Video of the second session on Sunday in Harajuku (the first session is here). Funassyi came out with a pale pink woolly hat, probably made by a fan, and quipped that he was imitating actor Kunie Tanaka from the classic 1980s drama Kita no Kuni Kara

The content of this session was a bit different from the first session; the most interesting tidbit may have been when Funassyi revealed that he has been invited to appear on Tetsuko no Heya, a long-running talk-interview show hosted by Japanese TV legend Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, but he had to turn it down because of a scheduling conflict. (Funassyi got in her way during Kohaku Utagassen, annoying the lady a little.) It’s considered quite an honor to be a guest on Tetsuko no Heya, so hopefully Funassyi will be invited again and be able to make it some day. 

Funassyi also mentioned that an event is scheduled for May, details to be revealed, and that his goal this year is to actually do some kind of event at Budokan - something that he’s been saying is an ultimate goal of his for some time.

The cake that was presented to Funassyi had a different design from the one in the first session. I’m not sure if he actually liked the cake though - he just shrieks that it’s “sweeeet” when he tries it via his Illusion. (I’m also not sure what happened to the cake later…I guess it was eaten by the staff, since it was too small to distribute to 400 fans.) 

Sekkou Boys Episode 5

Sekkou Boys Episode 5

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Sekkou Boys released their first single, “We are Boys”. (I wonder if they will release this in reality in future…) They were invited by famous talk show host, Setsuko Furoyanagi (Kobayashi Yuu), to appear on her talk show. (more…)

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Why wasn't shinsengumi there in 4 devas arc or kintama arc WHY T______T

ahh well, that’s just how it goes sometimes, i suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tbh there were already so many characters sorachi had to juggle in both of those arcs that i still can’t believe he managed it, lmao. for the four devas arc in particular, i think he was trying to highlight some of the smaller background characters who live in kabukicho, but don’t appear very often (like tatsumi and tetsuko, for instance) and show that kabukicho is still their town and they’re still an important part of it. and the shinsengumi just kind of didn’t fit that theme. kabukicho falls under their jurisdiction, and there are people there that are important to them, but the town itself doesn’t exactly mean the same thing it does to otose, the yorozuya, etc. it’s just not their home. not to mention that introducing the police to that particular storyline would have made things SUPER complicated, since p much everyone was operating outside of the law, lmfao. so from a storytelling standpoint, it’s probably better that the police were mia for that arc.

as for kintama, though…. ngl, i would have loved to see the shinsengumi at least appear in that arc, since it was all about gin’s connections with his loved ones. and his relationships with the various members of the shinsengumi, the strange kind of respect that they all have for him… it would have been nice to see that explored a little. and after all they DID appear in the memory loss arc, which was kind of the same idea. but again, there were already a butt ton of characters in that arc ahaha, and it’s pretty impressive that sorachi managed to squeeze in as much as he did, particularly since it was only… what, four or five chapters long? 

but yeah i mean i feel you, especially with the kintama arc. i always miss them when they’re not around…


Il se passe rien et puis il se passe quand même des trucs quand je traîne au MK2 et que je repars avec 耳をすませば, ensuite il se passe à nouveau rien Tetsuko n'est toujours pas avec moi et regarde par la fenêtre chez son hébergeuse. Et puis je vais un samedi à la cinémathèque pour Marty Scorcese. Alors il là il se passe plein de trucs. Je bois un ballon de rouge en mangeant un moelleux au chocolat et en écoutant les copines et je rentre lire Indridason, Erlendur est cette fois dans le patelin de la seconde photo. Et là aussi il se passe des trucs et dans mes poumons c'est le bordel alors je rêve que Matt the electrician me borde un tantinet. Mais sinon il se passe rien.

Totto - chan
The Little Girl at The Window
by : Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

It just happened with a very simple way. Popular homo sapiens says “don’t judge the book by its cover”, I do agree, cause I’m popular hahaha just joking. No, I mean yes, never judge the book by its packaging. But there was a day, when I came to a book store, looking for a new collection, with my only 80k rupiah. A book covered with a water color illustrated girl, sat on “the best seller” section. I felt in love right away. I love the cover, no matter what. It just the way it is.

Then, after I picked what-almost-mine, exactly when I was on my way to the cashier, I remembered “this book has been mentioned on one of my subject’s module”. I was getting more excited. Like I, by any chances, collected a hidden puzzle. For I always believe that there’s a power connects us invisibly with books that we want to read - the books that meant to be read.

So, it was a background story of me, falling with Tetsuko Kuroyanagi’s biography. The book asks us to see the world of kindergarten girl lives in Japan. She’s lovable, she’s unique, she’s pure. And sincerely I love her. She was kicked out from her school because she can’t deal with the teachers and other children. I feel so sorry, deep down my heart. But remember, like it or not, we live in a world full of counterparts. After she dropped out from her school, her mom sent her to a special place, a new school. But the school is too way different from the latest one, physically and emotionally. The school was built from disused trains, children can be as authentic as theirselves, teachers choose to play a role as a parent or friend rather than a teacher, and the headmaster is the most warm-hearted man in her life.

I jumped in an emotional roller coaster everytime I read the book, even when I just reminiscing the part of the story. It is moving. The affects for me, I laughed, I giggled, I envy, I cried. I definitely ask my children to read this book. The book is touching in a way of pure world. It has a beautiful story.

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