tetrahedron star

The Star of David is allied with Jewish mysticism and still holds to the original representation of the star tetrahedron also known as the Merkaba.  

The upward pointing star represents the sun, fire and masculine energy.  The downward pointing star represents the moon, water and feminine energy.  As always, when the symbol is placed within a circle we see the trinity.

In the Kabbalistic tradition the hexagon symbolizes the six directions of space, the divine union of male and female and the four elements.

”When we fell—and it was like a fall—we were in an uncontrolled spiral of consciousness moving down through the dimensions of consciousness. We were out of control, and it was very much like falling through space. When we arrived here in the third dimension, certain specific changes took place, both physiologically and in the way we functioned in the Reality. The most important change was in the way we breathed prana, a Hindu word for the life-force energy of this universe. Prana is more critical to our survival than air, water, food or any other substance, and the manner in which we take this energy into our bodies radically affects how we perceive the Reality. In Atlantean times and earlier, the way we breathed prana was directly related to the electromagnetic
energy fields that surround our bodies. All the energy forms in our fields are geometric, and the one we will be working with is a star tetrahedron, which consists of two interlocked tetrahedrons [Fig. 1-1]. Another way of thinking of it is as a three-dimensional Star of David.”

— Drunvalo Melchizedek

Lesson 8: Auras - What They Are & The Seven Bodies

The human body, and everything in existence, is energy. While we all have the same energy fields geometrically, we are on different frequencies as humans and this causes differences the way we come off.

Your aura is the electromagnetic field of energy surrounding you that is specific to what you’re feeling, thinking, doing, or what chakras you are over- or under-using. The aura stretches through and beyond the seven-chakra system, meaning that it extends above the head and below the feet into the ground in the shape of an egg. (This auric field is not to be confused with the star tetrahedron field that surrounds us, the mer-ka-ba)

Auras come in several different colors, but the main system of colors are red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, and purple, since these are the colors of the seven-chakra system. There are also other colors, including black, green, and several variations of the main seven.

The aura contains seven bodies:

1. Etheric Body

Closest energy body to the physical body. It is usually seen as bluish-gray; this white-blue light is the prana or the life-force energy of your body. This is the body that is seen through Kirlian photography (we’ll come back to this later). The etheric body extends one quarter to two inches beyond the physical body (from the skin) and pulsates at about 15-20 cycles per minute. It can be seen around the entire body but is mostly seen around your hands, feet, your head, and a little on your shoulders. When seen around the hands, it is 3-4 inches away.

2. Emotional Body

While the etheric body duplicates the physical body, the emotional body is more fluid. This is expected, since fluidity is the nature of our emotions. Your emotions put out electromagnetic fields. This body is associated with our feelings and changes as your feelings do (you can practice seeing these changes yourself, but we’ll talk about that later.) This body is about one to three inches from the physical body and is far more colorful than the etheric body.

3. Mental Body

The mental body is associated with our thoughts and mental expressions. Just like emotions, your thoughts emit electromagnetic fields from your brain. It extends three to eight inches from the body, and generally has a yellow light, which radiates around the head and shoulders, and extends to the body below. The mental body is similar to the emotional body in colors sometimes, because if there is an emotion associated with your thought, certain colors of the emotional body will show. Otherwise, the yellow deepens/intensifies if you are deep in thought.

4. Astral Body (astral plane - bridge)

This is called the bridge to the astral plane, because this body is associated with energies that are not of the third-dimensional frequency. It extends six inches or one foot from the body. It has the colors of the rainbow like the emotional body, along with a pink/rose hue that is mostly seen if the personal is emotional + loving. The astral plane is also sometimes called the emotional plane, which is why when we are in the astral, our emotions are greatly enhanced either way.

5. Etheric Template Body (physical aspect)

The name of this body suggests that it is the template for the etheric body, which is the first body we mentioned. This means that the etheric template body is the body formed before the etheric body. It exists in a higher dimension but also extends one and one half to two feet from the body. It has a dark blue hue, and is usually only seen by advanced healers or people with lots of practice in healing/clairvoyance.

6. Celestial Body (emotional aspect)

When we feel pure love, and when we feel true interconnectedness, we are tapping into the frequencies of the celestial body. This celestial body is the spiritual-emotional plane, which is kind of like the emotional body, but different in that the emotions felt here are more related to euphoria, bliss, love, and ecstasy. The colors of this body are usually pastel and have a soft glow.

7. Ketheric/Casual Body (mental aspect)

As the celestial body was the emotional aspect of the spiritual plane, the ketheric body is the mental aspect of the physical plane. It contains all six other bodies within it and extends up to three and a half feet from the body. It vibrates at a very high speed and is made of a gold grid type structure, which is very durable. Once you raise your consciousness to the level of this body, you are aware of your oneness with Being or Source. This body also contains the main Kundalini force that runs up and down the body (which we will talk about later).

Now, even if you don’t “believe” in the bodies I listed above, I can tell you how to actually see your etheric body. 

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Prana Energy

“Prana” is the Hindu word for the life-force energy of this universe. There are many words for this energy, including orgone (which we talked about in this post). This energy, being the energy of life in this universe, is key to our survival. We cannot survive without this energy - in fact, we are this energy in a sense. If there was no prana/orgone/life force, there would be no us. It is more important than air, water, or food.

In the times of the city of Atlantis, humans breathed prana energy (yes, you can breathe this energy!) in a very special way. We breathed energy using the electromagnetic energy fields around our bodies. We have more than one field, but the major and most important one is the star tetrahedron (two interlocked tetrahedrons), or the Mer-Ka-Ba. As you can see below, it looks like the 3D version of the Star of David.

The very top of the tetrahedron that points upward reaches one hand’s length above your head, and the top of the downward-pointing tetrahedron reaches one hand’s length below the feet. There is a tube that runs from the top to the bottom through the chakras. Its diameter is the size of the circle you make when you connect your middle finger and thumb (this is specifically for your body!). The crystal is supposed to look like a glass fluorescent tube and has a crystalline structure at the ends that fit into the two apexes of the star tetrahedron.

Okay, so back to Atlantis. Back in those times, we used to bring prana simultaneously up and down this tube, and the two prana flows would meet inside one of our chakras. This is what “breathing prana” means. I don’t know where exactly the two prana flows would meet, nor do I know exactly how we were able to bring the prana up and down the tube. If I knew how, I would be doing it right now, but we lost a lot of our knowledge during our fall of consciousness.

Prana energy also used to flow through the center of the pineal gland. After the Fall, instead of taking in prana through the pineal gland and having it flow up and down our tubes, we began breathing the way we do now - through our noses and mouths. This change in breathing style caused the prana to bypass the pineal gland, which caused a big change. If the prana doesn’t go through the pineal gland, we begin to adopt a polarity consciousness. It makes us think that we are inside a body looking out at something different and separate. Sure, that seems normal to you, but it isn’t the way things are. We are connected to and with everything.

Think about that. You are not separate from anything you can see with your eyes. Everything is you and you are everything. Your physical body does not separate you from everything else that is.

So, how can you start breathing prana through the pineal gland, or third eye, again? Well, the first step would be to open your third eye in the first place.

Thank you for reading. Love and light from the Indigo School!