Akiva Miller, Dylan Fosket, Igor Stepanov, John Tuite, Rafael Perez, Tyler Brank and Zach Brank BY Tetsuharu Kubota FOR  Commons&Sense Man.

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If you watch Diamond No Ace, please research the history of Japanese baseball!! 
Almost everything in the show is based off of reality, a lot of the players are based off Japanese baseball legends, especially those who made their mark at Koshien (YES, Koshien is real and it is bigger than March Madness NCAA in America for comparison). Every year high school baseball players put in all the blood, sweat, tears, pride and hard-work for the chance at a dream just like in DNA. The training for Koshien is based off samurai-bushido principals, and the players push themselves farther than any pro player does during that 9-day tournament that represents their dream. 

Here are some characters that are likely based off these legendary players (any player with a ? means I’m not entirely sure): 

Eijun Sawamura - Eiji Sawamura (Eiji died early after joining the army, and this is why Eijun calls Kataoka “General!” and Ochiai “Sergeant!”) 

Todoroki Raichi - Hideki Matsui
Coach Ochiai - Hiromitsu Ochiai
Furuya Satoru -  Fujikawa Kyuji
Narumiya Mei - Yutaka Entasu / Yuki Saito
Kuramochi Youichi - Kazuo Matsui ?
Yuuki Tetsuya - Tetsuharu Kawakami ?
Tanba Koichiro - Masumi Kuwata
Sanada Shunpei - Daisuke Matsuzaka ?
Hongou Masamune - Masahiro Tanaka

I’m sure there are many more and I probably only scratched the surface! If you have any corrections or contributions to the list I’d gladly take them! If you’d like to discuss any of my choices or the reason I chose the player I did, I’d be happy to do so! 

They went the extra mile to interview the following people for the October 2015 issue:

  • Leaders: Sugita Tomokazu (Sakata Gintoki) + Nakai Kazuya (Hijikata Toushirou)
  • Yorozuya: Sakaguchi Daisuke (Shimura Shinpachi) + Kugimiya Rie (Kagura) + Takahashi Mikako (Sadaharu)
  • Shinsengumi: Chiba Susumu (Kondo Isao) + Suzumura Kenichi (Okita Sougo) + Oota Tetsuharu (Yamazaki Sagaru)

Add to that, they’ll be including a special poster that will feature Gintoki and Hijikata.

Animage October 2015 is still available for preorder on AmiAmi and CD Japan. The issue will be released this September 10, 2015.


Takamina’s Twitter:

1) Takahashi Minami’s Produce Stages’ last! The 8th!
Happy Birthday to my beloved Nyannyan’s stage ended!✨
It is the funnest and blissful show.

2) Special guest was entertainer Nagano-san,
And for myself, the prank at the end ww
That was the biggest shock I received ww
Dancer-san, and TETSUHARU-san, thank you😭

3) For all the 8 shows, we can only achieve this today through a lot of people’s help. Thank you for accommodating all my selfish requests.  
Honestly, I’ve totally achieved everything. I am glad.
And, indeed, I love the theater
These 8 shows let me understood the reasons why I love AKB48

4) And NO3B
Is the best. I love you.
I am thankful to be able to meet these friends who are irreplaceable. 

Thank you to everyone who had watched it through on demand✨
The next time we will meet is at my last theater show.

Nyannyan’s Twitter:

Even though I don’t know where to start to say! I am really happy!
I laughed so much! I was able to do everything I wanted to do! Thank you everyone. 
Takamina, you’ve really worked hard. Thank you