Tetropolis is a non-linear puzzle platformer set in a world that is a puzzle itself, which merges elements from Metroid and Tetris to create an entirely unique game – a Tetroidvania.

You play as an imperfect tetromino in a society obsessed with falling block puzzle games, to such a degree that even the world is constructed of tetrominoes.  As you progress through the game you will discover “control points” that allow you to alter the level, sliding huge Tetris block-shaped modules around at will.  Rearranging the map is not only necessary to create new pathways and unlock new areas, but to solve puzzles and discover the secrets of Tetropolis.

It’s a fun game that makes creative use ot the tetrominoes inherent versatility and the re-arangeable levels are a masterstroke in game design.  Who’d of thought the humble Tetris block could have the charm and personality to pull off a puzzle platform adventure so well?

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Metroid Plus Tetris Equals Tetropolis

Tetropolis is the story of a defective tetronimo escaping the factory that created it in the kind of Metroidvania-style adventure that Tetris pieces don’t tend to find themselves in.  It also just landed on Kickstarter with the PAX East demo available for anyone to download and an updated version coming soon. 

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Kickstarter Spotlight: Tetropolis

The Spotlight is back (although a day later than I would have liked) and it is time to showcase one of the best mash-up of genres I’ve seen on Kickstarter. What happens when you take Tetris and fuse it together with Metroidvania? 

Tetroidvania. My new favorite word.

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Tetropolis, from developer NextGen Pants, takes place in a world absolutely obsessed with falling block puzzle games. Oh yeah. You’re also a tetromino, or puzzle shape. So you can totally become an L block, T block or just a square, etc. This will be necessary as you make your way through the levels inspired by the same shapes you take. The worlds in which you tumble through, however, will need to be altered. The player will have to alter the map using control points to continue progressing, unlock new areas and even find secret sections. 

There is something distinctly different about what is on display here. This is the same style of Metroidvania platformer that I’ve featured on the Spotlight prior yet the infusion of Tetris style puzzle elements makes for a compelling play. The game was on display at PAX East recently and the consensus is that NextGen Pants is on to something special here.

You can download the PC demo here (use of a controller is definitely recommended by the developers for this. I’ve checked it out since learning of it earlier in the week and the progress the team has made thus far really gives me confidence that the finished product is going to kick all kinds of ass. 

This is a unique approach to what is already feeling like a staid sub-genre of gaming that manages to bring something new to the table while still upholding the aspects of platformers that work so well. I found the puzzles I came across challenging without being mind-numbingly hard and the ability to alter your shape accordingly provided unique opportunities to play through these levels in different ways.

The Scrivener fully endorses this as a game you’ll want to at least experience let alone play obsessively (which I plan on doing). Tetropolis has 25 days left to make it’s $50,000 goal. It should be available on PC/Mac/Linux and Ouya once production is complete. 

One last thing: That is how you make a proper Kickstarter video when it comes to games. There was enough on display here to tantalize me, show you’ve made good progress on actually completing the game and, better yet, shown something substantial without giving all the best things away.

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