DeanXReader: With Cas, Sam, and Gabriel

Request: Sknce you know German, can you write one with Dean and reader. Reader is German but she doesn’t speak it often so one time when Dean (they are together) does something silly she gets mad and starts talking in German.

Request: I’m pretty sure it’s still Monday so I’m hoping this request is alright: Dean and the reader going on a witch hunt with Cas and Gabe (bc Sam opted to stay and research or was injured or smth) and the angels being turned into little kids. (A cliché, I know.) Really fluffy all around and maybe like a sweet little “family bonding” moment? Love you! :*

Request: Can you do a deanxreader where she loves pickles and he makes fun if her because she literally eats them on everything (don’t like pickles but I want to see what you say hehe)

Request: Hello! I really love your writting! I hurt my arm and wanna ask, if you can do one dean x reader, where reader is like super nerd, wear glasses, like star trek and all like that, but is a hunter. and she hurts her right arm and can’t do a lot of regular things, so boys have to help her. Sorry for my bad english (You’re English is AMAZING!!!! And I’m so happy you said Star Trek, because I’m obsessed, and I’m gonna drop some awesome trivia facts!)

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