‘The Other’ - Model: Shanina Shaik | Photography: Tetsuharu Kubota | Styling: Maher Jridi | Hair: Yoichi Tomizawa | Make-up: Aya Komatsu

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.  Shanina’s mother is of Lithuanian heritage, while her father is Pakistani with some Saudi Arabian roots.


Takamina’s Twitter:

1) Takahashi Minami’s Produce Stages’ last! The 8th!
Happy Birthday to my beloved Nyannyan’s stage ended!✨
It is the funnest and blissful show.

2) Special guest was entertainer Nagano-san,
And for myself, the prank at the end ww
That was the biggest shock I received ww
Dancer-san, and TETSUHARU-san, thank you😭

3) For all the 8 shows, we can only achieve this today through a lot of people’s help. Thank you for accommodating all my selfish requests.  
Honestly, I’ve totally achieved everything. I am glad.
And, indeed, I love the theater
These 8 shows let me understood the reasons why I love AKB48

4) And NO3B
Is the best. I love you.
I am thankful to be able to meet these friends who are irreplaceable. 

Thank you to everyone who had watched it through on demand✨
The next time we will meet is at my last theater show.

Nyannyan’s Twitter:

Even though I don’t know where to start to say! I am really happy!
I laughed so much! I was able to do everything I wanted to do! Thank you everyone. 
Takamina, you’ve really worked hard. Thank you