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sleeping with jeph howard.

sigh if only

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I think AP Physics gives credit for General Physics 1 and 2, so that means that that one is for actual science majors, so I’d go with College Physics! Unless you want to be a science major, that is.

I am a science major ugh and there’s only one College Physics class and it conflicts with my Chem 2 class sigh thank you though I’ll see what I can do

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My APUSH teacher is offering extra credit for kids who come to watch an hour of it every Monday after school. If you, as a history major, is saying it’s good, then I might go just to watch it! :-)

I recommend doing it. While it is not the best thing to learn about Adams from, however it is not a horrible series. My one professor says it makes Adams too likable but I disagree. The show portrayed him as a conflicted man who had a short temper. I do think the series makes you sympathize with Abigail though and does depict their relationship in the most realistic way. You do see her being pissed off at him and him at her. You see them upset, sad, etc. with each other and it doesn’t just depict this picture perfect marriage which is how their marriage is depicted. You see her as a woman who struggles with her husband being gone while trying to raise a family. I think they also did a good job depicting Jefferson. Washington I feel like was portrayed the least realistic out of all the men. I don’t think you can really get away from the hero worship of Washington. I cannot exactly put my finger on how I would describe how Washington was portrayed. Anyways, long story short, if you have time I recommended watching it. Even if you just watch it for entertainment purposes. Ironically, I am not a big fan of the book the series was based off of but I do like the series. Go figure.