tetsuo & youth

It’s mean, soldiers
Now let me put the streets down like steamrollers
With the CATS that push
40 oz. through the hood like King Cobras
See we sling soda
Cause the extra four in the split is mixed
It’s really thirty-six
Used to buy toasters and clips
You can tighten your circle or boa constrict
While you was lighting your purple, I was over the scripts
See, I could walk the walk, couldn’t really talk the talk
Had to get my talk to properly explain my walk
Cause this lack in talk had my walk looking off

Now I’m over the limp
Watch how they mugs drop when they see my Verbal’s able
That’s the Usual
When I was po’ I was low
Now me and my Chaps cop Purple Label
It’s Ralph Lauren on the rap laureate
Niggas brown nose, they are like Alf to him
Runners at Interscope are not as Stoute as him
Please don’t Interscope
It’s gonna be a whole lot of Iovine and respirating
If I lean out this window with Irene

Niggas as tall as Yao Ming
With L-U-P-Emperor
Is the foundation’s, I-beams and the antennas
It’s so serious every time I write my John Hancock like
Could damn near see Detroit, I see you
Niggas is scared of heights
This is Saran Wrap and aluminum foil
Some potpourri, a little machine oil
I stack my paper and throw off my scents
This is top floor, better look out below

Pennies from heaven is the same as a semi from the second
And I reign supreme
Turn your umbrellas upside down
Did you even catch the change in theme 
- Lupe Fiasco 

#Top 3 Rapper of All Time 

Mural - Lupe Fiasco

Son…Lupe went ALL THE WAY in on this shit bruh. This just goes to show that Lupe’s at his best when he lets his god tier wordplay do the heavy lifting and checks the megaphone wielding, social justice grandstanding at the door. Say what you will about Lupe’s antics on social media but if you can honestly listen to this and not acknowledge him as one of the greatests living lyricists then I can’t even really fuck with you.