytime soon. The snacks were still out in the open and the boys were animatedly talking about the cultural festival that was coming up. But you were having a hard time keeping up with the conversations now.

“Is something wrong?” Bokuto Koutarou’s voice stirred you out of your hazy mind and you glanced up at him. His golden eyes were filled with worry and it finally dawned on you that he’d spoken normally to you instead of in that boisterous volume. It was probably because he didn’t want to catch the attention of the rest of the team, not that he could because they were really loud already.

“Just tired.” You rubbed your eyes, voice thick with sleep. No matter how much you tried to rub away the sleepiness, it wouldn’t go away. “Ne, Bokuto-kun? Can I put my head on your shoulder?”

“Eh? EH?!” He was so flustered, he had no idea what to say.

Yawning, you leaned your head against his shoulder and closed your eyes. His warmth enveloped your body and it began to lull you to sleep. “Thanks.”

Before you fell asleep though, you heard Yukie snicker and teasingly say, “Ooooh~” but you had no strength to tell her to be quiet.

The Tokyo training camp was one of the hardest yet most rewarding training camps Sawamura Daichi had been on. Perhaps it was because you had tagged along that he had found himself even more determined. You were there, helping out all the managers, while the teams practiced hard every day in the gym. It was nice seeing you getting along with everyone and it made Daichi’s heart race whenever he saw you laugh and smile with them.

It was the last day here and the coaches had all thrown a barbeque party. It had been fun, and Kuroo and Bokuto had teased him relentlessly about you. It was obvious that Daichi had the biggest crush on you and Kuroo had teased him about it, telling the Karasuno captain that he should make a move soon. After all, it was their last year.

During the night, a bonfire had been lit and everyone was scattered around, enjoying the time together. Daichi found you sitting by the fire pit, talking to Kiyoko, and decided to make his way over. When Kiyoko noticed him approach, she excused herself, but not before patting Daichi on the shoulder.

“Can I sit with you?”

You looked up at him with that brilliant smile that made him flush a little. “Of course. You don’t even need to ask, Daichi-kun.”

He sat next to you, well aware of how his thighs were pressed against yours. A silence washed over as you two admired the bright fire that danced in the pit. He broke the silence first. “Thanks for coming here with us. It was really nice having you here. Plus, I think Hinata and Kageyama listen better when you’re here.”

You giggle and he blushes furiously when he feels you lean your head against his shoulder. The scent of your shampoo wafts up his nose and your soft hair tickles his skin. “It was a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to spend a week of my summer here. Thanks, Daichi.”

He hoped that he’d be able to spend more time with you after this.

The ride back to your town in Miyagi was quite long and after the first hour of the trip, the team had quieted down a lot. The intense Tokyo training was catching up with them so you didn’t blame them for feeling tired even after all the sleep they had the night before.

You were sitting at the back with Sugawara Koushi, gazing out the window and watching as the trees passed by. He was talking to Daichi about something that you didn’t quite understand since you weren’t that familiar with volleyball stuff.

“Ne, ____, did you have fun?” Suga’s smooth voice brought you back from your daydreams and you swore his smile could melt you into a puddle.

“I had a lot of fun. I’m glad that Takeda-sensei let me tag along with you guys.” You mirrored his smile, angling your body so you were facing the grey haired boy. “It’s thanks to you though, Suga-kun.”

Suga laughed and if his smile could melt your heart, you were positive that his laugh could bring world peace. You blushed lightly, finding yourself getting happier just being near the guy. “You don’t need to thank me. I had a lot more fun with you being there. And, I think the team is livelier when you’re there, especially Tanaka and Noya.”

You chuckled, remembering how protective those two had been. “I swear, those two.” You shook your head gently and smiled because those two were just so funny.

Then, you felt a pressure on your shoulder and when you looked over, Suga had placed his head there. His eyes were closed so he couldn’t see your heated face, but he probably sensed your sudden stiffness. “Let’s stay like this for awhile.” He said softly and instantly you relaxed, a gentle smile touching your lips.

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how about a mob/yakuza au for tsukki and kuroo with their s/o's?

-used mafia terms-


  • Tsukki would be a Capo
  • Wife is friends with Kuroo’s wife because they are childhood friends.
  • Kei has his crew that includes Hinata as well who is actually a beast, if theres a job Tsukishima needs Hina to get done, it will be done. 
  • In charge of the money because Tsukishima is the most trusted in his whole division.
  • Will kill if one of his or Kuroo’s family members are hurt. Like, full yandere.
  • He joined the gang because ____ was already in it because of her dad being in it and thats why Tsukishima is there.


  • Would be an underboss.
  • Uncle is a boss for another area which influenced him to become part of it as well. 
  • Tsukishima’s family would be under him.
  • Kuroo cares deeply for the Tsukishima family and has members always watching their two girls and his wife when Tsukki is away for Kuroo.
  • Kuroo is very stern, he’s hella fucking mean too. He has only one weakness, his wife ____.
  • She can change his mind in an instant and is the only one who has the ability to do that, her and his little girl too. 

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‘Hey bastard this store is already closed oh wait you’re hot never mind please do come in’ AU - with Kuroo (I feel like this totally fits him tbh)

I agree with you 100000000%! This is such a Kuroo thing, especially if it was Kenma. I just love Kuroo because I feel like he’s sarcastic and goofy as hell but at the same time I have this headcanon that he’s the sweetest dude ever! Thank you so much for your request and happy reading!

“I really hope the store is still open. I really really really need that tub of ice cream right now.” F/n mumbles to the cold, empty air around them as they hurry down the street. It was late, 11:59 to be exact, and she had a feeling that the store closed at 12. F/n had just rushed out of a seemingly perfect date with her boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, before everything went downhill moments before.

“I even pulled out my heels for that bastard.” The h/c says bitterly, pushing the door of the store open. She is met with a burst of hot air, to which she sighs in relief. Her happiness is short-lived however, as the cashier behind the counter leans across the counter with an impatient look.

“Hey bastard this store is closed.” The messy-haired boy says in a deep voice, startling F/n. She opens her mouth to answer but is cut off by the black haired male scrambling out from behind the counter. “Oh wait! You’re super hot, never mind what I said. Come on in.” He gives F/n a small smile but she gives him a quizzical stare.

“Isn’t the store closed at midnight?” F/n pulls her phone out and checks the time but the taller male waves a hand passively.

“Well yeah it’s closed. For a cutie like you though,” The male leans close to F/n, and she notices that his eyes are a beautiful golden color. “Not closed.” He finishes as a small blush appears on the h/c’s cheeks.

“T-Thank you.” F/n says before stepping around the black haired male, hurrying towards the ice cream section of the small convenience store. Much to her dislike, the cashier follows her and continues to try and make small talk.

“Now sweetie, why are you here?” His voice is laced with concern yet has a hint of sarcasm. “Usually women don’t get all dolled up to come and buy ice cream at midnight. Nonetheless with mascara smeared down their cheeks.

F/n sighs and tears up again, not looking at the male. “I-It’s none of your business.” She says in a quiet voice, grabbing the first tub that catches her eye. She turns to check out but the black haired male is standing before her mere inches away. He doesn’t move but instead leans down again, staring at F/n’s face.

“You don’t look okay. What’s your name?” He says with his brows furrowed. F/n nervously looks the male up and down before sighing.

“L/n F/n.” She says before leaning against the freezer door behind her. The male smiles and places a hand on the door next to her, leaning beside F/n.

“Kuroo Tetsurou. See that wasn’t so hard now was it?” He smiles more and pokes F/n in the arm lightly. “Now tell me what happened. Did your date ditch or something?” F/n tears up again and looks down, letting her h/c hair cover her reddening face.

“I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend. We were at dinner and she showed up. Guess he double booked out d-dates.” F/n chokes up at the last word, covering her mouth in an attempt to calm down.

Suddenly warm, strong arms are wrapped around her. Kuroo had placed F/n in a tight embrace and was rubbing her upper back soothingly. “I’m so sorry that they did that to you L/n. Listen, you are a beautiful woman and I guarantee that you are even more stunning on the inside. Don’t let them get you down okay?” He pulls her away from him and gives F/n a breathtaking smile. F/n’s heart skips a beat and she nods shyly.

“C-Can I pay for this so I can g-go home now K-Kuroo-san?” F/n says in a shaky voice, causing a breathy chuckle to escape Kuroo’s lips.

“Don’t worry about it.” He looks at the clock and clicks his tongue. “Listen. Give me five minutes and I’ll walk you home okay? I couldn’t bare to let you walk home alone at this hour.” ‘Let alone dressed like that.’ Kuroo thinks but doesn’t say.

F/n nods and leans against the counter as she watches the taller male finish his duties. ‘Kind of cute. Despite the crazy bedhead.’ A small smile appears on her face, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Kuroo, who had finished his duties.

“What are you smiling about?” He says in a teasing manner, shutting and locking the store door. F/n waves both hands in front of her quickly and looks away.

“N-Nothing!” Kuroo laughs at her reaction and places his hands in his pockets.

“Now which way do you live?” F/n leads the way down the street and the pair travel silently for a few moments before F/n tries to make small talk.

“Why is your hair so crazy?” She looks up to see Kuroo staring at her with wide eyes.

“No one’s ever had the guts to ask me that outright 10 minutes after meeting them. It’s always been like this.” He places a hand on the back of his head and looks away. “You’re a pretty interesting girl ya know.” He mumbles to himself.

The pair continue their walk sharing a small conversation to make it less awkward. Soon they reach F/n’s apartment and she stops and turns to him at the entrance.

“Thank you so much Kuroo-san.” F/n bows deeply, causing Kuroo to blush slightly. “I appreciate you walking me home tonight.” The h/c straightens to be surprised by yet another embrace from the taller male.

“I was right earlier.” Kuroo says to F/n quietly, leaving her bewildered. The black haired male pulls away just as suddenly as he embraced her, taking a step away from the e/c girl. “Stay safe okay? Find someone that will treat you better than that asshole ever did.” He gives the bewildered girl a small wave before continuing to walk down the sidewalk.

F/n stares after him until the dark of night envelopes him before making her way into her apartment. The h/c quickly kicks off her shoes and goes to the kitchen to grab a spoon, but upon removing the tub from the bag discovers a small note atop it.

“I don’t remember ever taking this paper. Strange.” F/n mumbles to herself as she unfolds it.


Give me a call if you ever want someone who will treat you like a princess. You deserve it more than any other girl on this Earth.

~Kuroo Tetsurou XXX-XXX-XXXX

OMG I JUST CAME BACK TO CHECK ON TUMBLR AND I’VE GAINED SO MANY FOLLOWERS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! >.< I’m currently busy with work so I haven’t been on tumblr/updating and WOW! The surprise I had when I decided to check on my account after so long. I hope to have the time to draw more but if i don’t pls forgive me *bows* ANYWAYS~~~ THANK YOU EVERYONEEEEEE!!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO LIKE MY STUFF!!!

Very Angry Cat Barista

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ddsp6l

by MoonflowerKuroo

Sure, being a barista or waiter might be easy to some people. Like Tsukishima, with his long arms to carry multiple plates. Or Yachi, who is sweet and doesn’t get yelled at when she gets flustered at so many orders. Or Oikawa, whose natural born good looks are the reason they get so many customers.

Not Yaku, who is short, kind of cute, and just wants to pay back his loans.

Words: 7198, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ddsp6l